IT’S A CULT! Marjorie Taylor Greene on ‘Eradicating’ Republicans Who Don’t Bow Down to Trump

What was once called the “Grand Old Party” (GOP) has shuffled off of this mortal coil. What remains of Republican politics is now nothing more than a vehicle for a wannabe dictator, with 91 felony counts pending, who has been adjudicated as a rapist, and espouses a platform of retribution against his perceived foes.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, Gun

Donald Trump has completely taken over the Republican Party and demands unwavering fealty to his holiness. In his narcissistic delirium he imagines that he is beloved by millions of devoted disciples, and any criticism or departure from absolute adoration, can only be explained as “fake news” or the work of “radical, communist, fascist, lunatics, and thugs,” which is how he describes Americans – Democratic or Republican – who resist his divinity. Plus, he has his own official Ministry of Propaganda to infect his minion with his madness.

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On Tuesday Marjorie Taylor Greene was interviewed at a Trump rally in New Hampshire. Her comments affirm the obsequious servility of the Trumpian mindset. She proudly told the reporter that…

“This is a true change for the Republican Party. Not only do we support President Trump, we support his policies. And any Republican that isn’t willing to adapt these policies we are completely eradicating from the party.”

Did you hear that, Republicans? The MAGA contingent of the GOP aims to “eradicate” you if you dare to exercise any sort of independent thinking, or entertain any notions that haven’t been preapproved by the Ministerial Mavens of MAGA. Free expression is verboten in these venues. The press has already been warned, and now the threat of excommunication must be extended to the rank and file members of the new GOP (Groveling Obedient Peons).

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This mandate has already been imposed on Republican heretics such as House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, Rep. Liz Cheney, Sen. Mitt Romney, Gov. Chris Christie, and many other staunchly conservative politicians whose alleged sacrilege offended Trump and his cadre of confederates. And any Republican who thinks that they can’t be next is terminally naïve. So sayeth apostle MTG. Trump’s will be done.


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4 thoughts on “IT’S A CULT! Marjorie Taylor Greene on ‘Eradicating’ Republicans Who Don’t Bow Down to Trump

  1. Honestly, Kathy, I was wondering the same thing. Who does she think she is? Wife #4 and possible queen? Priestess?

  2. Uh, that racist traitor, reagan’s big tent, was NEVER, NEVER a big tent. NOT once, at all.

    • Just saw a terrific story on RawStory. TRUMP’S SPELL IS BROKEN AND IS HE PISSED. I’ve waited a long time to hear that. I checked it on AOL Search, and there’s tons of pages of that article., including one that asks if January 6 broke the spell first.

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