An Independence Day Reminder of All the Ways the Pseudo-Patriotic Republicans Hate America

The 4th of July celebration of America’s independence is a day that the American people look forward to as time of unity and harmony of purpose. It’s a day to honor those who have sacrificed to shape and maintain the freedoms that we all cherish.

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Donald Trump Hugs Flag

Unfortunately, there are many charlatans who seek only to exploit the day and its significance. They wear patriotism like a mask in order advance their own personal agendas of power and greed. Those charlatans are known better as the Republican Party. Particularly as represented by their Dear Leader, Donald Trump.

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This year the usual GOP suspects are out in force spreading their disingenuous Independence Day greetings. And in doing so, they conveniently forget all of the anti-American things they’ve done for the past year(s) that are contrary to the nation’s principles.

Fortunately, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich is on the lookout for the right-wing hypocrisies. And he posted an Independence Day video (see below) that calls out the pseudo-patriotic pretenders. He begins by saying that…

“Republicans claim they love America. But they sure don’t seem to like the American people. They consistently oppose reforms that a majority of American believe would make their lives better. Like raising the minimum wage, paid family leave, and student debt relief.”

Reich then enumerates the positions of the Republican Party that are starkly at odds with the rest of the country. And it’s a long list. He notes that…

  • Republicans have an aversion to American cities, “which is where 80% of Americans live.” But they also legislate against rural areas by opposing the expansion of Medicaid and food stamps.
  • Republicans reject climate change, and they subordinate the interests of citizens to those of corporations that pollute the environment and abuse the land and waters.
  • Republicans pretend to revere the military, even as they cut their benefits and healthcare.
  • Republicans attack core American values by suppressing freedom of speech, implementing book bans, and imposing religion in violation of the doctrine of separation of church and state.
  • Republicans assault democracy by passing laws that make it harder to vote, punishing legitimately elected officials, and making baseless allegations of election fraud in order to overturn results that they don’t like.

It’s hard to find anything that remotely resembles patriotism in the Republican mindset. And Reich does an excellent job of summarizing it. He closes by saying that…

“It’s time to stop letting Republicans claim the mantle of patriotism without actually being patriots. Patriotism means loving freedom. Freedom to make your own healthcare choices. Freedom to choose who and how you love. Freedom of speech. Freedom of assembly. Freedom to unionize. Freedom also means wanting Americans to be free from the fear of gun violence. And free from crushing student debt.

“Above all, patriotism involves strengthening our democracy. True patriots don’t put loyalty to their political party above their love of America. True patriots don’t support an attempted coup. Now is the time for the rest of us to reclaim patriotism and affirm its true meaning.”

In the meantime. Trump was up at 2:30 AM to post a profane, and typically Trumpian, Independence Day message…

Sadly, a new tradition seems to be emerging for the 4th of July – mass shootings. There have been two this year (so far). Let’s hope this new ritual doesn’t become routine. Last year there was one that was memorialized by the GOP’s Shadow House Speaker, Marjorie Taylor Greene…

SEE THIS: Marjorie Taylor Greene Says July 4th Mass Shooting Was a ‘False Flag’ to Advance Gun Control

Have a happy, safe, and sane 4th of July, everybody.

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18 thoughts on “An Independence Day Reminder of All the Ways the Pseudo-Patriotic Republicans Hate America

  1. Much like that other racist traitor, ronnie raygun. Oh, he love America, but HATED Americans.

    • TUMP is the same way, he really hates Americans, more especially Democratic Americans. We are the ”Deep State” communists, Marxists, Fascists. according to that insane, useless, orange baboon. One thing is certain, i can assure him that he couldn’t hate people worse than i can hate him. I would rejoice if he died right now..

  2. I can’t fathom the height of ignorance in what Trump preaches to his Republican minions. So that they all run around in their dippy red MAGA hats calling themselves “patriots” when they are anything but.

    • Those MAGAT’s are the polar opposite of ”Patriots”. They are all traitorous domestic terrorists.

  3. Wow! Too much sh*t to unpack it all! Thank you to MarkNC & Robert Reich for diving into the manure for us.

    1 thing must be ‘truthified’ 1st about Rethuglican Party:

    They do NOT love the USA! The only thing they love is the $$$$ ~ unfettered American CAPITALISM. They’re NOT the same thing! To love America means to love its diversity; personal choice & freedom; equality; our free & fair democratic elections; justice for all; …& to honor our Laws & Constitution ~ not just the 2nd & 5th Amendments. And YES, to love America means to respect the American People ~ all of them! Also, to protect us & our freedom to leave home w/o fear of being randomly gunned-down with weapons of war!
    Patriotism is NOT having the biggest (or most) flags & certainly is NOT assaulting our flag with slobbery PDAs! [Ewww…gross!!]
    Patriots DON’T support insurrections, or people who plan/incite them!
    “Patriotic” means putting the interests of our nation & our people before ANY 1 person or Party… and what’s good for the American People before wants/wishes of the wealthiest $$$ donors!
    Patriots don’t lie/cheat/steal, to ‘win’ [take] elections…nor use LIES to divide us & sow hatred for fellow Americans, turning us against each other with their never-ending LIES! That’s anything BUT patriotic & will destroy us!
    Tearing our Country apart for power, or any other reason, is not now, nor will it ever be, “patriotic”. It is as ANTI-AMERICAN as it gets!
    We need to spread TRUTH loud & often, like they spread their poisonous LIES.

      • Thank you. Don’t know what happened, but for many months couldn’t get onto NC no matter what. Just all of a sudden – couldn’t link to other NC postings either. My phone is really screwed up so guessed it was that. Every so often I’d try it to see, but nope.
        Then, about a week ago tried it again ~ clicked & got on site to read that day’s post; clicked on couple others while in there & able to read those too!?! So, been clicking to read what I’ve been missing. I don’t know for how long I’ll be able to read/write, but it’s been couple weeks so far. 1 day I will click on email & it won’t let me in…’til then, guess I get to read the “good stuff” ~ still best take on things, I see. Will try to not write anything, but today’s was too much…sorry. MarkNC is still the best out there & picks up on stuff that others don’t. Beyond the basic headlines. I’ve missed being able to read it. Today’s a perfect example of details only “fleshed-out” here.
        The MAGA-GOPs have only gotten worse with their chaos & BS… It just never ends!
        Will try not to comment like today tho.

        • Welcome back from me too, Sunny B. I have been wondering all of these months while you were gone what happened to you. I remember you saying your Carotid arteries were not in the best shape. I was very concerned about you.. John T Phillips.

          • Aw..thank you for your concern! The 1 carotid is getting worse, but they intend to do nothing about that. Technology exists, but apparently I don’t pass their cost/benefit analysis!?! So, I just have to try to live each day that I can get up & do so, waiting for the wayward blood clot that will block last remaining artery to brain. I am grateful for each day my brain is functioning! Our health care/insurance system really needs to be reined in & not allowed to do as they please to patients THEY deem “not worth the money!”
            They don’t know me, never spoke to me ~ who are they to decide who lives/dies?!? They seem to decide based on my income & how likely they’d get sued if I die from denial of proper treatment/care.(0%)?
            Lousy system! But as long as they’re dark money donors to our electeds & we pay for those electeds to have best medical benefits $$$ can buy, nothing will change. My husband works for fed. gov’t subcontractor (& made news last Dec, when they achieved ‘fusion’ for 1st time), so we’re lucky to have med. ins. – Cigna. (They suck!) I actually know homeless people who got better care than I do! Screwed-up system & those who deny ya’ care know if too sick to fight them about it! Oh well…
            Only if/when all that private $$$ is taken out of politics, will politicians work for US again! Greedy ones will leave & “public service” will be reason to enter politics, not $$$ gain.
            I intend to investigate stuff, speak my piece & to hell with them, as long as am able! LOL

            • Sunny, do you have a Cleveland Clinic offshoot hospital in your area? If you do, check the website for whatever doctors/clinics are covered by Cigna. If they cover Cleveland Clinic hospitals, go there. They are one of the absolute best. And for people who can’t pay, I think there’s a program that will help take care of that. Any place you go, check to see if that hospital is covered or has a program for indigent (you probably aren’t indigent but that may not be much of an obstacle since most take 3 different types of medical coverages) ask about that.

            • Thank you! I will check on that

            • I couldn’t agree with you more on your excellent comment, especially the last sentence of your comment. The thing about my insurance which is a Medicare Advantage plan with Humana insurance company is that the hospitals that are closest to me have dropped Humana from their network. What in the world am i supposed to do if i have a medical emergency? That kind of thing could be life threatening to have to travel to Atlanta, GA for an emergency which is 50 miles from me. Greed has overtaken the United States. Not just in the medical field, but almost everything. My homeowners insurance has went up over $1,000 in the past 2 years and our auto insurance increased $500 this year. None of us has had an accident or a traffic citation. Something needs to be done about this too. I cannot afford too many more increases. Our politicians need to address these problems, but the Fascist/NAZI GQP will oppose anything that helps the middle and lower class people. Insurance companies are corrupt and very greedy.

    • Thanks. That really needs to be said, and I love how you laid out what is and what is not a patriot and what it really means.

  4. That video looks like an excellent start to any Progressive candidates political add. You notice the language doesn’t say “Congress” is doing this to us; “Republicans” are. It’s not being mealy mouthed like corporate media who want to both sides the shit out everything because it’s profitable. Reich doesn’t have to be the face of it either. Any candidate, and I hope a lot do, can have the same message tailored to their individual constituents.

    The message is truth and needs wide dissemination.

  5. Whenever there’s a flag nearly, Trump looks like he’s making love to it; kissing it and humping it.

    • Oh yes, i noticed that. Donald TUMP is one sickening, vile, insane, pervert. I saw that yesterday and it makes me sick because he isn’t for America. in reality, he should have had a Russian flag and kissed and made love to it as much as he loves Putin. He is about as un American as anyone could be.. He wants to be a Fascist Dictator.

  6. John, check on the hospitals that take Cigna (or use the back of your Cigna card (there should be a number for assistance) and have them walk you through it. Contact the nearest hospital that takes Cigna or Medicare Advantage.

    • Thank you, Marsha. I will do that. I do not want to be in a bind just in case of a medical emergency..

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