A Befuddled Trump Both Admits and Denies that He Was ‘Waving Around’ a Classified Document

The debate over the fitness of elderly politicians has been raging in recent weeks. Some of the arguments have accurately pointed out Donald Trump’s glaring cognitive deficiencies. But for the most part it has been a feast of Republican Trump supporters falsely disparaging President Biden, despite his unprecedented record of achievements.

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Donald Trump, Insane, Straight Jacket

The mental decline of Trump has been obvious to anyone observing him impartially. He disgorges rambling rants about subjects that often have nothing to do with whatever the topic of the conversation was. He repeats himself relentlessly (a symptom of logorrhea, a communication disorder that causes excessive wordiness and repetitiveness, which can cause incoherency). And he unleashes streams of anger, paranoia, and malignant narcissism, with every utterance or online comment. He is especially triggered by even the slightest criticism.

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On Thursday Trump was interviewed by former Fox News host, Megyn Kelly. This was a particularly surprising event considering how viciously he has attacked her in the past, and that he even refused to participate in a Republican primary debate because she was a moderator. Apparently they are both desperately seeking attention, and are willing to debase themselves to get it.

The interview briefly touched on an interesting matter that involved one of Trump’s pending indictments. Earlier this year it was revealed that among the classified documents that Trump had stolen, was one that he took to his Bedminster, New Jersey, golf resort, and reportedly shared with others who had no security clearances. Which is a serious breach of national security and federal law. What follows is part of the exchange between Trump and Kelly that could keep both psychologists and prosecutors very busy in the coming weeks and months….

Kelly: Why would you be holding up a newspaper saying, “This is still secret. I could declassify it if I was president.”
Trump: I would have to look at it.
Kelly: But you told Bret Baier (of Fox News) that that was a newspaper or a magazine article.
Trump: I could have declassified it. I also told Bret Baier – as I remember, I don’t know, it was a long time interview – But I also told Bret Baier that it wasn’t a classified document.
Kelly: What were you waving around in that meeting? Because it certainly sounds like it was an attack plan.
Trump: I’m not going to talk to you about that because that’s already been, I think, very substantiated, and there’s no problem with it.
Kelly: Well, it hasn’t been substantiated. Jack Smith says it was an attack plan.
Trump: Let me tell you. Here we go again. I’m covered by the Presidential Records Act. I’m allowed to do what I want to do. I’m allowed to have documents.

Let’s unravel that barrage of bullcrap, shall we?. When first asked, Trump claimed that the document he was wagging was one that he could declassify. Which would mean that it wasn’t already declassified. But since he was not president at that time, he absolutely could not declassify it and, therefore, it was classified when he was showing it to others.

Then Trump tried to claim that he couldn’t remember because it was a “long time interview,” whatever that means. Either he was trying to say that it happened a long time ago (it’s been a whole two and half months ago), or that the duration of the discussion was long (it was less than an hour). Either way, his excuse makes no sense.

Then Trump says that the document wasn’t actually classified at all. Which would make his claim that he could declassify it rather odd.

Then, when Kelly confronted Trump with the allegation that the document was an attack plan – which would surely have been classified – Trump bugged out and refused to answer her questions. Which suggests that either he knew that the document was classified, or that he was afraid he was about to incriminate himself. Or perhaps, both.

Finally, Trump resorted to his tedious fallback excuse that he was “covered by the Presidential Records Act (PRA)” and “allowed to do what I want to do.” Which is not at all what the PRA says. In fact, it states explicitly that “Presidential records automatically transfer into the legal custody of the [National] Archivist as soon as the President leaves office.” The law that grants him the right “to do what I want to do,” exists only in his diseased mind.

In short, Trump goes back and forth from asserting that the document was classified to insisting that it wasn’t. All the while inventing powers that he imagined he had, and eventually providing a badly twisted analysis of a law that he clearly doesn’t understand. And yet he wants people to believe that he is a “stable genius,” and that Biden is an incompetent and senile criminal mastermind. Which would actually be quite an accomplishment.


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One thought on “A Befuddled Trump Both Admits and Denies that He Was ‘Waving Around’ a Classified Document

  1. TUMP SAYS: I am allowed to do what i want to? I suppose in his diseased mind that he is still our Dictator. And some of the critics and TUMP followers say President Biden is senile?? Maybe they should be listening and paying attention to TUMP’s most recent rants and delusional statements. Or is, they just don’t care as long as they can keep worshiping him? I fail to understand what the attraction to him is. I can’t stand the sight of him, much less listen to his confused rants. Whatever the critics say about Biden doesn’t faze me, because us Democrats know he is great and is very intelligent, and makes good sense all of the time, i stand behind President Biden all the way.

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