Thoughts and Prayers: MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell Announces that He’s Been Cancelled By Fox News

The new year isn’t starting off very well for Donald Trump and his “lesions” of followers and media sycophants. He remains in legal peril with 91 felony charges pending. Plus, he has a couple of civil cases that are close to conclusions that will likely cost him hundreds of millions of dollars.

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As the trial dates approach, Trump’s mental state is becoming ever more desperate and detached from reality. He is frantically lashing out at everyone from President Biden, to Democrats in Congress, to Republicans in Congress, to judges and prosecutors and reporters. Meanwhile, Biden is continuing to focus on policies that are actually advancing the interests of the American people.

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One of Trump’s most devoted cult disciples is Mike Lindell, the MyPillow huckster who has pretty much destroyed his business and reputation by spreading Trump’s “Big Lie” that the 2020 election was “rigged and stolen” from him. And on Friday morning Lindell posted a video with a sob story about his latest misfortune/conspiracy. He whined that he had “disturbing news” that “Fox News just cancelled MyPillow.” He said that he didn’t know why, but then ventured to make some guesses…

“Maybe it was because Lou Dobbs was added over here on Lindell TV to this all new lineup we have. That was just a few days ago. We showed his first interview with our great real president, Donald Trump. Or maybe it was because they don’t want my face even on their network leading up to the 2024 election in support of our great real president, Donald Trump. I don’t know, I don’t have the details yet. All I know is the commercials have been cancelled. Anything with MyPillow or Mike Lindell cancelled on Fox News.

America is surely in mourning today upon hearing about this tragedy. What will they do without Lindell’s uplifting ads peddling his atrocious bag of rocks?

As for Lindell’s speculation as to reasons for this alleged cancellation, the notion that Fox News cares about what Lou Dobbs is doing since they fired him for lying repeatedly on the air, is preposterous. Especially if all he is doing is fluffing Trump on a TV “network” that nobody knows exists, much less watches.

What’s more, Fox News couldn’t possibly regard Lindell’s adoration of Trump as motivation to reject his advertising. After all, Fox News is also in the Trump adoration business. If anything, they would welcome Lindell’s advocacy of Trump.

Virtually everyone on the network is already promoting Trump’s 2024 candidacy. They just aired a Trump town hall that was nothing more than a televised campaign rally. And they even complied with Trump’s demand to air it on the same date and time as CNN’s GOP debate, in order to depress CNN’s ratings (which didn’t work).

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The one plausible reason that Lindell proposed for Fox cancelling him was that “they don’t want my face even on their network.” And who could blame Fox if that were the case? Lindell closed by begging his viewers to “support us during this time of cancelation.” So, like his Dear Leader Trump, Lindell is turning this into an opportunity to fleece the flock.

It must be noted that there isn’t any actual evidence that what Lindell is alleging is true. Fox News has not made any comments about refusing Lindell’s ads. And if they did, it might be due to Lindell inserting political content into them. Who knows? The one thing we know for certain is that we can’t trust anything Lindell says, any more than we can trust anything Trump says. They are both confirmed liars and con artists.

UPDATE: As expected, there is a good reason for Fox News rejecting MyPillow ads. According to Mediaite, “Lindell still hasn’t paid for any MyPillow ads aired on the network since August 2023. […] A Fox News spokesperson told Mediaite: ‘As soon as their account is paid, we would be happy to accept their advertising.'”


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One thought on “Thoughts and Prayers: MyPillow Guy Mike Lindell Announces that He’s Been Cancelled By Fox News

  1. Too bad for the pillow guy! There is one other network that I know of that should dump him. That is INSP TV. His ads come on after 10 P.M. on most nights.

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