YEAH, RIGHT! After a Mad Tantrum, Judge Warns Trump’s Attorneys to ‘Please Control Your Client’

On Thursday morning attorneys for Donald Trump and prosecutors for the New York Attorney General’s office delivered closing arguments in Trump’s civil corruption case. Trump was previously found to be liable for financial fraud, so the only matter to be decided in this proceeding was how much the penalty would be for his malfeasance.

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Donald Trump

As with almost everything that Trump is associated with, there was some contrived chaos leading up to the conclusion of this trial. Trump had indicated that he wanted to make part of the closing arguments himself. But when he would not agree to the legal conditions required for such statements, Judge Arthur Engoron refused his request. However, complying with the law has never been one of Trump’s top priorities. To the contrary, he generally seeks to violate it.

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Consequently, Trump ignored the judge’s orders, and legal protocol, and tried to inject his seething rage into the proceedings. His comments had no relevance to the allegations under consideration. They were merely tedious repetitions of what he disgorges during his cult rallies and on his social media posts. For instance, as reported by Raw Story

“This is a political witch hunt the likes of which nobody has ever seen before,” he ranted. “They owe me damages for what they’ve done.

“We’re a very innocent company,” he continued. “We did everything right. They have no witness against us other than Michael Cohen, who’s a discredited felon. They have no witnesses against us whatsoever. They don’t have one piece of paper.

“It’s a disgrace, and they should pay me damages. That’s the way it should be. They should be paying me damages. This is a disgraceful situation. […]

“I don’t know that we’re going to get a fair ruling, but everybody knows what I just said. This is a sham, and it’s a shame,” he remarked.

Judge Engoron had previously told Trump that he couldn’t use his closing remarks to “deliver a campaign speech” or use the opportunity to impugn the judge and his staff. But that would leave Trump effectively speechless, since he has no coherent defense.

What’s more, It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Trump regards this affair as an opportunity to enrich himself with “damages.” He is always focused on how to fleece funds from both his foes and his flock. And his assertion that prosecutors had no witnesses or documentary evidence against him is just plain delusional. Especially since most of the witnesses were people who worked for him.

Trump’s irrelevant, political whining was precisely what Engoron sought to avoid. Trump reiterated his well-worn complaint that this case, like every action taken against him, is a “political witch hunt.” And after letting him vent briefly, the judge had had enough and proceeded to lay down the law. As reported by CNN’s Kaitlan Collins, “Judge Engoron let Trump continue before then saying he had one minute left. He then cut him off and urged his attorney to ‘please control your client.'”

Sure, that’s gonna happen. If there is anything that Trump has made clear regarding his behavior, it’s that he is uncontrollable. His lawyers know that better than anyone. Which, along with his tendency to stiff them, is why Trump can’t get a decent lawyer and he has to rely on people like former parking lot attorney, Alina Habba.

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And that’s where we are today. A former president of the United States, and the leading candidate for the Republican nomination for president, has to be talked down to like a petulant toddler. His caretakers have to babysit him because he’s too immature to behave like a responsible adult. And when he doesn’t get his way he sobs and stomps his feet to get attention and sympathy. What a sorry state of affairs for the Republican Party and the glassy-eyed disciples who worship this crybaby. And it could much worse if he were ever to be put in any position of power again.


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3 thoughts on “YEAH, RIGHT! After a Mad Tantrum, Judge Warns Trump’s Attorneys to ‘Please Control Your Client’

  1. To him everything is a campaign speech. Judges are warning him and his attorneys that they may have no other option than to jail him until trial. I hope so. Trump said he has no rights; he has the right to remain silent. Just not the inclination or the ability.

  2. (Sound of judge’s gavel)…”Control your client. 1 more word & he will be removed from the courtroom!” (…& should be placed behind bars until trial begins!)
    All these judges have to do is what we see them do in other cases & what they’d do to any of us! They do it all the time in real life courtrooms. Instead, all these judges just make empty threats to place him behind bars until trial begins, but he violates & nothing done ~ this empowers him even more to act like the dictator god he sees himself to be & WILL be if elected, by hook or by crook.
    91 felony counts! Why is this SOB not locked-up for the good of everyone…& why the hell is he allowed to run for ANY office?!!?
    The sheer stupidity of this Country thoughout all this crap – too many things to mention – has made the USA the epitome of loser nation status around the world. No one trusts us anymore ~ allies hide in silence & enemies rejoice that we are doing such a great job of destroying our own selves & they need only watch & celebrate our demise!!
    I am so ashamed of this, what used to be my Country, that I don’t even recognize it anymore! In the echo chamber that we call TV newsmedia, we are all kept insulated from world opinion & the factual news that they hear (we don’t). MSNBC doesn’t even cover real world news anymore – just politics.
    All politics. News events are going on in the world that we know nothing about, but rest of world does. Shouldn’t we be better informed? There is more to life than politics!

  3. Indeed we should be better informed. MSNBC does cover real news and only the news. Fox even told that to Ted Cruz. “MSNBC does cover the news. Just not your kind of news.” I had to listen twice to make sure I wasn’t hearing things (this was on the radio. My sister has a subscription to Sirius, and she gets MSNBC.). Apparently there are fines for spreading disinformation, and they will be coming directly out of the host’s paycheck. Judges have said they’re fine with pretrial detention and told all the judges handling his cases that too.

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