TRUTH THIS: More Americans – Including 25% of Republicans – Believe that Trump is Guilty

One of Donald Trump’s favorite pastimes is posting polls on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social. He seems to think that it’s interesting to his cult followers that he is running ahead of Florida’s wannabe fascist governor, Ron DeSantis, aka “Trump Lite.” So he “re-truths” these surveys ad nauseum.

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Donald Trump Walking the Plank

The polls that Trump posts are, of course, invariably positive. His malignant narcissism demands that he be exalted at all times. While he does post some polls from mainstream sources, others are conducted by right-wing outfits that are shamelessly slanted. He even posts some Twitter polls conducted by such reputable figues as “Catturd.” Only rarely does he post anything that shows him losing. And when he does, it’s only to whine and rebuke the faithless reprobate…

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Politico just completed a new poll that reveals the nation’s views of Trump’s legal tribulations. And given the results of the poll, we should not expect him (or Fox News, or any of his media or political flunkies) to promote it. Unless it’s to bash Politico for having the audacity to publish anything that demeans Dear Leader. According to Politico

“Forty-nine percent of respondents — including 25 percent of Republicans — said that they believe Trump is guilty in the pending federal prosecution, which alleges that he willfully retained sensitive government documents after leaving office and obstructed a subsequent federal investigation.

“A nearly identical 48 percent of respondents — including 24 percent of Republicans — believe that Trump is guilty in the Manhattan DA’s pending prosecution, which alleges that Trump falsified business records in connection with a payment to the porn star Stormy Daniels in the run-up to the 2016 election in order to keep her quiet about an alleged sexual relationship between the two.”

The only thing surprising about the broad-based results of this poll is that the number of those who believe that Trump is guilty isn’t higher. However, it is a bit surprising, and welcome, that a quarter of Republicans are convinced of Trump’s guilt. But don’t expect Trump to “truth” that poll, if he is even permitted to see it by his handlers.

The Politico poll is not the first to show that Trump is losing ground among the American electorate. A recent NBC News poll found that, while Biden and the Democratic Party are not exactly universally adored, Trump and the GOP are roundly hated and are underwater by more than 20%. And Trump won’t be pleased to learn that only 33% of Republicans identify as Trump supporters.

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It is likely that Trump posts so many of his rosy polls as a defense mechanism to convince himself that he is the shining object of everyone’s creepy desire. He needs to satisfy his humongous, yet fragile, ego. So whenever you hear Trump fluffing himself and boosting his position among the public, remember that he is a pathological liar with psychotic self-esteem issues. The truth that Trump cannot escape is that he was the most unpopular president in modern times, and continues to reach ever deeper depths of disrepute.

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3 thoughts on “TRUTH THIS: More Americans – Including 25% of Republicans – Believe that Trump is Guilty

  1. Glad to see TUMP is losing ground at a steady pace. Let’s just hope he keeps losing. This really shows that more and more voters are fed up with his spoiled toddler temper tantrums.. I have never seen one person that could make up so many blatant lies, and what’s more unbelievable is the number of his nutty followers that actually believe him.

  2. This Mark NC posting relieved much of my dread about Trump winning the election, still I read, Trump comparatively
    received the most campaign contributions. 35 million. But, true to form, Trump will most likely keep most of that for his own private possession.

    • I’d feel so much better if we knew Trump was no longer going to win, no longer be on the ballot (there’s letters going out across the nation requesting Secretaries of State do their jobs and disqualify Trump from running, from even being on the ballot). I’m worried about No Labels, though. While I don’t think they can win, they can still do Ross Perot/Ralph Nader/Jill Stein size damage and let Trump slither back in . Which is not, I believe (and sincerely hope), the intended idea.

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