Squeaker McCarthy Just Wants to Help Biden Clear His Name – From the GOP’s Vile Lies About Him

From the first day that the Republicans became the majority party (barely) of the House of Representatives, they have pursued the agenda that they believe fulfills the hopes and dreams of the American people: Endless phony investigations of Democrats and baseless impeachments of President Biden and much of his Cabinet (per Shadow GOP House Speaker Marjorie Taylor Greene).

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Kevin McCarthy, House Speaker (Squeaker)

Republicans have not even pretended to be interested in the issues they ran on (prohibiting abortion, racist immigration policies, tax cuts for the rich, befouling the planet, and “wokism,” whatever that is). Perhaps that’s because the American people oppose all of their positions on those issues. Consequently, the GOP has steadfastly clung to a plan of action that consists solely of attacking Biden and other Democrats.

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Leading this pack of congressional malcontents is GOP House Squeaker, Kevin McCarthy. He assumed that position after a record fifteen votes, during which he was forced to make deeply unethical promises to the fringiest faction of his caucus. As a result, McCarthy now has to agree to the demands of crackpots like Greene, and Matt Gaetz, and Lauren Boebert, in order to keep his speakership. And the crackpot contingent is demanding that President Biden be impeached. Never mind that they haven’t got a shred of evidence of any wrongdoing.

On Monday McCarthy went on Sean Hannity’s Fox News program to engage in more of his manufactured mud slinging. It was a repeat performance of the slander that he and his GOP flunkies have been spreading for several months. However, he attempted to put a softer sheen on his bullsh*t, probably because he knows that none of it is true. He rambled…

“The Biden family created twenty shell companies while he was Vice-President. […] If you have an attorney general who says one thing and an IRS whistleblower coming forward and saying something else, you want to know who’s lying and what’s the information.”

Well, we already know who’s lying. It’s McCarthy. He has no evidence whatsoever of Biden having any shell companies. Nor does ha have any reason to question the honesty of Attorney General Merrick Garland. As for the so-called IRS “whistleblower,” he has a spotty reputation and nothing to back up his allegations. McCarthy went to say…

“When you move to an impeachment inquiry, it empowers Congress, Republicans and Democrats, within their subpoena, to be able to get the answers they need. Because we have found, time and again, we haven’t seen anything like this since the Nixon administration. Using the government to shut down any time we had a question. I would think the Biden family would want to clear their name.”

In the same breath McCarthy blatantly contradicts himself, saying that he wants an impartial impeachment inquiry, but that he hasn’t “seen anything like this since the Nixon administration.” Which is a bizarre comparison, considering that there is nothing remotely similar about Nixon’s documented crimes, and the unfounded allegations against Biden that McCarthy is yammering about. Also, McCarthy’s fake impartiality is exposed in a tweet he posted immediately after the video above, wherein he has already convicted Biden, saying falsely that “We know President Biden has lied about his own involvement in a pay-to-play scheme.”

What’s more, McCarthy’s contention that “the Biden family would want to clear their name,” is preposterous. Why should Biden be forced to prove his innocence, particularly for the lies that Republicans have been telling about him? Maybe Republicans should stop lying instead. And maybe McCarthy should be more concerned about name clearing for Donald Trump, about whom there are mountains of evidence of serious crimes. On second thought, that would be an entirely futile endeavor since Trump’s name is so badly stained already that it is beyond redemption.

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2 thoughts on “Squeaker McCarthy Just Wants to Help Biden Clear His Name – From the GOP’s Vile Lies About Him

  1. I have no legal experience outside of having twice been represented by lawyers in court cases, but it seems to me that it shouldn’t be possible to impeach a sitting president for things that occurred before taking office.

    • Hmmm, i think you might be onto something, i also have no legal experience, outside of divorce attorneys and the time i sued a Real Estate Company for refusing to refund $500.00 of my money when i backed out of buying a house, but his happened way, way, back in 1974. The worthless scumbag McCarthy is grasping at straws and this whole thing was made up out of thin air, this is nothing but blatant revenge for the impeachments of the low life son of bitch Donald TUMP. His slut, Maggot Traitor Goon is behind this whole thing, and McCarthy will do anything to keep her satisfied, he is deathly afraid of that skanky, ugly hag. She probably threatened to cut him off if he didn’t go through with the SHAM Impeachment of Biden. The entire Fascist Rethuglican members in the House are living in a fantasy world and have lost touch with reality. They are a repulsive gang of uneducated, ignorant, stupid, arrogant idiots. They are the laughing stock of the world. What a JOKE!! and are being paid to run this crap show at the taxpayer’s expense.

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