Fox News and GOP Hack Launch Feeble Attack on Biden’s Family Values that Backfires Abominably

The desperation of Fox News – and the Republican Party for which it shills – is sinking to ever lower efforts to denigrate Democrats, and especially President Joe Biden. But their increasingly pathetic stunts are belly-flopping and serve only to further humiliate themselves.

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It’s somewhat understandable that they are failing so miserably at their core mission to malign their political foes. Biden has conducted his presidency with dignity and respect for the office and the law. Consequently, Republicans and Fox News have nothing of substance with which to smear him. So naturally, they resort to their standard methods of baseless insinuations, crackpot fabrications, and outright lies. All of which is in stark contrast to Donald Trump’s practice of shameless immorality and commission of serial felonies.

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This week on Fox News, anchor Rachel Campos-Duffy sat in for Tucker Carlson’s replacement, Jesse Watters, and proceeded to validate her role as a qualified Carlson/Watters stooge. In a segment focused on fake allegations of improprieties by Biden, Campos-Duffy hyperbolically declared that the President was responsible for “the biggest political scandal in modern history, as far as I’m concerned.” What was she talking about? Who knows. It hardly matters as there were no facts – or anything resembling reality – associated with it.

Campos-Duffy’s guest was the Republican chair of the House Oversight Committee, James Comer. He has been on a crusade to disparage Democrats and Biden ever since assuming his chairmanship. Suffice to say that it hasn’t been going well for him. His alleged “proof” of criminal activity has failed to materialize. And star witnesses have literally disappeared.

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The discussion between Campos-Duffy and Comer devolved into a lame attack on Biden’s family values. Unfortunately for them, what they presented as evidence of his unfitness as a role model were actually character assets that most Americans admire. After declaring that “the president is the last person who should be preaching to Americans about family values,” Comer put forth his key argument, saying that…

“To listen to Joe Biden talk about family values — or to listen to Joe Biden talk about criminal justice reform… where he wants to hire more IRS employees to go after tax cheats or have more gun laws to go after people that possess firearms. And his own son pled guilty to two tax evasion charges and one [count of] illegal possession of firearms. This is a terrible example of leadership in the White House.”

With regard to Comer’s comments about the IRS, he was referring to the Democrats’ budget that allocated $80 billion dollars to the agency. Republicans have falsely spun that into a fearsome lie that it would fund 87,000 armed IRS agents who would terrorize hapless and innocent Americans. The truth is that it would fund some agents who could be tasked with insuring that the wealthy don’t get away with tax evasion, which most Americans support. But mostly it would provide for other agency personal engaged in everything from administration to customer service.

With regard to Comer’s comments about criminal justice, he was referring to Biden’s efforts to reduce gun violence and the horrific plague of mass shootings with assault-style weapons. Which is another agenda item that most American’s are in favor of.

What makes Comer’s remarks particularly ludicrous is that they are actually arguments that support Biden’s commitment to family values. He is implying that there is something untoward about Biden providing funding for the IRS while his son Hunter recently pleaded guilty to not paying his taxes on time. But that actually shows that Biden is supportive of holding people accountable for paying their taxes, including his own son.

Likewise, Comer’s implication of nefarious intent regarding strengthening gun regulations, even though Hunter was found to have violated them, proves that Biden is committed to equal justice under the law, even if it means holding his son to account.

In other words, everything that President Biden did and said was an honorable expression of both social and family values. Yet somehow, Comer didn’t realize that even as he was saying it. Perhaps that’s because Comer himself is such an inappropriate role model. After all, he still has never explained the allegations by his former girlfriend who says that he abused her and forced her to get an abortion. But never mind those credible allegations when Republicans like Comer are so fixated on demonizing Biden…

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8 thoughts on “Fox News and GOP Hack Launch Feeble Attack on Biden’s Family Values that Backfires Abominably

  1. Fox, Rachel Compos- Duffy, and James Comer’s remarks about Biden are at least better than Trump’s Independence Day postings on Truth Social. First his usual all-caps tripe about everything in our government, down to Biden. I don’t even want to go over it because to type it out is so nauseating.
    Second he hit an all time low with his vulgarity, “F’ck Biden and f’ck you for voting for him.”

    • These assholes at Fox Spews that are spouting this lying nonsense just do not realize how stupid, ignorant, and outright despicable they look and sound to the rest of the Democratic world. The United States has almost sunk to the bottom of the barrel in the eyes of the rest of the world and to the citizens here in the USA that actually have common sense and those of us that are actually sane people. In the Peaceful nations rankings the United States rank about 143 our of 156 nations. Right along with Russia and North Korea. Iceland ranks number 1 and Canada ranks 11. These asshats at Fox Spews sound more like the prison population at a maximum security prison for the worst criminals. All of the crew at Fox Spews need to be in prison with them, they would fit right in.. They are really horrible and evil animals in my opinion. And their personalities are equally as bad.. Scum of the earth is what the rotten garbage at Fox Spews are.

  2. John, I’ve never watched Fox and don’t intend to, but I get your point.

    • Actually i have never watched Fox Spews either. The only way i know about them is what i read what they say and spew on other websites. I honestly do not think i could stomach one minutes of their continuous lies and outright disinformation.

      • I made another DUMB mistake in the previous comment. ” I honestly do not think i could stomach one minutes…” the word minutes should have been ”minute” There is no such thing as one minutes….because minute is singular..and to think i was a spelling champ in Elementary school.

    • I would never recommend that you start. You’re not missing anything good.

      • I do agree with that, strongly agree, Fox Spews is by far the worst channel on TV, bar none. The next 2 worst channels are Spewsmax, and OANN. Nothing could force me to watch any of those lying pack of lies, disinformation, and far right wing, fascist propaganda.. I couldn’t watch them if i was offered large sums of money. Those channels are REALLY that horrible.

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