WOW! Fox News Exposes Biden’s ‘Freak-O-Rama’ Plot to Swap Christmas Cheer with Marxist Hate

The tireless “journalists” at Fox News have managed to snag yet another exclusive story with the potential to blow the roof off of the White House. President Biden is once again being held to account by the intrepid Fox News sleuths for the corruption that is emblematic of the empire of criminality that Fox has built from the detritus of their perverse imaginations.

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This latest bombshell has nothing to do with their prior scoops that uncovered such atrocities as Biden riding a bicycle, or Biden eating an ice cream cone, or Biden lounging at the beach, or Biden creating 14 million jobs and a thriving economy. And let’s not forget the scandalous, impeachable revelation of Biden loaning his family money and them having the audacity to pay it back.

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What’s wetting Fox’s panties now is that the First Lady, Dr. Jill Biden, helped to stage a musical performance at the White House that featured a diverse cast of talented dancers celebrating the traditional Christmas Nutcracker story (see video below). The HORROR!

Fox News host Laura Ingraham was so outraged by this spectacle that she devoted a prolonged segment to what she called “The Biden Freak-O-Rama.” And throughout her anti-Christmas condemnation of the footloose folderol, the chyron contained an ominous message reading “Out With Christmas Cheer, In With Marxist Hate.” With that lead-in Ingraham raged that…

“They’re reaching out to the flag burners and the America haters. If you felt embarrassed and angry to see this type of woke nonsense at the White House during a time Christians have considered holy for 2,000 years or so, well, that’s the point. They wanted to offend you. They did it on purpose because they think their supporters like that sort of thing. They do.”

That’s right! Colorfully attired tap dancing characters from heartwarming holiday fables are now synonymous with Marxists and flag burners. And you better get used to it because, according to Ingraham, Democrats and liberals are doing it intentionally to offend American Christians. Ingraham never explains why Democrats would want to deliberately offend such a huge swath of the nation’s voters, but rational explanations were never a part of the Republican/Fox News mission. That would require some measure of reason and honesty that is anathema to these MAGA-nuts.

In support of her dystopian misinterpretation of the unsweetened Nutcracker, Ingraham brought in Donald Trump’s Senior Fascist Advisor, Stephen Miller. And as expected, Miller agreed with, and elaborated on, Ingraham’s deranged denunciation of the Democratic display of despicable dancing…

“They hate normal. So when you look at these Antifa protests, when you look at these radical left women’s marches, when you look at these open borders marches, what do you see? You see people with purple hair and pink hair and a thousand face piercings and horrendous tattoos and bizarre outfits. You don’t see normal people, family people, people who build communities and pay taxes, and make things work. So this is just another example. The weirdness of it. The bizarreness. The freakishness…is the point.”

What’s truly sad is Miller’s nightmarish hallucinations wherein he sees only scary people with brightly colored hair, and “a thousand face piercings” (which would be quite a sight), and other manifestations of what he regards as abnormal, but which are, in reality, common exercise of self expression, independence, and liberty.

Somehow Miller, who seems to oppose personal freedom, manages to filter out all of the millions of other ordinary American women who choose to take part in their democratic society and have a say in improving it for everyone. Miller sees them all as freaks of some other species who hate the “normies.” That’s a common thread in the MAGA-verse…

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The opinions expressed by Ingraham and Miller are in line with most of the GOP confederates who see monsters crouching in every shadow and blame all of their irrational fears on Democrats and President Biden. It must be a truly horrific existence for them. It’s just too bad that they have a platform with which to infect so many other gullible people who have their own bigoted predispositions to hate anyone they deem as different than themselves. And for God’s sake, don’t ever dance in the White House.


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4 thoughts on “WOW! Fox News Exposes Biden’s ‘Freak-O-Rama’ Plot to Swap Christmas Cheer with Marxist Hate

  1. The only freaks I see are Miller and Ingraham. Even their own relatives have spoken out about their intense hatred for anything not in total compliance with their warped and deranged world views. Whatever you do don’t say anything to anyone like happy holidays. It makes them apoplectic!

  2. Reminder that if Melanoma had done something similar, the mindless Traitors would be cheering how much she was in the Christmas spirit!

    This same creature who once said “Who gives a f___k about the Christmas stuff and decorations? But I need to do it, right?” Which no Traitor ever objected to, but they’ll never stop spewing the lie that Michelle Obama once said “All this over a damn flag.”

    Newsflash: Michelle didn’t. Melanoma did.

  3. Michelle is one of the most patriotic Americans this nation has had. Even though she’s a natural born American, she understands the opportunities open to her and does not denigrate this country. Nor anything about it. As opposed to Michelle, Melanoma is just like her husband — un. What hisi and Melanoma’s supporters see in them is beyond me.

  4. Fox has, as usual, got it wrong. The only one that wants ‘out with Christmas cheer, in with Marxist hate’ is Donald Trump. Period.

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