Trump-Fluffing Fox News Host Doesn’t Get It: You Have to Hate Trump to Love America

There has been a barrage of bad news for Donald Trump lately. Last week the New York Attorney General, Letitia James, won a civil lawsuit against Trump that resulted in a $350 million judgment for his having falsified financial statements. That followed a civil judgment of $83 million against him for the defamation and rape of writer E. Jean Carroll. And a date has been set for next month for his trial on charges of paying hush money to adult film star, Stormy Daniels.

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These cases do not even include the 91 felony counts for the criminal charges that are still pending. Trump’s legal problems continue to eat away at what remains of his cognitive functionality. And that mental breakdown is evident in the rancid rants at his cult rallies and on his increasingly incoherent comments on his failing social media scam, Truth Social.

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But never fear. Trump’s Ministry of Propaganda, Fox News, is hard at work covering up Trump’s emotional and intellectual defects. Whether it is his demands that he be allowed to commit any crime he wants without consequences, or his subservient encouragement to Vladimir Putin to attack America’s NATO allies. Fox News finds a way to sanitize his overtly traitorous tendencies. For example, on Monday morning Lisa Boothe, co-host of Fox’s Outnumbered, unleashed this sycophantic slop…

“These people clearly hate Trump more than they love America. And by the time they finally get him, if they ever do, what’s going to become of the country? Think of all the damage these threats to democracy people have done as they burn the country down to try to get him.

“No one trusts elections anymore after they upended the system during COVID, a virus almost as deadly as the flu. As they upended the process with mail-in balloting and trying to take Trump off the ballot. No one trusts the rule of law anymore. It doesn’t exist as they’ve used it weaponized against Donald Trump. The media debased itself lying about Donald Trump.”

Let’s just set aside the utterly insane dismissal of COVID as “a virus almost as deadly as the flu.” COVID has at least a 60% higher fatality rate than the flu. Moving on, someone needs to explain to Boothe that it’s possible – even necessary – to hate Trump in order to love America. And that’s true specifically because of the things that Boothe enumerates- albeit inadvertently – in her spiel. Such as…

  • The fact that it is Trump who is the “threat to democracy.”
  • That Trump literally tried to “burn the country down” via his incitement of an insurrection on January 6, 2021.
  • That Trump has fomented distrust of elections with his refusal to accept his loss to President Biden, and his relentless lies about election fraud that he has never been able to prove.
  • That Trump promoted gross disrespect for the rule of law by repeatedly breaking it and disparaging the American system of justice.
  • And it is Fox News that best represents “media [that] debased itself lying about Donald Trump.”

Any American patriot with open eyes can see that it is impossible to love America without hating Trump and his determination to destroy what America stands for. And that goes for Fox News too. This pathetic embrace of Trump’s venality is just more proof that Fox is a purposefully anti-American enterprise that only serves the interests our enemies.


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2 thoughts on “Trump-Fluffing Fox News Host Doesn’t Get It: You Have to Hate Trump to Love America

  1. These Trumpists are brain-dead! It’s that simple.

    • It’s a little more involved than that but you are certainly right that they can’t seem to see what’s happening.

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