Trump’s Craven Christmas Prayer for Presidential Immunity and an End to Yuletide Witch Hunts

It’s Christmas time, and Donald Trump is joining in on the festivities with caroling in the spirit of the season. Except he’s not getting the words exactly right. “Hark the heinous angel,” whines Trump petulantly about losing an election three years ago and being held accountable for inciting an insurrection and trying to undermine democracy.

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Donald Trump Christmas

As is his tradition for the holidays, Trump is filled with anger and animosity toward everyone who he feels has failed to be sufficiently worshipful toward him. The wannabe messiah who pretends to have liberated Americans to say “Merry Christmas,” has a rather bizarre impression of what that means. Meanwhile, President Biden and his family gather together to celebrate the joy that this season brings, despite Fox News mocking them for it…

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On the day before Christmas, Trump took to his failing social media scam, Truth Social, to spread the hatred in his heart. Rather than thinking about family or gifts or world peace, Trump was consumed by the fear of his mounting legal tribulations. He wrote that…

“I wasn’t campaigning, the Election was over. I was doing my duty as President to expose and further investigate a Rigged and Stolen Election. It was my obligation to do so, and the proof found is voluminous and irrefutable. Therefore, among other reasons, of course I am entitled to IMMUNITY. ADDITIONALLY, I DID NOTHING WRONG. Stop the Witch Hunt NOW!”

How inspiring! It’s difficult to tell exactly what Trump was yammering about. But a little research reveals that he was upset with recent developments with regard to his indictments for election interference. His attorneys filed a motion the day before asking that the charges be dismissed. As reported by CNN

“Donald Trump urged a federal appeals court to throw out the federal election subversion criminal case in Washington, DC, again arguing in a filing late Saturday that he is protected under presidential immunity.” […]

“The filing reiterates what the former president’s lawyers have repeatedly asserted – that Trump was working in his official capacity as president to ‘ensure election integrity’ when he allegedly undermined the 2020 election results and therefore has immunity.”

Trump’s legal arguments have all been rejected in prior court proceedings. But that doesn’t stop him from repeating them again, hoping for a different outcome. He also isn’t deterred by the sheer absurdity of his claims. How can he assert that he wasn’t campaigning, and that the election was over, when everything he was trying to do was aimed at overturning the certified election results?

What’s more, Trump’s claims of “presidential immunity” are so preposterously broad that they would indemnify a president from any crime, including murder. Does he really want to set that legal precedent while Joe Biden is still in the White House? Not that Biden would ever do anything like that, but in Trump’s mind, and the minds of his glassy-eyed cult followers, it’s more grist for their crackpot conspiracy theory mills.

Trump’s post also regurgitates his frequent claim to have “voluminous and irrefutable” proof of election fraud. It remains a mystery as to why he has declined to present any of it after more than three years and 60+ court cases. Equally mysterious is Trump’s argument that prosecuting him is unconstitutional. His filing makes the ludicrous assertion that…

“Before any single prosecutor can ask a court to sit in judgment of the President’s conduct, Congress must have approved of it by impeaching and convicting the President. That did not happen here, and so President Trump has absolute immunity. [and that Trump’s indictment] threatens to launch cycles of recrimination and politically motivated prosecution that will plague our Nation for many decades to come.'”

Where Trump gets the idea that Congress must impeach and convict a president prior to any prosecution is anyone’s guess. It’s certainly not anywhere in the Constitution. Nor is his nonsensical notion of immunity. However, he is reminding everyone that he was impeached twice and the second time he was convicted by a majority of the Senate – including seven Republicans – but short of the necessary two-thirds.

More troubling is that Trump is asserting that presidents are above the law and free to commit crimes at will with total impunity. Once again, is he comfortable with Biden having that power? Furthermore, the only party threatening “to launch cycles of recrimination and politically motivated prosecution,” is Trump. And he has done so explicitly.

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This is Trump’s Christmas message to his flock. And as with everything else, it is all about Trump. In the midst of the season of giving, Trump can think only of himself. There are no well wishes of joy and peace, and no photos with loving family and excited grandchildren. There is nothing that reflects the harmony and hopefulness of the holidays. In Trump’s demented mind there is only hatred and vengeance. So Merry Christmas to MAGA, and all a good fight?


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  1. Trump is a full on Neo-Nazi now. Anyone who supports him after all he’s done is a gd Nazi too. May 2024 rid us of this criminal once and for all!

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