Snowflake Trump Whines to DOJ that ‘An Indictment of Me Would Only Further Destroy Our Country’

America is on “Indictment Watch” for the third (and possibly fourth) time in the post-Trump era. Not satisfied with being the first American president to be indicted, Donald Trump is endeavoring to secure his place in history by not just nailing down the first indictment, but also the most.

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Donald Trump, Snowflakes

On Thursday morning the press reported that the Grand Jury investigating Trump’s role on the January 6th insurrection, and associated efforts to overthrow the government and subvert democracy, was meeting. The speculation was that they could be ready to announce the latest batch of charges against Trump for criminal violation of least three federal statutes, including deprivation of rights, conspiracy to defraud the U.S., and tampering with a witness. This was not unexpected by legal analysts, or even by Trump himself…

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Trump’s anxious anticipation not withstanding, he immediately rushed to his floundering Twitter ripoff, Truth Social, to deny that anything was going on. His denial was particularly curious considering that he had already been predicting the imminent indictments. He yelped that…

“My attorneys had a productive meeting with the DOJ this morning, explaining in detail that I did nothing wrong, was advised by many lawyers, and that an Indictment of me would only further destroy our Country. No indication of notice was given during the meeting — Do not trust the Fake News on anything!”

Well, that should settle the whole matter then. Trump’s attorneys “explained” that he “did nothing wrong” and that “an Indictment of me would only further destroy our Country.” So naturally, special counsel Jack Smith will forthwith drop the case and return to his prior engagement in Switzerland.

Needless to say, Trump will not be getting off that easy. Smith’s team surely knew already that Trump would claim that he’s innocent. And the threat that his indictment would “further destroy our Country” is not only a ludicrous legal argument, it is the complete opposite of reality. Not indicting Trump would be far more dangerous for the country. It would set a precedent for future traitors aspiring to stage a violent coup.

Furthermore, Trump is just plain lying about not having been given what he oddly calls an “indication of notice” that he will be indicted. As noted above, he explicitly forecast it himself. What’s more, several days ago he acknowledged receiving a target letter from the special counsel, which is a de facto notice of the likelihood of an indictment.

Additionally, Trump has been begging his congressional cult devotees to rescue him from the legal abyss that he has created for himself. That’s another indication that he knew what was coming. He posted a video imploring “Congress, if you will, please investigate the political witch hunts against me currently being brought by the corrupt DOJ and FBI, who are totally out of control. […] Stop them now. Save our country.” That’s the same DOJ he is now saying he had a “productive” meeting with.

Of course, anyone with even the slimmest knowledge of government knows that Congress cannot stop a Justice Department investigation. But Trump has never been one to let reality encroach on his delusional perception of the world. So we can expect much more of this sort of silliness going forward.


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11 thoughts on “Snowflake Trump Whines to DOJ that ‘An Indictment of Me Would Only Further Destroy Our Country’

  1. As far as I’m concerned, at least, Trump can rage and whine as much as he wants,because he shows himself to be the idiot he is each time.

  2. He spent so much time on reality TV he’s totally out of touch with reality. I remember when Trump was first in office, The Apprentice asked Arnold Schwarzenegger to take over. I don’t know if he was let go or quit, or the show was finally cancelled, but Trump couldn’t get enough taunting the man, saying his ratings weren’t as good as Trump’s and The Apprentice should be sued for trying to replace Trump, even if he was President of the USA now. This was after plans for The Apprentice: White House Edition’ were scrapped by the government. The Apprentice was going to have a jet land on top of the White Houe, cameras would show Trump getting out of it, and then going onto his inauguration. The idea was that the network would sit in on cabinet meetings and every week Trump would fire someone..

  3. If it’s the country represented by this clown and his cult of political illiterates, where do I send my dime to ensure that it is completely destoyed?

    • Same here, i will no longer be living in the former United States, so i would like to know too, where to send my dime. I have my plans already set to get the hell out of here.

  4. TUMP cries, ” An indictment of me would only further destroy our nation??” That was most ignorant statement i have heard from him yet. In reality, if he is not indicted, and he steals the election, the nation will be destroyed to the maximum. A dystopian hell scape with many millions starving to death and homeless. I really don’t want to even think about how awful things will be under an Authoritarian Dictatorship. Can’t someone, somewhere have this mental misfit committed to an insane asylum??? It’s quite obvious what was left of his feeble mind is now gone forever. Many of the ignorant, deluded, misfits that vote for him are in the same mental state that TUMP is in.

    • He loves to play the victim. But hi language is so loaded and his fragile ego so big, that he doesn’t care if people get sick or lose their homes or lose their subsistence money or are killed. Just as long as he isn’t called “Loser” (which he is).

      • You are right, TUMP doesn’t give a hoot what happens to regular working people.. if i saw him in person, i would yell out loud as i could, ”Donald TUMP is the biggest loser” which, like you said he is the biggest loser… I wish he would disappear and never ever come back..

        • Same here.We would all benefit in his absence. So would Republicans. They just don’t know it.

          • And they sure wouldn’t admit it either. The damage he has done to our nation is disgusting.

            • And this No Labels group may just take enough votes from Biden to let Trump slither in again. I saw a list of No Labels donors. Harlan Crow tops the list; then another billionaire who regularly donates to Mitch McConnell’s superPAC.

              No Labels wants to run as a third-party candidate. Their ideas are just that ideas, ideals. What would they do if they were in office? We don’t know. It’s kind of ‘wait and see’. But they are the next shiny object. And just as likely to advance Trump’s interests instead of America’s. Then it would be too late for a ‘Whoops, sorry folks. Not what we meant’

            • If that happens, i will be saying, ”Whoops” sorry folks, as i cross the border into Canada, never to return the Fascist States of America. Like i have said many times before, i am not going to live in a nation under an Authoritarian Dictatorship. I hope i can talk my family into coming with me. These Fascists are not going to tell me what i can and can’t do. I will not submit to them and be beaten and tortured by these sub-human, low life bastards. I will NOT follow their authoritarian Christian Nationalist BS under any circumstances. Their tacky ”No Labels” BS is just another absurd name they give for their unending and incurable insanity. I hate and despise anyone with an ”R” by their name, especially the baboons named Donald TUMP and Qevin Mc Asshole McCarthy.

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