Trump’s Fourth of July Tweets Were a Manic Eruption of an Ego Gone Wild

The Independence Day debacle in Washington, D.C. lived down to it’s hype. Donald Trump managed to avoid overtly partisan political comments, but he failed to provide a presentation of leadership that anyone can be proud of. His remedial lecturing on American history fell flat. And his exploitation of the military only reminded people that he is a five-time draft dodger who frequently insults veterans.

Donald Trump

Trump’s speech (which was carried live only by Fox News because, well, they’re Fox News) contained no memorable lines that will be quoted for their insight or inspiration. However, he did make a couple of painful gaffes that will surely go down in history. Most notably, Trump told his enrapt audience of Deplorables that the Continental Army “took over” the airports during the Revolutionary War.

Trump’s White House nannies can still mark this one down as a victory for having kept Trump from engaging in his customary bragging and hostile political grandstanding. However, following the speech, Trump was no longer able to control himself. He unleashed a tweetstorm of epic proportions before the grounds at the National Mall could even dry from the day’s rainstorm. In fact, before and after the speech there forty-two tweets or retweets in all. This may be a record for Trump’s Twitter tantrums.

Most of the posts were about his speech and praise of it by himself or his glassy-eyed Trump-fluffers. But a good percentage were outbursts of the political angst that he was holding in during the speech. For instance, he tweeted…

  • A criticism of the week-old Democratic debates.
  • An attack on Rep. Justin Amash for quitting the Republican Party.
  • A Breitbart video allegedly of communists burning an American flag.
  • Ted Cruz berating Congress for not doing whatever Trump says on the border.
  • A GOP Rep on Fox News ranting about Mueller and Deep State abuse of power.
  • An article on Biden’s polls dropping against other Democrats, but still beating Trump.
  • Fox News wingnut Byron York being upset with Colin Kaepernick.
  • The Wall Street Journal touting Trump’s scam “health reimbursement” accounts.
  • Byron York (again) dissing Kamala Harris.
  • Another Fox Newser, Mollie Hemingway, on the border again.
  • A conspiracy crackpot plugging the ultra-right One America News Network.
  • Trump touting job creation with a link to the disreputable Breitbart News.
  • Trump touting job creation with a link to the disreputable CNSNews

These tweets will forever stand as a historical record of a president whose mind was a frothy lump of mush. Albeit the sort of mush that had healthy portions of hate, fear, and ignorance mixed in. It’s evidence that Trump never lets his hostility drift far from his thoughts. And we can always expect it to be released in torrents, even if he manages to keep it pent up for an hour or two at the urging of desperate and embarrassed staffers. This is who Trump is and will always be.

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Trump’s Militaristic Exploitation of Independence Day Reflects His Insecurity and Impotence

In this highly charged era of partisan division, Donald Trump has succeeded in altering the meaning of Independence Day for many Americans. Among his Deplorables it has become a tribute to Trump as savior of the white nationalist principles he espouses. The rest of the nation is hoping to celebrate what the holiday has traditionally represented, in spite of the dark shadow cast by Trump’s self-aggrandizing bombast.

Donald Trump, Independence Day, Fourth of July, Flag

The degradation of the Fourth of July into what most resembles the autocratic parades of the brutal, warmongering dictators that Trump admires (Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong Un, Xi Jinping, etc.) is a depressing development. But it’s also a fallacy that attempts to portray Trump as a patriot. His own words and deeds are proof that he and his promoters are lying. After all, Trump displays his alleged appreciation for the troops by maligning POWs for having been captured, insulting Gold Star families who are not Trump sycophants, terminating healthcare and other services for vets, and deporting veterans who served in combat despite not being citizens.

Trump is shamelessly politicizing the Fourth by offering preferred seating for Republican bigwigs and donors. Meanwhile, he is forcing the military to abandon plans to be with their families in order to participate in Soviet-style parades of weaponry. He even declined to invite the service chiefs for the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marines. Trump, on the other hand, is forcing his staff to spend the day trying to come up with ways to get around the Supreme Court’s rejection of his racist Census question on citizenship. Meanwhile, he’s golfing and, later, presenting himself as the star attraction of yet another one of his partisan campaign cult rallies.

What makes all of this even worse is that Trump’s affinity for the pageantry of war is really just over-compensation for his own inadequacies. His behavior is consistent with that of malignant narcissists who must have everything their way, no matter who suffers. It’s a cowardly display that defines his whole presidency – and life. And it reveals his pitiful insecurity and obsession with magnifying his own perception of his paltry and phony machismo.

The bastardization of patriotism by Cadet Bone Spurs has been an obvious facade from the start. And Trump always aims his wrath at the most vulnerable. His most recent targets are actual babies that he is incarcerating in cages simply because they were brought to the “land of the free” by parents desperate to escape starvation and violence. His callous response to critics was expressed in a tweet saying that…

Sure. Just remain in the dangerous environments that they fled and all problems will be solved. The question is “Whose problems?” Surely not the children, their parents, or even those still suffering in countries that Trump just cut off all foreign aid to. His ignorant vengeance will only result in more people seeking refugee status in the U.S.

And speaking of redistribution of funds, Trump’s DC party is taking money from the Park Service to pay for his ego-stroking extravaganza. Which means he is literally stealing money that otherwise would have supported national monuments honoring the nation and the troops. Instead, it will be wasted on a political sham intended to further inflate Trump’s ego and boost his reelection prospects.

How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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Whatever benefit Trump thought he would receive from this vain exploitation, he may be bitterly disappointed. All of the broadcast television networks have declined to air the blatant campaign event live. Likewise CNN and MSNBC will not be showing it. Which leaves only State TV (aka Fox News) with the exclusive rights to Trump’s Reality TV presentation. Which is only fair (and balanced?) considering that Fox News previously said that that Trump “owns” the Fourth of July and therefore cannot be hijacking it for his own selfish purposes. How’s that for an inspiring holiday sentiment?