HUH? Fox News Accuses Democrats of ‘Demonizing’ Trump’s ‘Crazy,’ ‘Deplorable,’ MAGA Extremists

The Trump-fluffers of Fox News seem to be determined to continuously prove that they are the masters of hypocrisy with the self-awareness of a dormant bacterium. However, they need not be worried about losing their status as world-class clodpoles, given the blockhead start they have over any potential challengers.

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The editorial manglers at Fox News must get together every morning to map out the day’s outrages and distort fragments of alternative facts into exploitable pseudo-scandals. And judging by how poorly they do it, it must be a profoundly difficult task. But they take it up with the same measure of gusto, and flaming dishonesty, that their beneficiaries at the Republican Party do…

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Recently the hair-on-fire Fox News fabulists have been expressing their unbridled outrage at what they characterize as hyperbolic criticism of Donald Trump and his MAGA cult followers. They seem to believe that Democrats have gone overboard with the reckless use of offensive adjectives. Apparently they have never heard a single thing that Trump has ever said. And that sheltered and purposeful ignorance has led to commentaries such as the following…

Fox News host Harris Faulkner: “I’ve gotta talk to you about that word ‘crazies.’ It reminded me of ‘deplorables.’ And if Democrats are again willing to go down this road, because the Vice-President didn’t say anything when Joy Behar screamed out, ‘How are you gonna stop the crazies,” it’s Hillary Clinton’s deplorables all over again.”

First of all, Faulkner is complaining about something said by Joy Behar, a co-host of “The View” She is paid to express opinions, and is not affiliated with the Democratic Party. More to the point, Faulkner is holding Vice-President Kamala Harris accountable for Behar’s views, and comparing it to something that Hillary Clinton said eight years ago. Proving that Fox News is, once again, totally plugged into what matters most to voters today.

For the record, Clinton’s reference to “deplorables” was limited to just a subset of Republicans who were overtly hateful and bigoted. So the comparison made by Faulkner is not really far off. Behar was also referring to the same subset of GOP crackpots who believe Trump’s “Big Lie” that he won the “rigged and stolen” 2020 election, and that President Biden is a usurper and/or an imposter.

Fox News Senior Political Anal-Cyst, Jesse Watters, also weighed in to blast Democrats for “demonizing” the glassy-eyed disciples of Trump…

Fox News host Jesse Watters: “This country cannot have an election where one side is demonized, and you don’t say how I’ve improved your life. And Joe Biden, he kind of has to demonize because if you look at the metrics he has not improved anyone’s life.”

In the real world, if you look at the metrics, Bidenomics is working astonishingly well. The economy is booming. The stock market is soaring. Inflation is declining, GDP is increasing, Consumer sentiment is higher. Biden has presided over the creation of more jobs than any other modern presidency. Billions of dollars of student debt has been forgiven. Billions of dollars of tax revenue has been recovered from wealthy tax cheats and corporations.

Furthermore, Biden has steered unprecedented funding to infrastructure projects and climate change mitigation. And he continues to fight for family values such as the right to make their own health choices, and to be safe from massacres perpetrated with assault weapons. All of this is concrete evidence of how he has improved the lives of the American people.

Nevertheless, Watters is very upset about politicians demonizing their opponents. But his anger seems more appropriately aimed at Donald Trump, who rages daily about the “communists, Marxists, fascists, and the radical left thugs that live like vermin within the confines of our country.”

To anyone who has been paying attention, it is Trump, Republicans, and Fox News who have been engaging in vilification and demonization. And they direct their assaults, not just at extremists, but at anyone and everyone who has the temerity to merely disagree with them or Dear Leader Trump. Their allusions to demons is literal, as they regard Trump as having been chosen by god to lead them to glory.

Absent Trump’s leadership, America is, according to Trump himself, “going to HELL!” He even used his Christmas greeting to attack Democrats as “evil and ‘sick’” “THUGS” who “are looking to destroy our once great USA. MAY THEY ROT IN HELL.” And Fox News defended that seasonal grotesquery…

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Look for more of this malicious hatred to be unleashed by the MAGA crowd as election day draws nearer. It’s really all they have left, since their pitiful attempts to govern have failed so dramatically, and they have abandoned any effort to draft policies that will appeal to the American people. And, true to form, as they flail in desperation they will accuse Democrats of the repulsive behavior that they themselves engage in. It’s what they do.


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  1. No question that Hillary’s “deplorable” comment was at least somewhat detrimental to her candidacy but, on the other hand, on Jan 6 we learned that she was spot on.

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