Trump’s Pathetic ‘Welcome to the Fraud Squad’ Meme Doesn’t Mean What He Thinks it Means

Poor Donald Trump. He is convinced that he is social media’s top influencer and the Internet’s premiere meme artist. But to the contrary, he is a pitiful geezer barking at his glassy-eyed cult followers on his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, which is hemorrhaging both cash and users as it struggles to avoid the mounting legal turmoil that is threatening its extinction.

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Trump, Fraud Squad

If it seems like each new day brings more indictments against Trump, it isn’t your imagination. He pleaded not guilty on both Thursday and Friday this week to new felony counts (78 so far) of undermining democracy and obstruction of justice. Which is ironic considering what Trump said back in 2016 about Hillary Clinton, who has racked up a total of zero indictments…

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Trump’s flaming fear of finally being held to account for his lifetime of crime has been on full display. He is lashing out furiously at his perceived enemies with rancid and infantile insults at politicians and the press. But most of all, Trump is super mad at the prosecutors who are doing their duty to uphold the law.

Trump has frequently lobbed accusations of racism at Manhattan District Attorney, Alvin Bragg, New York Attorney General, Letitia James, and Fulton County, Georgia D.A., Fani Willis, all of whom are Black. And he has repeatedly referred to special counsel Jack Smith as a “deranged” “leftist” “thug” who is doing the bidding of “Crooked” Joe Biden. Never mind that neither Biden, nor his Attorney General Merrick Garland, have had anything to do with Smith’s investigation or indictments. That’s why independent special counsels are appointed.

None of that, however, has deterred Trump from making wild and wholly unsupported claims of “prosecutorial misconduct” and “election interference.” And on Friday Trump summed up his outrage in a meme (posted above) that puts his idiocy on exhibit for the world to see.

The meme features a picture of Biden and the four prosecutors (so far) that are probing Trump’s multitude of crimes. He calls them “The Fraud Squad.” But the problem with that is that Trump’s limited capabilities with the English language make this meme a compliment, rather than the attack that he intended.

Just like the “Homicide Squad” goes after murderers, and the “Vice Squad” goes after crimes of moral offenses (gambling, prostitution, drugs), the Fraud Squad would go after swindlers, hustlers, and con men. In other words, Trump. Therefore, his graphic is actually a tribute to the President and the law enforcement officials who are seeking to bring Trump to justice.

Trump’s rap sheet for fraud is long and well documented. His phony “university” was shut down and he was ordered to pay $25 million to his victims. His New York charity, the Trump Foundation, was also shuttered and he and his family were prohibited from running any other non-profits in the state for five years.

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In addition to his misdirected meme, Trump also posted an overt threat just hours after he was warned not to do so by Judge Tanya Chutkan, who is overseeing his case in Washington, D.C. He raged that “IF YOU GO AFTER ME, I’M COMING AFTER YOU!”

Set aside that Trump’s threats are feeble flustering that he doesn’t have the fortitude to follow through on. They are nevertheless dangerous because they are signals to his cult disciples who might be crazy enough to carry out his retribution for him. Then they would suffer the consequences of arrest and imprisonment while Trump bellies up to the breakfast bar and crashes weddings at his Mar-a-Lago resort. Which is likely where the Fraud Squad will find him after he is convicted and they are ready to transport him to the penitentiary.

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2 thoughts on “Trump’s Pathetic ‘Welcome to the Fraud Squad’ Meme Doesn’t Mean What He Thinks it Means

  1. First overt threat he’s made so far. Is he running for president or mob boss? I don’t know, but I’d say Both.

    • TUMP is not running for president, he is running for mob boss and Dictator. The so-called fraud squad is actually: TUMP, Steve Bannon, Roger Stone, Kevin McCarthy, Maggot Traitor Goon, Matt Gaetz, and their little whore, Lauren Boebert, and i almost forgot, Gym Jordan. The entire Fascist Rethuglican, Domestic terrorist party is pathetic and jammed full of corrupt criminals. They all deserve to go to prison for the rest of their desperate , hate filled, crime ridden lives. The low-life SOB Donald TUMP should be in jail right now, pending trial for the just under 100 crimes he has committed. Anyone else but him would be in jail, pending trial.

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