Trump is OUTRAGED He Wasn’t Indicted Years Ago, While Desperately Trying to Delay His Trials

As Donald Trump’s legal jeopardy mounts, his behavior descends into ever deeper displays of anguish. This week special counsel Jack Smith amended the indictment already filed to add new counts that primarily address Trump’s frantic efforts to cover up the crimes previously charged.

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Donald Trump Angry

Throughout Trump’s cavalcade of corruption, he has responded mainly by hurling pathetic insults at the prosecutors and judges that he believes have been recruited by his enemies for the express purpose of tormenting him. He has yet to present anything that resembles a coherent defense based on facts or evidence that might attest to his innocence.

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On Saturday Trump lashed out again at the judicial “radicals” and “thugs” that he is convinced are colluding to destroy him. At his latest cult rally, Trump introduced a unique argument for why he shouldn’t be held to account for his multitude of crimes…

“Why didn’t the corrupt Marxist prosecutors bring these radical and unjustified charges against me two and half years ago, They had two and half years. Two and half years. Nobody even knew they were looking at it. I don’t think they were. But they waited two and half, almost three years so that they could bring them right in the middle of my presidential election, because it’s election interference. These are crooked people.”

So Trump now seems to believe that the charges against him are unfair and unwarranted because they weren’t brought two and half years ago – in January of 2021 – just a few days after he left the White House and President Biden was inaugurated. It was also only three weeks after the violent January 6th insurrection that he incited.

Apparently Trump thinks that those few days were enough time to investigate his attempted coup and his plot to undermine democracy. And not only that, but he also thinks that it was sufficient time to build a case for his having stolen and hoarded hundreds of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago hotel/home, that authorities didn’t even know about at the time. When he says that “Nobody even knew they were looking at it. I don’t think they were,” he’s actually right. but not for the reasons swirling in the soup of his steaming psychosis.

Furthermore, can you imagine Trump’s response if he had been charged that quickly? He would have been correct to condemn it as a rush to judgment. But since the Justice Department and the special counsel were measured and respectful of the law, Trump is complaining that they waited too long. And set aside that it is preposterous to assert that bringing these charges a year and half before the 2024 election is “the middle” of the campaign. It is assuredly not “election interference” or “prosecutorial misconduct” as Trump has been yammering.

Trump’s whining because these charges weren’t brought against him sooner is ludicrous on its face. But if he were sincere about wanting this affair to conclude, why has he been the one engaging in endless delaying tactics? Why doesn’t he allow the case to go to trial on December 11, as the the special counsel has proposed? Trump rejected that date as being too soon, and proposed that the trial be postponed until – well, never – or at least after November 2024. So by Trump’s perverse logic, it’s too late to bring the charges, but too soon to hold the trial.

Trump, of course, is only trying to avoid the inevitable. He knows that he’s guilty and is terrified of having to face the consequences. A defendant who is confidant of their innocence would want to clear their name as quickly as possible, particularly if they were running for elective office. But Trump has been jamming on the brakes, and even obstructing justice, because he knows the truth: that his getting acquitted at trial is as likely as his getting a Nobel prize for chemistry.


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3 thoughts on “Trump is OUTRAGED He Wasn’t Indicted Years Ago, While Desperately Trying to Delay His Trials

  1. Hell, he has already got it delayed to late May of next year. I say, NO MORE DELAYS. It shouldn’t have been delayed to the 5th month of next year in the first place. I hope Mr. Smith has some say so in this. That corrupt son of a bitch does everything he can to wiggle off the hook for the very serious crimes he has committed. I am sick of this SOB. He actually thinks laws do not apply to him. I hope this career criminal goes to prison for the rest of his disgusting, sorry life. I also hope he doesn’t somehow get away with his lifelong crime spree. If he gets off, he will finish destroying the once great United States. He has did enough damage already, and President Biden has did a great job of repairing most of the damage he did when he was Dictator those 4 years.

  2. I doubt he understands the concept of investigating a crime before prosecuting it. Republicans only use investigations as political devices.

    • Fascist Rethugs will also use, ”BOGUS” investigations as political devices. They will fabricate hundreds of lies just to get back at the Democrats. These useless sub-human cretins aren’t any good for anything. And they are getting paid with our tax dollars to do nothing. What a waste of taxpayer’s dollars.

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