Jim Jordan Tells Fox News that His Best Evidence Against Biden is a Witness Who Exonerated Him

One week into the new year and it is clear that the Republican Party remains hell bent on continuing their desperate and baseless pursuit of pseudo-scandals with which to smear President Biden and his family. They still seem to be mired in the delusion that the American people are hungering for their representatives in Congress to be working on meritless impeachments, rather than legislative initiatives that might actually improve their lives.

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Jim Jordan

To that end, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Perv) visited with Fox News Senior Trump-Fluffer, Maria Bartiromo, for a little chitchat about his efforts as chair of the House Judiciary Committee to impeach Biden. Never mind that he’s been doing this for a year now, but has failed utterly to produce any evidence, or even a coherent argument, that would justify his shamelessly partisan waste of time and taxpayer money. Instead, he and his GOP confederates have set a modern day record for laziness in legislating.

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The segment began with Bartiromo constructing a convoluted question that was rife with preconception and presumptions of guilt. That led to the following exchange…

Bartiromo: Give us your sense of what the most the damning evidence is that you have so far on Joe Biden regarding bribery potential, money laundering. These are the terms that you and your colleagues have been using. Where is the evidence, and do you believe you’re going to find more from these depositions by the end of January?
Jordan: I do, to the last question. I think the most damning evidence thus far is what we got from Devon Archer.

That’s an astonishing admission on Jordan’s part. Because when Devon Archer, a former business partner of Hunter Biden, testified before Congress, he completely contradicted everything that the Republican shills have alleged for years.

Archer testified, under oath, that Biden never discussed any business dealings or interests with Hunter Biden or anyone else. He said that he knew nothing about alleged bribes paid to the Biden family. He refuted charges that Biden sought to oust a Ukrainian prosecutor in order to benefit his son.

In short, the witness that Jordan claims provided his best evidence against Biden, actually exonerates him of every charge that the Republicans have used to slander the President. And when Jordan’s accomplice in this political character assassination, James Comer, chair of the Oversight Committee, was asked on Fox News if would be able to prove his allegations against Biden, he replied “I sure hope so.” Which is a long ways from “Yes.”

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In addition to the humiliating performance of Jordan above, he also discussed with Bartiromo the matter of Hunter Biden’s alleged failure to comply with a congressional subpoena. The truth is that Hunter did try to comply with the original request to testify in a public hearing. But when Republicans later reneged and insisted that he be deposed in a closed session, Hunter reiterated his agreement to testify publicly.

That dispute led to Republicans declaring their intention to hold Hunter in contempt of Congress. Which is hypocrisy on a grand scale considering that Jordan himself failed to comply with a subpoena from the House January 6th Committee.

Jordan’s blatant act of contempt has now gone on for more than year and a half. Yet Jordan still has the gall to complain about the Hunter subpoena on Fox News, who lies about it. Which just goes to prove that the best words to describe Fox News and the Republican party are “lies,” “hypocrisy” and “contempt.”


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