Trump’s Live-Bleating of Biden’s State of the Union Address Was Predictably Petty and Pathetic

President Biden’s State of the Union Address has been widely reviewed as a smashing success. He covered everything from the booming economy, to record job creation, to immigration, to abortion and reproductive rights, to gun safety reforms, to climate change, to foreign aid in Ukraine and Israel, to preserving democracy and civil liberties, and so much more.

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Donald Trump, Presidenty

Biden spoke for about an hour, and his performance is being described as “fiery” and “forceful.” He was so good that Republicans have abandoned their childish taunts about his age and mental acuity, and replaced them with asinine allegations that he was on drugs. Sean Hannity and others took to calling him “Jacked-Up joe.”

The Biden campaign should have “Jacked-Up joe” t-shirts by the end of the week. They have been pretty good at trolling Trump and the MAGA crowd.

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For his part, Donald Trump engaged in a live “truthing” of the speech on his failing social media scam, Truth Social. Which reportedly was crashing throughout his rage-fest. True to form, Trump’s outbursts were utterly devoid of substance or any resemblance to reality. Although they were chock full of tastelessness inanities. What follows are just a few choice examples from among the 79 posts Trump made. And, yes, they are all real.

“The first statement that Crooked Joe Biden should make tonight when addressing the Nation is that he will immediately terminate the Witch Hunt against his Political Opponent, ME. Prosecutors and Judges have teamed up as though we were a third world nation!”
Naturally, Trump is most concerned about his own problems, rather than those of the American people. Biden appropriately chose to ignore this subject.

“Thankfully, we won’t have to be looking at RINO Mitt Romney much longer!”
Trump continues to alienate fellow Republicans who are insufficiently worshipful of him.

“Who kissed him on the cheek with lipstick? Now he’s got lipstick on his face. How stupid of her!”
It was probably George Santos, who was actually in attendance. In any case, lipstick on Biden’s face is still better than that cheesy spray tan that Trump has on his.

“His hair is much better in the front than on the back!”
So now Trump is pretending to be a fashion critic. Although hair styling is not a subject that Trump seems to know much about.

“He looks so angry when he’s talking, which is a trait of people who know they are ‘losing it.’ The anger and shouting is not helpful to bringing our Country back together!” [and] “He is so angry and crazy!”
Now this is a subject that Trump does know something about. In fact, he seems to be talking about himself.

Here is another subject with which Trump has some experience. Just ask his doctor, Rep. Ronny Jackson, who dispensed narcotics at the White House like candy. Adderall anyone?

“He wants to take away everyone’s gun. Remember that when you go to the Voting Booth, because if I’m not elected, your guns are GONE, along with your Freedom!”
Sounds like Trump wants people to be packing heat when they vote. And Biden has been President for more than three years and no one’s guns have been confiscated. He has never advocated disarming America. He just proposed to put common sense regulations in place to stop the carnage of gun violence.

Nancy Pelosi was in the chamber watching the speech. Maybe Trump meant Nikki Haley again. A better question might be “WHAT HAPPENED TO MELANIA?”

Trump closed his tirade by saying that “This was an angry, polarizing, and hate-filled Speech.” He complained that Biden didn’t begin with remarks about the border. And he made the ludicrous claim that Biden “wants our Country to be flooded with Migrants.” Then he concluded by saying that “The Story is that he got through it, he’s still breathing, and they didn’t have to carry him out in a straitjacket.

That’s right. Despite Trump saying that Biden can’t put two sentences together, Biden delivered a powerful speech that was well received. A post-speech poll by CNN found that 60% of those who watched it had a positive reaction. 35% reacted very positively. Also, 62% said Biden’s policies will move the U.S. in the right direction.

In addition, Trump said that Biden would not mention Laken Riley’s name (he did); that migrant crime is rampant (it’s not); and that Biden weaponized government for political purposes (that was Jim Jordan and James Comer). Those were just a few of the blatant lies Trump told. There were many more as documented in this fact-check. And he woke up Friday morning with still more lies to unload…

“Biden’s speech last night is getting ‘panned’ all over the World. Only the Radical Left lunatics are trying to make the best of it. It took him 41 minutes to talk, briefly, about Immigration and the Border, on the topic of which he was very weak. No talk of weaponization against his very calm and nice opponent. Angry as hell, this guy is a PSYCHO!”

Is there anything funnier – or more outrageously preposterous – than Donald Trump calling anyone else an “angry as hell” “PSYCHO!”? It’s textbook projection by a certified angry as hell psycho.


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One thought on “Trump’s Live-Bleating of Biden’s State of the Union Address Was Predictably Petty and Pathetic

  1. And the Trump Worshipers are all spewing the same lies:
    1) That Joe Biden is an angry old man who kept coughing;
    2) Margie Taylor Greene finally got Joe Biden to say Laken Riley’s name but he pronounced it wrong (Lincoln Riley); and
    3) Joe Biden admitted that Ms. Riley was killed by “illegals.”

    Facts: Joe Biden has reason to be angry, but he was very forceful and a little quick talking throughout. Both of which he has done before as a means to help control his stutter. And, no, Marge, he pronounced her name correctly, and you’re an idiot. So, she’s already back on her idiotic “Say her name!” nonsense.

    And President Biden did mention the border issue, but only mentioned “illegals” as a recognition of what the Trump Worshipers have been lying about ever since her murder.

    Lastly, we must keep in mind that Their God really IS an angry old man who tends to scream attacks against anyone who is not sufficiently worshipful. Which, of course, his fellow worshipers cheer and is yet another aspect of Their God they constantly project onto Joe Biden.

    In the end, the Trump Worshipers are triggered, which President Biden had a talent for doing to them, and we cannot be happier.

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