Trump’s Fear and Desperation Kick Into High Gear in Bonkers Rant About the Supreme Court Appeal

The legal tribulations of Donald Trump took a turn for the worse this week as special counsel Jack Smith sought to bypass the appellate circuit courts and have the Supreme Court rule on Trump’s frivolous motion to dismiss the case involving his role in the January 6th insurrection.

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Trump’s ludicrous motion argues that he has universal impunity to commit any crime, due to what he calls “presidential immunity.” By his demented reckoning, he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue and be legally untouchable. And the thought of anyone challenging his perverse perspective of blanket indemnity enrages him. Consequently, upon hearing about Smith’s request, Trump was predictably apoplectic, a state he achieves at surprisingly frequent intervals. Like whenever he is awake.

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In a furious tirade delivered during a speech in Iowa (video below), Trump lashed out at Smith’s perfectly reasonable and legally astute request. And as is often the case, his own words are more damning, and demonstrative of his cognitive decline, than those of his harshest critics. They require little commentary to expose how painfully hollow and bereft of reason his rants are. He began by babbling that…

“Now they’re saying let’s rush it to the Supreme Court. We gotta rush it, rush it, rush it. They could have started three years ago. Everything – nothing changed. They could have started three years ago, but they didn’t. They started just recently with this crap. They started just recently. They could have brought this lawsuit three years ago, right after I left. It’s been three years. But they didn’t do that. And now they’re saying ‘We have to go immediately before the Supreme Court.’ This thing would have all been over with two years ago. But they waited and waited and waited.

Reminiscent of his “Russia, Russia, Russia,” rant, Trump is now yammering “rush it, rush it, rush it.” That was followed by his tedious complaint that his perceived persecutors waited too long to charge him. However, Smith was appointed more than a year ago, and the Justice Department probe began well before that. But there’s an even bigger problem with Trump’s complaint that “they could have brought this lawsuit three years ago.” Three years ago he had not yet committed some the crimes he is being charged with.

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Notice also that Trump is repeating himself incessantly. And not just the “rush it” rhetoric. In the brief segment above he refers four times to the “three years” that he complains went by. Psychologists might diagnose this as Palilalia, a condition that is frequently present in people suffering from neurodegenerative disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.

But Trump was just getting started. He continued his caterwauling…

“And then they saw I was running. And they waited and then they saw I was hot. And they filed lawsuits. These are very dishonest people. That’s called election interference. These are very – and now they’re fighting like hell because they want to try and get a guilty plea from the Supreme Court of the United States, which I can’t imagine cause you have presidential immunity.”

Trump’s assertion that a criminal prosecution is “election interference” makes no sense whatsoever. If accepted as a plausible defense it would permit a would-be murderer to announce his candidacy before committing his crime, and then be excused from prosecution until after his campaign and term in office.

Trump is also exhibiting his pitifully ignorant grasp of the law. The Supreme Court does not issue judgements of guilt or innocence. And they certainly don’t issue guilty pleas. They only ascertain whether the lower courts and/or the law were in compliance with the Constitution.

Finally, Trump reiterates his claim of presidential immunity, which he is anxious to have the courts affirm. So then why is he objecting to this question being elevated to the Supreme Court where his arguments can be heard and decided more expeditiously? On the one hand he whines that “They waited and waited and waited.” Now he’s simultaneously complaining that they are rushing it.

Perhaps it’s because he knows that his argument is preposterous and won’t be affirmed by a profoundly conservative court with three of his own appointees. Or maybe he’s just as riddled with dementia as many of his critics – including those who know him well – have been saying for years. Or maybe some of both.

In any case, he is proving that he is wholly unfit to serve as president, or in any other public office. And the fact that he is still the leading candidate for the Republican Party’s nomination for president tells you all you need to know about them as well.


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