Fox News Had Their Fee-Fees Hurt Because President Biden Told the Truth About Them

On the eve of the third anniversary of the January 6th insurrection incited by Donald Trump, President Biden delivered a speech that recalled the horrific and deadly storming of the United States Capitol by traitors intent on exalting Dear Leader and obstructing the peaceful transfer of power that has been emblematic of America’s two and half centuries of democracy.

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Biden’s speech (watch in full here, or read transcript here) was both a warning of the fragility of our nation’s freedoms, and a tribute to its resilience. The overarching message of the speech was one of hope and inspiration to persevere on behalf of the principles endowed to us by our founders. It was a far cry from the rancid anger, bitterness, and vengeful self-adoration of Trump’s remembrances of the day.

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Naturally, the reaction from Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda, aka Fox News, was a perverse distortion of reality. Immediately following the address, Fox’s alleged “news” anchor, Martha MacCallum, offered her decidedly biased opinion of the speech and of Biden himself. Which we’ll get to shortly. But first it is important to note that MacCallum couldn’t get through her commentary without defending Fox News from a brief mention that Biden made about the network (video below). She complained that…

“He took a couple potshots at this network, which more people in America watch than any other network in the country. So I don’t know if they feel like that represents someone who is president to all of America. So in those sections not a terribly unifying or reaching out speech here.”

First of all, Fox News is not watched by more people in America than any other network. All three broadcast networks have more viewers than Fox. And the only reason that Fox News tops the list of cable news networks is because it is has an effective monopoly on the conservative audience, while all of the other networks divide the remaining viewers.

More to the point, MacCallum’s assertion that criticism of Fox News means that Biden isn’t “president to all of America” is preposterous. Fox’s approximately three million primetime viewers are less than 1% of the nation’s population. And no political leader should feel compelled to “unify” with a small television audience comprised of extremists who believe lies so flagrant that the network settled a defamation lawsuit for 3/4 of a billion dollars for deliberately lying.

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For the record, the “potshots” that Biden took at Fox News were accurate and well deserved. He noted correctly that “Fox News agreed to pay a record $787 million for the lies they told about voter fraud.” He further said that…

“When the attack on January 6th happened, there was no doubt about the truth. At the time, even Republican members of Congress and Fox News commentators publicly and privately condemned the attack. […] now these MAGA voices who know the truth about Trump on January 6th have abandoned the truth and abandoned democracy. They made their choice. Now the rest of us — Democrats, independents, mainstream Republicans — we have to make our choice.”

Apparently Fox News regards the accurate reporting of what was actually said on the network as a “potshot.” And they are also dismayed by the factual observation that the network flip-flopped on their original analysis of the violent insurrection.

As for MacCallum’s views about the Biden speech, she was singularly focused on what she believed was Biden’s failure to unify with MAGA Republicans. As if adopting the opinions of crackpots who think he is a senile communist is an obligation that he must comply with, lest he be deemed divisive. She said that…

“He talked about how he would be President to all Americans. Which is certainly what he said when he ran, and certainly what he said in the inaugural. But based on the polling we see it’s not how a lot of Americans feel. He went a few times after what he called MAGA Americans, scowling at that entire group of people who make up – I don’t know if MAGA Americans take up half the country, but you’ve got a lot of people who don’t support this President in that.”

Based on her remarks, you have to wonder if MacCallum actually watched Biden’s speech. His references to MAGA were brief and always aimed at extremists, not ordinary Republicans, to the extent that any still exist. Here are the four actual references that Biden made to MAGA in the speech…

  • “Outside, gallows were erected as the MAGA crowd chanted, ‘Hang Mike Pence.'”
  • “In desperation and weakness, Trump and his MAGA followers went after election officials who…were doing their jobs as elected workers until Donald Trump and his MAGA followers targeted and threatened them.”
  • “Trump and his MAGA supporters not only embrace political violence, but they laugh about it. At his rally, he jokes about an intruder, whipped up by the Big Trump Lie, taking a hammer to Paul Pelosi’s skull and echoing the very same words used on January 6th: ‘Where’s Nancy?'”
  • “I promise you, I will not let Donald Trump and the MAGA Republicans force us to walk away now.”

Are those MAGAs really the sort of people that MacCallum thinks Biden should reach out to and unify with? She obviously missed the part of his speech where he inclusively implored that “Now the rest of us — Democrats, independents, mainstream Republicans — we have to make our choice.” Of course, it isn’t her objective, or that of Fox News, to honestly report on anything Biden does or says. But after all this time you might think that they would be better at it than this.


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