Trump Unleashes a Fear-Drenched, Lie-Riddled Rant Misstating ‘Facts’ From His Many Indictments

As 2023 winds to close, Donald Trump is exhibiting ever more obvious signs of debilitating anxiety. And with the caravan of legal wagons circling around him, his emotional state is circling the drain. The closer he comes to being held accountable for the multitude of crimes he’s committed, the deeper he descends into desperation driven delusion.

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Donald Trump Circling the Drain

The latest example of Trump’s decline is yet another rabid rant on his failing social media scam, Truth Social. It follows a tedious blast of dozens of posts wherein he shamelessly exalts himself, links to wingnut propaganda (i.e. Breitbart, Gateway Pundit, etc.), and cites polls showing him trouncing his Republican primary challengers…

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Trump was clearly having another bad morning Saturday when he woke up to find that his legal nightmares had not simply evaporated with the morning dew. So true to form, he regurgitated more of the same slop he’s been shoveling for months about how he is such a beleaguered victim of meanies out to destroy him. And this outburst was just as filled with nonsense as every other one he’s unloaded. He began

“The Supreme Court has unanimously rejected Deranged Jack Smith’s ‘SUPER SPEEDY’ lawsuit against me. This sick puppies team of Lowlifes and Radical Left Thugs could have brought this ‘case’ 3 years ago, and it would be long over by now. No, they waited until right in the middle of my very successful campaign for President.”

Let’s stop there to interject some reality. First of all, the Supreme Court did not “unanimously reject” special counsel Jack Smith’s request (it was not a “lawsuit”) to advance the question of “presidential immunity” over the appellate court. While the request was denied, the Justices’ votes were not revealed. So his claim that it was unanimous was made up. And the denial wasn’t a rejection on the merits. It just means that the matter will be heard at the appellate level before inevitably going back to the Supreme Court.

What’s more, it’s rather bizarre that Trump, who frequently complains that his cases took too long to come to court, is objecting to a request to “SUPER SPEEDY” them up now. In fact, he gripes about that very issue with his remarks about the “sick puppies” who he thinks should have gone after him three years ago. There’s just one little problem with that. Three years ago was prior to when he committed many of his crimes.

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Most defendants would prefer an expedited path to what they believe would be their exoneration. But not Trump. Probably because he knows he’s guilty and will be convicted. Also because he hopes to delay the proceedings until he is reelected and can then quash the indictments and/or pardon himself.

Trump’s tirade continued with his boneheaded legal opinion that his indictments should be run through a political filter before being issued. He thinks that somehow his polling should have been weighed prior to his being charged.

“If I were polling poorly, like everyone else against me is (including Crooked Joe Biden!), or, for some reason, I decided not to run, they never would have even brought this ridiculous and disgraceful lawsuit. It is Election Interference like never before seen in our Country.”

So Trump is now babbling about whether he would have been charged were he not campaigning for president. But that’s just further proof of his dementia. For the record, the investigations into his crimes actually did begin before his campaign did. Probes of his hoarding of classified documents began in the summer of 2021, and the FBI opened a formal investigation on March 30, 2022. The election interference investigation in Georgia began 2021, and a grand jury was convened on May 2, 2022. The New York financial fraud case began in 2019, and the Attorney General filed a lawsuit on September 21, 2022. All of that was prior to his November 15, 2022, announcement of his 2024 campaign.

Trump still wasn’t through yammering incoherently. He continued with a preposterous divergence from the issues he himself was raising.

“In a certain way, it is real ‘insurrection,’ especially when adding the millions of people, from places unknown, that the worst President in the history of the United States is allowing to pour into our Country, totally unchecked and unvetted. This insane Open Border’s decision will prove to be a mistake for the ages, but I will fix it. MAGA!!!”

There’s hardly any need to rebut the idiocy Trump is spewing there. No sane person believes that any of what Trump is saying constitutes an insurrection. He’s just trying to use projection, and doing so really badly. Furthermore, no one believes that President Biden is “the worst President in the history of the United States.” To the contrary, most Americans say that’s Trump. And no knowledgeable person believes that the borders are open. If they were there wouldn’t be record numbers of apprehensions and expulsions.

Trump’s latest hysterical harangue affirms just how low he has sunk psychologically. And just when you think he’s hit bottom, he finds another level of depth that no one could have imagined. That’s his superpower. And we should not be surprised if he sinks even farther in the weeks and months ahead.


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