Is Trump Ditching Loser Lawyer Alina Habba to Appeal the $83 Million E Jean Carroll Judgment?

It was just a matter of time. Following last week’s historic $83.3 million judgment against Donald Trump for sexually assaulting and defaming writer E. Jean Carroll, Trump is maneuvering to shift the blame for his own despicable actions away from himself and unto any handy patsy within arm’s reach. Unfortunately for his attorney, Alina Habba, she happened to nearby.

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Donald Trump, Woman, Fear

Trump’s notorious tendency to throw allies under the bus speeding, out of control freight train, ought to give anyone considering working with him pause. That’s especially true for lawyers, who he is known to stiff after they have provided their services (just ask Rudy Giuliani). Which in some sense is understandable since he generally refuses to heed their legal advice anyway. Particularly if it involves advising him to keep his fat mouth shut to avoid making things worse.

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In the wake of the massive Carroll judgment, Trump continues to pretend that others are responsible for his legal tribulations. In a post-midnight comment on his failing social media scam, Truth Social, Trump posted what appears to be a help wanted ad for new legal representation. He is either terminating Habba, or bringing in reinforcements due to her obvious incompetence. The post began…

“I am in the process, along with my team, of interviewing various law firms to represent me in an Appeal of one of the most ridiculous and unfair Witch Hunts our Country has ever seen – The defamation Sham presided over by a Clinton appointed, highly partisan, Trump Hating Judge, Lewis Kaplan, who was, together with certain other Radical Left Democrat Judges, one of the most partisan and out of control activists that I have ever appeared before.”

This is a rare example of Trump making a good decision. Throughout the Carroll case Habba demonstrated that she was wholly unqualified to defend Trump in the matter. She did little more than screw up the defense and antagonize the judge and jury. While Trump doesn’t directly criticize Habba, his search for new lawyers says clearly enough that he was less than satisfied.

Habba didn’t help herself after the judgment when she filed a letter with the court citing a story in Rupert Murdoch’s disreputable New York Post that said Judge Lewis Kaplan had “mentored” Carroll’s attorney, Roberta Kaplan. Habba called the situation “insane and so incestuous,” and alleged that it was an ethics violation. Attorney Kaplan responded, saying that the “allegations are utterly baseless,” and suggested that she might seek sanctions against Habba. That resulted in Habba quickly retreating, essentially asserting the legal equivalent of Emily Litella’s precedent setting “Never mind!.”

Meanwhile, Trump is also lashing out at Judge Kaplan in a manner that is typical of the world’s biggest crybaby and perennial victim. Anyone who does anything that reflects negatively on Trump is robo-tagged as a “highly partisan, Trump Hating…Radical Left Democrat,” engaging in “ridiculous and unfair Witch Hunts.” But Trump went even further to rage that Judge Kaplan was…

“…a ‘bully’ who demanded two trials, rather than one, denied me Due Process, would not allow me to put forth vital evidence (of which there was much!), and only allowed me to be on the witness stand for minutes, telling my lawyer what to ask, and telling me to only give one word answers, as his wife and friends sat in cordoned off front row seats watching with glee.”

Let’s take a moment to set the record straight here…

  • The judge did not demand two trials. That was Trump’s doing by first defaming Carroll, then, after losing the first lawsuit, defaming her again. Which led to the second hearing.
  • Trump was not denied due process. He was given a fair hearing before a jury of his peers, that complied with established legal procedure, and with his chosen counsel representing him.
  • He was not allowed to present evidence because this wasn’t a trial to determine guilt or innocence. That was established in the first trial. This hearing was only to ascertain what, if any, additional damages would be awarded as a result of his continued offenses.
  • He could have given more testimony, so long as it was in compliance with the court’s rules and not an effort to relitigate the case or dispense campaign propaganda. His lawyer chose to ask only three questions, probably to avoid giving the plaintiff’s attorney more opportunities during cross examination.
  • He was never instructed to give one word answers.
  • Who cares who was in the courtroom and whether they were enjoying themselves? That has nothing to do with the proceedings or the judgment. Most of America was likely experiencing some measure of glee.

Trump closed with a peculiar conclusion that actually contains a morsel of insight…

“This entire HOAX is a disgrace to our American System of Justice. Any lawyer who takes a TRUMP CASE is either ‘CRAZY,’ or a TRUE AMERICAN PATRIOT. I will make my decision soon!”

The truth is that Trump himself is “a disgrace to our American System of Justice.” Not to mention our system of politics. However, given the choice that he presents as to the status of his lawyers, it’s a pretty safe bet that most people would regard anyone who represents Trump, knowing what we know about him, would have to be “CRAZY.”


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2 thoughts on “Is Trump Ditching Loser Lawyer Alina Habba to Appeal the $83 Million E Jean Carroll Judgment?

  1. Crazy or a True American Patriot?

    I’ll stick with door number one…

  2. Any lawyer that’s followed Trump’s treatment of his attorneys after he left the presidency and still takes a Trump case is definitely CRAZY.

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