IT’S FOOL! Trump Ponders Whether ‘Any Attorney that Represents Me is Either a Fool or a Patriot’

The legal sinkhole that has opened beneath Donald Trump is continuing to grow wider and deeper. He has already been indicted twice on more than 70 felony counts ranging from falsifying financial records, to obstruction of justice, to stealing and hoarding classified government documents. And that’s just the criminal cases. He has also been found civilly liable for sexual abuse and defamation.

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The latest crater threatening to engulf Trump is a prospective indictment for his participation in the January 6th insurrection and the plot to subvert democracy. Trump himself revealed that he received a target letter from the Grand Jury investigating his attempted coup. And, naturally, he reacted with his customary composure and abiding respect for “deranged” special counsel, Jack Smith.

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In anticipation of the future indictments that Trump expects, he is now bolstering his legal team with the sort of praise and appreciation for which he is so well known. In a post on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, Trump calmly noted that…

“These vicious Communists, Marxists, Fascists, and Radical Left Democrats have attacked my lawyers at a level never seen before, and yet I keep on winning. Any attorney that represents me is either a fool, or a Great American Patriot that History will love and cherish!”

Let’s break down the numerous absurdities in that brief outburst, shall we?

To begin with, Trump always expresses himself in hysterical hyperbole. Everything he complains about occurs at “a level never seen before.” And he refers to everyone who is not unflinchingly worshipful of him as “vicious Communists, Marxists, Fascists, and Radicals.” That includes Democrats and Republicans, and even many of the people that he appointed to serve in his administration, who he later fired, calling them incompetents, liars, and losers.

From there Trump claims that, despite the vicious opposition from radicals et al, he “keep[s] on winning.” Well, except for having lost the 2020 election, more than 60 court cases challenging the election outcome, lawsuits affirming his fraudulent operation of a charity and a university, and the recent case where a jury agreed that he defamed and sexually abused writer, E. Jean Carroll.

Finally, Trump poses an interesting question. He wants to know whether his attorneys will be remembered in history as either fools or patriots. But that’s a question that the early drafts of history have already answered. And it’s pretty clear that “Fool” has a commanding lead.

Trump attorneys Rudy Giuliani, Sydney Powell, Jenna Ellis, and Jeff Clark, have already been sanctioned or disbarred, or are currently being investigated for misconduct. His former attorney, Michael Cohen went to prison for following Trump’s directives. And he is also getting legal advice from a lawyer who has been working as a correspondent on the ultra right-wing One America News Network. Another legal advisor is the head of Judicial Watch, Tom Fitton, who is not actually a lawyer.

Consequently, it would be fair to say that any attorney who represents Trump is unquestionably a fool. In fact, just agreeing to represent him is enough reason to make that judgment. It puts you at risk of losing your license, and you may not even get paid. Plus, you have to agree to peddle the legal inanities that Trump favors, such his obsession with what he calls the “Clinton socks case,” that he discussed with Sean Hannity on Fox News Tuesday night, saying…

“Also the ‘Clinton socks case,’ you know what that is? That’s where Clinton took out tapes in socks. And he put them in his drawer. And they sued him, just on a very civil basis. And he ended up winning the lawsuit. And the judge said he can have whatever he wants. And that’s called the Presidential Records Act.”

For the record, President Clinton never “took out tapes in his socks.” What Trump is mangling is that tapes of interviews with a journalist were stored in a sock drawer at Clinton’s residence. They were his tapes, made in preparation for a biography, and not government property. Trump is correct that a lawsuit resulted in a decision that Clinton was the owner of the tapes and was not required to turn them in to the National Archives. But Trump is glaringly wrong that the decision said that “he can have whatever he wants.” It said only that he can have his own personal property. And Trump’s interpretation of the Presidential Records Act is preposterous.

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Trump has been trying for months to use this as justification for his having stolen classified documents that belonged, not to him but, to the government, and absconding to his Mar-a-Lago home/hotel with them. Then he lied to the FBI and other authorities about having them. But despite this lie being debunked every time he tells it, he continues to rely on it to exonerate him. Meanwhile, Hannity and his audience of Trump cult devotees accept this nonsense blindly. Which only tells us that there more fools in Trump’s orbit than his attorneys.

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5 thoughts on “IT’S FOOL! Trump Ponders Whether ‘Any Attorney that Represents Me is Either a Fool or a Patriot’

  1. Worrying works! 95% of the things Trump worries about never happened.

  2. I see that Bill Clinton now has Trumpf’s (R) socks in a SCIF, so Trumpf (R) can not get to them, to wear at Mar-a-Lago. I don’t blame Trumpf (R) for wanting his ratty smelly socks back from those diabolical Clintons!! Where is Majorie Taylor Greene (R) on all of this, yet? This Trumpf (R) 4 year destruction of our country, with on-going plans for more, can only be achieved by American apathy…. GOP will create “new” claims of WMD,s Alien invasions, with Space babies from Pluto coming, cat frying by Democrats, and the need for more AR-15s, 16s, 17s,… it is an attempt to wear us down with incessant drivel. It happened in 2016 with Putin’s buying Facebook and the NRA. $50 million to the NRA was for something, wasn’t it? If not you must be an NRA supporter.

  3. I guarantee that The Combover Caligula could not define Communist, Marxist, or Fascist even if his miserable life depended on it.

  4. There are millions of ”Fools” here in the United States. I am reffering to the cultist fools that worship the largest fool in the world, Donald TUMP. That is an alarming number too. And i agree with Beachbum, that he cannot define any of the things he calls Democrats, especially the word, ” Fascist” . Fascist is what he is and is wanting to install in our government if he were to become Dictator of the United States. My daughter showed me 3 older men with beards down to their testicles and a reporter asked them if they would still worship TUMP if he murdered some innocent person, and all of them said, ”YES”, and then the reporter asked one of those dumb bastards, ” why would you still worship and vote for him,??” He mumbled, ”duh, i don’t know” These people that support this orange baboon, TUMP are clueless and are beyond any psychiatric help. I assume part of their diseased brains have to be hopelessly rotted. These cultists no doubt need to be banned from voting forever. This insanity is maddening and i have no ideas to a solution for this.

  5. People who believe that Trump is being persecuted are ignoring the fact that he has spent decades hiring squads of lawyers to litigate his various crimes and misdemeanors. Nothing has changed except he graduated from stiffing contractors and groping women to attempting a coup and stealing top secret documents.

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