What Outrages Fox News Now? The ‘Dark Brandon’ Persona of Biden Who ‘Spews Curses at Staff’

You have to feel a little sorry for Fox News when the economy is hitting on all cylinders, job growth is at historic levels, foreign relations have returned to hospitable normalcy, and the White House is occupied by someone who is respected and uncommonly productive.

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Dark Biden, Fox News

In desperate times like these for a dedicated, right-wing propaganda peddler like Fox News, it becomes nearly impossible to fabricate the fury and animosity that fuels conservative conniption fits. Consequently they resort to clinging pitifully to trivial contrivances in order to satisfy their scandal-starved audience.

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On Monday morning Fox News demonstrated their desperation in a story that they surely thought would blow the lid off of the well disguised Biden facade of calm and civility. Cribbing their story from an Axios article, Fox News highlighted selective reporting that characterized President Biden as a foul-mouthed monster who terrorized his staff. For instance…

“Biden reportedly fumes and spews curses at staff in private [and that he] frequently lashes out at staff members with profanity-laden rants if they do not meet his expectations […] One official in the administration told the outlet that ‘no one is safe’ from Biden’s wrath.”

That’s right. Old Uncle Joe is apparently a heathen who berates his underlings when they fail to measure up to his impossibly high standards. That’s when he isn’t being described as interminably boring by Fox News (also here) because he doesn’t act out like a profane and hyper-psycho drama queen the way Trump does. Which, for some reason, has never bothered anyone at Fox News.

And never mind that those same allegedly browbeaten White House subordinates regard Biden’s pressure as encouragement and “framed his outbursts as a desire for accuracy and competence” saying that they “like the fact that he challenges them and gets them to a better decision.'” Part of the Axios article that Fox News failed to mention said that…

“Some Biden aides think the president would be better off occasionally displaying his temper in public as a way to assuage voter concerns that the 80-year-old president is disengaged and too old for the office.”

The problem with that is that when Biden does make any display of passion, Fox News and other MAGA media portray him as angry and rude. Recall the incident when Fox’s Peter Doocy asked Biden a blatantly biased question and Biden muttered a relatively mild insult under his breath, for which he later called Doocy and personally apologized.

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When Fox News features strained banalities like this branding of Biden as a brutish boss, they are inadvertently exposing themselves as devoid of any substantive criticisms of the President. It’s why they lean on preposterous reporting of horrifying atrocities like the fact that Biden rides bicycles, or that he commands armies of IRS mercenaries, or that there are gay legos, or anything related to Hunter Biden. Fox News simply doesn’t have anything real to nail on Biden. Luckily for them, their viewers don’t give fig about reality.

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4 thoughts on “What Outrages Fox News Now? The ‘Dark Brandon’ Persona of Biden Who ‘Spews Curses at Staff’

  1. I would like to suggest that these ignorant asshats at Fox Spews and the entire MAGAt crowd to leave the United States and start their own nation in the windswept, cold and barren Gobi desert. They can take the entire crime mob TUMP family there to be their God in chief if they don’t want the good things that Democrats are doing. I am sick of these imbeciles causing so much controversy about everything that goes on with our side. I would like to tell all of these sickos to leave here and don’t even think about coming back, their kind of people aren’t welcome here. All they are good for is stirring up hate and division. They are as worthless as the rotten trash in a landfill.

    • What would they call it? WindiNation? Sahastate? (wind, Gobi, Sahara)

      • I would suspect they would call it, ” TUMP NATION” owner of the Gobi desert and ruler of the earth and the master of the universe. His followers and worshipers could go and kiss his filthy, rotten, stinking, orange rear end every day, and twice on Sundays.

  2. Gotta love GQP Hypocrisy. The Traitors are perfectly fine with Their God screaming obscenities and attacking anyone he feels like, suddenly they have to pretend it’s Biden so they can be outraged at the thought of a President “screaming obscenities and attacking anyone he feels like.” This failed miserably with Kamala Harris, so time to hang it on Biden’s shoulders and hope it sticks better.

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