Marjorie Taylor Greene Opposes ‘Communists Controlling Our Government,’ Except for Putin?

The ignorance of the Trump cult is something that is put on display daily by its most devoted disciples and proponents. Their own arguments are so painfully devoid of reason that it often seems useless to try to rebut them. But leaving them unchallenged is an even worse option.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, Vladimir Putin

Leading the this assault on intelligent discourse is the ever faithful StormTrumper, Marjorie Taylor Greene. She has made it her mission to serve as the Republican Party’s Chief Apologist and Asswipe for Donald Trump. And no one can dispute her allegiance to that assignment.

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On Sunday Greene spoke out on behalf of her Dear Leader to praise a court ruling that she thinks prohibits President Biden and the Democrats from responding to the flagrant disinformation that is dispensed by Trump and his GOP propaganda machine. Her remarks in a tweet referenced the decision by the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals that actually narrowed a prior ruling.

Greene: “The Communist Democrats abuse their power and violate the rights of Americans in order to achieve their agenda. Their ends always justify their means. We cannot continue as a free society with Communists controlling our government.”

It has become routine for Trumpy Republicans to exhibit their idiocy by proudly demonstrating that they have no idea what the words “communism, socialism,” and “fascism” mean. They regularly misuse these terms in attempts to insult Democrats and President Biden. However, if you were to ask them to define the terms, it is sure bet that they would not be able to. Just the fact that they think that fascism is synonymous to the other terms is proof of their flaming illiteracy.

What’s more, there is nothing that remotely aligns the Democrats views about this court ruling with communism. To the contrary, Democrats are staunch supporters of free speech and a free press, which Trump maligns as “the enemy of the people.” And only Trump and the GOP have ever actually threatened to “shut down” social media.

If Greene is looking for a prominent politician who embraces communism, she need look no further than her mango messiah, Trump. His infatuation with Russian war criminal, Vladimir Putin, and his love letters with North Korean dictator, Kim Jong Un, and his admiration for China’s Xi Jinping, show who the true commie lover (or at least totalitarian tyrant) is.

For the record, the court decision that Greene is celebrating is a conservative appellate ruling that strikes down part of an even more conservative ruling that prohibited the Biden administration from interacting with social media. It was triggered by requests that federal agencies made to Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter to consider taking down disinformation about COVID and election integrity. These were clearly requests – not demands – that anyone is entitled to make, even the government. In fact, the government is duty bound to make such requests when dangerously wrong data is found to be circulating.

The original ruling was preposterous and overbroad, as the appellate court stated. But even the appellate court’s mitigation was out of line, and their decision is likely to be appealed as well. The Department of Justice responded that it “will evaluate its options,” and elaborated saying that…

“This administration has promoted responsible actions to protect public health, safety, and security when confronted by challenges like a deadly pandemic and foreign attacks on our elections. Our consistent view remains that social media platforms have a critical responsibility to take account of the effects their platforms are having on the American people, but make independent choices about the information they present.”

Greene’s inability to coherently assess the legal complexities of this issue should not surprise anyone. Some of her own colleagues don’t respect her. On Sunday morning, GOP Judiciary Committee member, Ken Buck, was interviewed by Jen Psaki on MSNBC about Greene’s obsession with impeaching President Biden. Buck smacked her down as “absurd” saying that…

“Marjorie filed articles of impeachment on President Biden before he was sworn into office more than two and a half years ago. So the idea that she is now the expert on impeachment, or that she is someone who should set the timing on impeachment is absurd. The time for impeachment is the time when there’s evidence linking – if there’s evidence – linking President Biden to a high crime or misdemeanor. That doesn’t exist right now.”

So not only is Buck accurately describing Greene as absurd, he’s contradicting the whole of the GOP caucus that has been yammering (aka lying) for months about having “proof” that Biden is corrupt. There has never been been even a shred of any such proof. But that hasn’t stopped most of the Republican scandal mongers from lining up to perpetuate their lies. And Greene always seems to be at the front of that line.


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8 thoughts on “Marjorie Taylor Greene Opposes ‘Communists Controlling Our Government,’ Except for Putin?

  1. Buck pretty well described the Howler Monkey in Furs.

  2. How can any court say that Biden Admin needs to stay off social media, after Trumpty-Dumpty “tweeted” his whole presidency – no press briefings for him, where he might have to take questions, a 2-way exchange ~ oh no, he just tweeted lies, insults, threats & such instead. And since we (The People) couldn’t ask or say anything in response, he basically had 1-way only communication & answered to no one the entire time!
    But they want Biden & his people to stay off social media? That’s an insanely biased court! And God Forbid, should Trump be there again it will be no different ~ he feels he answers to no one & can break all rules, norms, & laws, just as before. He runs it like a dictator & his Party allows, even encourages him to do so! And we all saw how that ended up!
    Get out & vote Blue up & down the ballot! If not, then you’re no better than they are cuz’ you”ll be allowing more of the same & WORSE to happen to us all!

    • Thanks for the clear points. Especially “Get out & vote Blue up & the ballot!” It can get worse, only if people sit on their butts. I had to use crutches to go vote in person. Both hips and a knee replaced now, maybe I’ll dance on in!

      • Voting is good but can one name a time in history when fascism surrendered to more rational democratic processes without getting their asses kicked first, much less even allowing and open and fair election?

  3. I’m pretty sure someone has tried to explain the definition of communism to Marge but it’s probably not going to take.

    • She wants to impeach everyone in federal government she can think of. Plus having a tremendous mental problem, she is incompetent and does nothing but stir up trouble. Impeach her.

      • MTG has not only mental problems, she has severe anger management problems. I have neve seen anyone that is hateful as she is. She thinks she can tear the entire nation apart with her horrible attitude and outrageousness.

  4. Putin recently stated it doesn’t matter if Trump is elected, the US will still be against Putin. Isn’t he helping Trump become elected?

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