Fearful Trump Unleashes a Flurry of Frantic Posts Attacking His Rape Victim, E. Jean Carroll

The new is year is only four days old, and Donald Trump has spent most of it posting manic messages on his failing social media scam, Truth Social. That’s a peculiar use of his time, considering that he has been complaining that all of his multitude of indictments and lawsuits must be delayed because he doesn’t have enough time to properly respond to them.

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Donald Trump, Woman, Fear

Perhaps if Trump devoted more time to his criminal and civil cases, and less to babbling incoherently on social media, staging cult rallies, and golfing, he might be better able to defend himself. Although, even then it would be difficult with the mountains of documentary and testimonial evidence against him, and with his incompetent attorneys.

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Case in point: As CNN reported this week, “A federal appeals court denied Donald Trump’s effort to delay his defamation trial set to begin in two weeks.” So January 16 has been set for the start of his trial for defaming writer, E. Jean Carroll. Actually, his second trial. She already won a $5 million dollar judgment against him for defamation and sexual assault.

However, as usual, Trump is his own worst enemy. As a result of his inability to control his big mouth, he is now being sued by Carroll for new offenses. After the first jury found him liable for sexually abusing and defaming Carroll, he appeared on a CNN town hall the next day and defamed her again. Which prompted her second lawsuit. After Trump filed an inanely argued motion for a new trial, the judge concluded that the facts showed that Trump had, in fact, raped Carroll.

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With the trial date approaching Trump is teetering further over the edge of sanity. On a thirty minute spree Thursday morning Trump posted thirty-one (31!) comments on his vanity website attacking Carroll with irrelevant and out of context quotes and links. Most of them were things she might have written in her entertainment column decades ago. They have absolutely nothing to do with the charges that he assaulted and raped her.

The only thing that Trump can hope to achieve by this is to exacerbate his legal peril and increase the amount of the amended judgment he will have to pay. Unfortunately, it also puts Carroll at risk for harm by Trump’s cult followers who regard him as the victim, rather than her. And it affirms that, as long as Trump is free to attack his victims, judges, prosecutors, and witnesses, he represents a clear and present danger to society. At some point the law needs to step in for the sake of public safety.

UPDATE: Throughout the day Trump continued his sickly obsessive rants, posting 42 more comments about Carroll, for a grand total of 73 for the day. Thirty of the additional posts all had the same exact message attached to many repeats of earlier posts. In it he refuted all the evidence presented in court and denied knowing Carroll, saying “Except for a Fraudulent Case against me, I had no idea who E. Jean Carroll was.” Then, typical of Trump, he attacked the judge hearing the case saying that he is “another Highly Partisan Clinton-Appointed Friend. He should have recused himself long ago!”


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