GOP Scandal Mongers Float a Wild New Impeachment Charge Against Biden for Talking to his Son

The Republican Party is clearly suffering from severe and debilitating delusions about President Biden. They are freakishly fixated on their bizarre and wholly unwarranted determination to implicate him for some (any) crime and to remove him office for whatever imaginary offense they manufacture.

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Joe Biden, GOP, Elephant

Republicans have held their razor-thin (and shrinking) majority in the House of Representatives for nearly a year now. And in that time they have fanatically focused on their depraved Biden obsession to the exclusion of everything else, including avoiding a debt ceiling default, funding the government, supporting allies in Israel and Ukraine, reforming immigration policy, and much more. Their BCD (Biden Compulsive Disorder) has resulted in the House breaking the modern records for inactivity and ineptitude.

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The latest fabrication from the GOP Bullsh*t Factory is a real doozy. A couple of weeks ago Hunter Biden spoke on the steps of the Capitol to inform Republicans that he was ready to testify before their committee in public hearings. But the GOP committee chairs, Jim Jordan and James Comer, refused, insisting that he be deposed behind closed doors.

The GOP’s position is predictable considering how badly they have been humiliated in their previous public hearings. Their own witnesses testified that President Biden had done nothing wrong. They only want to conduct future hearings in private so that they can lie about it afterward. And now that Hunter has called their bluff, they are inventing new allegations that make no sense at all. As reported by The Hill…

“House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer (R-Ky.) and House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) are suggesting that President Biden may have ‘engaged in a conspiracy to obstruct a proceeding of Congress’ if he knew that his son Hunter Biden planned to defy a congressional subpoena […] and said it ‘could constitute an impeachable offense.'”

WTF? This charge boils down to the GOP asserting that Biden can be impeached for the high crime of talking to his son. There is absolutely no constitutional prohibition of presidents discussing things that their children might tell reporters about pending litigation. It would be different if Biden were interfering with the Justice Department, but there is no hint of evidence of anything remotely approaching that.

Jordan and Comer are also saying that a refusal to comply with a congressional subpoena constitutes obstruction of Congress. That’s just plain preposterous. Congress is not impeded from functioning simply because a single witness disputes the validity of a subpoena and declines to testify. But if it were true, then Jim Jordan is the one who should be prosecuted. He has been refusing to comply with a congressional subpoena for over a year now. And you can add Trump flunkies Steve Bannon, Peter Navarro, and Dan Scavino, to the list of those subpoena evaders who are contemptuous of Congress.

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To make matters worse, Comer scampered off to a right-wing cable outlet to complain about his being ignored by Hunter Biden. He whined to Newsmax that…

“I’ve told my colleagues in the Republican conference, if Hunter Biden doesn’t comply with our subpoena then we might as well throw the subpoena power away cause nobody’s gonna comply with a congressional subpoena. The fact that the Democrats used their subpoenas for political reasons, for fishing expeditions, and here we have a credible investigation where we’ve been transparent with the American people, we have mountains of evidence.”

Comer’s complaint about the value of congressional subpoenas is a little late considering all of the Republicans who have already devalued it. The difference is that Democrats didn’t cry like babies when Republicans didn’t show. Democrats presented their evidence and moved on. Republicans, however, can’t do that because they don’t actually have any evidence. Which is the reason they always end up resorting to whining so pathetically instead. What else can they do?


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2 thoughts on “GOP Scandal Mongers Float a Wild New Impeachment Charge Against Biden for Talking to his Son

  1. The projection is strong with Comer. BTW, Hunter Biden said he’d testify before Congress in a public forum. That’s smart. He isn’t defying a subpoena like Jim Jordan did with the J6 Committee. If they have ‘mountains of evidence’ why hasn’t the evidence leaker in charge (ala Rudy G) made some of it public? You think if they had the goods, they’d want us to know. EG, they have nothing.

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