GOP Reactions to the Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action Ruling Affirms Bias for the Privileged

Just days after the Supreme Court unexpectedly ruled against the Independent State Legislature theory that would have allowed politicians to take control of the electoral process and usurp the will of voters, they have reverted to form by banning Affirmative Action in college admissions.

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Like their decision last year to overturn Roe v. Wade, this decision rolls back precedents that have been in place for half a century. The conservative majority on the court concluded that considerations of race were a violation of the 14th Amendment to the Constitution and that any need to balance systemic racism in American society today was no longer necessary.

How they came to that conclusion is a mystery considering the prevalence of prejudice that is apparent to everyone except these right-wing Justices. Particularly Clarence Thomas who is a beneficiary of Affirmative Action, as well as Affluent Action via gifts/bribes from his wealthy friends.

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It’s easy to assess the impact of this decision by simply observing the reactions from Republicans, who have been celebrating it enthusiastically. Let’s begin with Donald Trump, who is largely responsible since he appointed three of the Justices who decided it…

“This is a great day for America, People with extraordinary ability…are finally being rewarded. [and that] We’re going back to all merit-based.”

He’s right about one thing. We are “going back” to an era when discrimination was engaged in openly and without consequence. Although it’s funny to hear Trump exalt the Supreme Court that he recently complained had “lost its honor” when they ruled that his tax returns could be turned over to Congress

“Why would anybody be surprised that the Supreme Court has ruled against me, they always do! […] The Supreme Court has lost its honor, prestige, and standing, & has become nothing more than a political body, with our Country paying the price. They refused to even look at the Election Hoax of 2020. Shame on them!”

Clearly Trump can’t recall from one day to the next what he’s outraged or elated about. And then there’s GOP House Squeaker Kevin McCarthy who said that…

“The Supreme Court just ruled that no American should be denied educational opportunities because of race. Now students will be able to compete based on equal standards and individual merit.”

Never mind that the academic standards have always been equal. Affirmation Action only applied after the student’s merits were already established. And then there’s Rep. Lauren Boebert…

“Affirmative Action is unconstitutional and has always been unconstitutional. This country should only be based on merit, not racism.”

This utopian view is often presented by conservative racists who like to pretend that there is no racism. And then there’s Rep. Ronny Jackson…

“THANK YOU to President Trump for nominating justices who ENDED affirmative action & institutional racism in college admissions. College admissions should be based on MERIT ALONE.”

He believes that the policies implemented to mitigate racism are racist themselves. And then there’s Rep. Matt Gaetz…

“Artificial diversity and race-based college admission regimes have been usurped; meritocracy is once again king.”

That’s more of the same phony whining about diversity, which they regard as anathema to their white supremacist agenda.

What all of these unabashed bigots have in common, besides their prejudice, is hypocrisy. While they yammer incessantly about merit-based admissions, they never complain about students who get admitted because they are legacies or have family that makes large donations to the school of their choice. The wealth or academic past of a student’s parents has absolutely nothing to do with with that student’s merits.

If merit were truly an issue, these Republicans should be clamoring for an end to such admissions. But they aren’t, and they won’t. Because their real motivation is pure, unadulterated racism. Which is further evident in their opposition to President Biden’s remarks about the Court’s ruling, wherein he set the record straight about Affirmative Action. He noted that it does not require colleges to admit students who are not qualified, but that qualification standards must be met before the consideration of other factors such as race.

No matter how they try to disguise it, the racism of the Republican Party is exposed by their own words and actions. And that will continue for the foreseeable future. However, the racism demonstrated by the Supreme Court does not have to be tolerated. By voting for Democrats in Congress and the White House we can reform the Court’s policies and personnel. And decisions like the one today make that all the more imperative.

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6 thoughts on “GOP Reactions to the Supreme Court’s Affirmative Action Ruling Affirms Bias for the Privileged

  1. Affirmative Action helps ease racial bias and our terrible racial history. At this point, I might mention that in my estimation, Justice Thomas looks the blackest of the blacks. Yet, he voted against it. Probably because he’s Republican. Other Republicans, besides Trump, McCarthy, Boebert, and Gaetz keeping this racial problem going:
    Ron DeSantis attempting to censure books revealing the brutality of slavery. And, I’ll never forget Ted Cruz interviewing Ketanji Jackson for her position on the Supreme Court. In his usual bombastic thunderous voice. Holding up a huge childish chart on “Critical Race Theory.”

    • Just when i thought i couldn’t HATE these rotten, Fascist/GQP slime bags, they make me hate them even more. I have never seen people so corrupt, heartless, greedy, low down as the entire Fascist, GQP and those baboon Extreme court justices of that are FASCIST/NAZI, Extremists. This whole thing reeks of NAZI Germany in the 1930’s and half of the 1940’s. The only thing missing is them doing the Hitler salute to their GOD, Donald TUMP. ”Heil TUMP”

  2. When are these fcking traitors on the court, going to PAY for their bulls**t? Huh, when?

    • I would like to see all 6 of these Fascist/NAZI Extreme court corrupt criminals IMPEACHED. Even if that wasn’t successful, at least it would be to have impeachments on their corrupt record. These slime bags aren’t fit to be anything..

    • Soon, I hope. There’s a bill making its way through Congress to enlarge the Court ; it hasn’t always been at 9. It began at 3 judges. The idea today is to bring the Supreme Court up to 13 seats. Oh yes, there’s another bill that wants to do away with lifetime appointments and 18 years and no more. Hopefully before the Court is seen as a solely political actor; or someday appointment to the Supreme Court is going to be seen as “what did I do wrong??”

  3. Per Boebert’s own standards, she wouldn’t even make high school.

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