LOL: Fox News Defends Trump By Admitting that He’s a Lying, Narcissistic, Anti-Democratic, Loser

Last week Donald Trump was served the latest in his collection of criminal indictments. And it’s quite a collection that includes 78 felony counts ranging from falsifying financial records, to stealing and hoarding classified documents, to interfering with congressional proceedings, to lying to federal authorities, to obstructing justice.

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Donald Trump, Fox News

Trump’s most recent indictment involves his efforts to undermine democracy and unlawfully clinging to power through deception and intimidation. He and his attorneys are trying to dismiss the allegations as merely expressions of free speech, but they are pretending not to know that he is being charged for what he did, not what said. And, by the way, what he said is illegal all by itself.

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Predictably, Trump’s Ministry of Disinformation (aka Fox News) has been furiously spinning the news associated with Trump’s criminality. They have been hosting Trump flunkies from the press and politics to flagrantly lie about the state of his pending criminal cases. Among them was his attorney, John Lauro, whose bizarre commentaries seek to exonerate Trump with delusional claims such as that the deadly January 6th insurrection was a “peaceful transition of power.”

On Monday morning, Fox News host, Julie Banderas, delivered one of the most absurd defenses of Trump to date. In a segment wherein she was arguing that it would be impossible to have a fair trial for Trump, she ended up conceding the most deplorable personality traits that most Americans already attribute to him…

“[Trying] this case impartially is impossible. Politics written all over it. Attorneys are supposed to represent the law, not politics. Judges, same. […] So I want to talk about Trump’s alleged crimes for a second. He hasn’t been indicted with incitement. So we know that. It’s not a crime to tell lies. Being a narcissist isn’t a crime. Hatching schemes to stay in office is not a crime. And claiming you won an election that you know you lost is not a crime.

First of all, Banderas takes the wholly unpatriotic position that her colleagues in the conservative press share, which is that the American justice system is fatally flawed and incapable of serving the interests of the people and the law. She flat out rejects the notion that any crimes committed by politicians can be fairly adjudicated. Her implication is that they should all get off scot free, so long as they are Republicans.

Banderas also complained that “there is no way” a judge who “has it in for one of their future cases” is going to recuse themselves. And with that she is perfectly describing the situation in Florida where the Trump-appointed judge, Aileen Cannon, is presiding over the stolen classified documents case.

Banderas then goes on to explain why Trump, in particular, should be excused from any accountability for his crimes. And in the process she makes some startling concessions as to his character. For instance, she says that…

  • “It’s not a crime to tell lies.” So Trump is not guilty, even though he is a liar.
  • Being a narcissist isn’t a crime. So Trump is not guilty, even though he is a narcissist.
  • “Hatching schemes to stay in office is not a crime.” So Trump is not guilty, even though he conspired to retain power by soliciting fake electors and threatening state election officials.
  • “Claiming you won an election that you know you lost is not a crime.” So Trump is not guilty, even though he lost in 2020 and has been lying about it ever since.

It’s nice of Banderas to finally admit that Trump is a lying, narcissistic, anti-democratic, loser. However, contrary to Banderas’ conclusion, that doesn’t really mean that he isn’t guilty. There are many lies told by con men, or others in the commission of fraud, that are indeed crimes. Also perjury, which is a lie under oath, is a crime. And false statements on financial documents are crimes.

It is also a crime to conspire to overturn an election by recruiting people to impersonate electors who will vote for Trump when the actual electors selected by voters chose Joe Biden. It’s also a crime to threaten governors and other state officials with prosecution, or otherwise propose retribution, if they don’t fraudulently “find” thousands of votes to overturn an election outcome. And it is certainly a crime to do all of the above to correct alleged election fraud, especially when you know that there wasn’t any such fraud. In fact, it would still be a crime if there was fraud, which there wasn’t.

The only part of Banderas’ commentary that was accurate, was her assertion that narcissism isn’t a crime. However, it is a repulsive and potentially dangerous trait for anyone in a position of power. And it can surely lead to crimes by such a person who regards themselves as superior and entitled to commit crimes if they feel like it. And if you’ve been paying attention, you shouldn’t need any further evidence of that than Donald Trump.

For the record, Trump was charged with conspiracy to defraud the United States, conspiracy to obstruct an official proceeding, obstructing an official proceeding, and conspiracy against the right to vote and to have one’s vote counted. All of which are the sort of crimes that Banderas was so cavalierly dismissing. Which is typical for Fox News, as is evident in the following stories…


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3 thoughts on “LOL: Fox News Defends Trump By Admitting that He’s a Lying, Narcissistic, Anti-Democratic, Loser

  1. I can think of many more adjectives for Trump and, they ARE crimes.

  2. The outrageous nonsense Fox Spews presents, makes me think of some of the scripts of the cheesiest, cheap, worse acted films ever made in Hollywood. If all of this lying and misinformation weren’t so dangerous, it would actually be amusing. Do these ignorant, insane, gullible fools know how really stupid and ridiculous they are making themselves look to the sane and intelligent people in the USA?? You can give it up, Fox Spews, we all know TUMP is lying and is GUILTY. I know they will never give it up, because the United States is chocked full of gullible, ignorant and uneducated idiots that believe everything they spew, and some of them will let their children starve so they can keep throwing half of their paycheck to the criminal low life loser Donald TUMP. Disgusting to the extreme.

  3. It’s an interesting legal theory that fake electors are free speech but they certainly deprive people of their right to have their vote count. That said, the Supreme Court hasn’t really recognized the Constitutional right to vote and they already think money is free speech, so…………..

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