Fox News Says People Won’t Care About the Trump Indictments Unless They Involve Sex and Bribes

Now that Donald Trump has been indicted for the third time – which is three times more than any other former American president – his Ministry of Propaganda (aka Fox News) has deployed their Trump Defense Force in an attempt whitewash his crimes as either insignificant or politically motivated.

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Donald Trump, Pervert

The knee-jerk nullification of the serious felonies that Trump has been charged with is typical for Fox News and the broader MAGA media that faithfully disinform his cult followers. However, the arguments asserted by his advocates are pitifully devoid of logic or any rational factual basis. In that respect they are taking their cues from Trump himself.

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The most common complaint by the Trump thumpers is that the latest batch of indictments are partisan efforts to step on his First Amendment rights. But that could not be further from the truth. The problem with that assertion is that Trump is not being charged for what he said, but for what he did. If he merely made comments about objecting to the election results, he would not have been indicted. This was addressed in the third paragraph of the indictment, which reads…

“The Defendant has a right, like every American, to speak publicly about the election and even to claim, falsely, that there had been outcome-derivative fraud during the election and that he had won, He was also entitled to formally challenge the results of the election through lawful and appropriate means, such as by seeking recounts or audits of the popular vote in states or filing lawsuits challenging ballots and procedures. Indeed, in many cases, the Defendant did pursue these methods of contesting election results. His efforts to change the outcome in any state through recounts, audits, or legal challenges were uniformly unsuccessful.”

Trump went way beyond merely expressing his disagreement or disappoint with having decisively lost to now President Joe Biden, or the man Trump called “Sleepy Joe.” He took actions to pressure election officials to “find votes” and change outcomes, to conspire to obstruct the constitutionally mandated duties of Congress to certify the election, to illegally assemble slates of fake electors. All of which amounted to the deprivation of the rights of American citizens to have their votes counted.

As an example of the pathetic efforts to sanctify Dear Leader Trump of any and all wrongdoing, Jesse Watters of Fox News delivered a tedious monologue that typified the rest of the network’s coordinated narrative. He dismissed everything related to Trump’s role in the January 6th insurrection that he incited. Watters raged that “A lot of people don’t even know what January 6th was. […] And for the people that watched it on TV, they’re over it.”

Bullsh*t Any patriotic American who saw what happened on January 6th will live with that horror for the rest of their lives. Which speaks to the utter lack of patriotism on the part of Jesse Watters. He then went on to say that people don’t care about Trump having stolen and hoarded classified documents either. Apparently his view is that the American people don’t care if their leaders incite insurrections, stage coups, undermine democracy, or put national security at risk. So what does he think people care about? …

“In the nineties, you had sex. It was titillating. People were very focused on it. It was a different culture back then. If you find cash bribes that go into Biden’s offshore bank accounts, that’s going to light up the country. […] OK, sex and cash bribes. That’s going to do it. Documents and January 6th is not going to do it.”

And there you have it. According to Fox News only crimes that include sex and bribes are worthy of the nation’s attention. And it’s all that anyone will care about. In defense of Watters, he is probably right if he’s talking only about Fox News viewers. Although he is missing an important detail among the criminal activities that Trump engaged in. Trump’s previous indictment for financial fraud was due to his having paid hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels to buy her silence. In other words, it was about sex and bribes.

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In the same rant, Watters whined that Trump’s indictments were “overkill” and “political germ warfare” and “political war crimes.” He called them “an atrocity,” that is “like not just dropping one atomic bomb. You drop 15 dozen.” And he warned that if Trump reelected he would “unleash hell on all of his enemies,” saying that “You think he’s not going to go after the Bidens? He might go after Dr. Jill at this point.” Which is pretty much the Republican platform of retribution for 2024.

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Finally, Watters took a swipe at special counsel Jack Smith. And true to form, it blatantly distorted reality. The video he spoke over actually contradicted what he was saying.

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2 thoughts on “Fox News Says People Won’t Care About the Trump Indictments Unless They Involve Sex and Bribes

  1. Jesse Watters, like every talking head on FOX, is a mere ventriloquist’s dummy, manipulated by and speaking for the unseen handlers, the despicable Murdochs.

    • You got it, the despicable Murdochs. I was watching a rerun of an NFL game the other night, and of course it was originally broadcast by Fox Sports, and Rupert Murdoch was at the game in a private box thing, and those a announcers were crooning over him and saying , Mr. Murdoch is up there in the luxury box with Elon MUSK enjoying the game and saying what a great man he is… That was disgusting and made me angry. I said to myself, ”Great man my ass, he is a piece of crap as far as i am concerned, he is great to the asshats that want to destroy Democracy.” What is that Jesse Watters bastard trying to be?? Another Carlson Tucker?? It is beyond me how ANYONE could stomach even 30 seconds of the garbage that Fox Spews broadcasts. That JAN 6 insurrection and riots will bother me for the rest of my life. I hope to see Donald TUMP sent to prison and see him ROT in there. What he did that horrible day and the thugs that carried out his wishes can’t be forgiven. NEVER!! Fox Spews needs to be banned and destroyed. Same goes for Spewsmax and OANN. All 3 of those crap shows are partially responsible for Fascism and the entire MAGAt clown show.

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