GOOD NEWS: Super Tuesday Shows Biden and Democrats Far More Popular and United than Trump and MAGA

Super Tuesday has come and gone and, as expected, the leading presidential candidates of both the Republican and Democratic parties won the majority of their party’s delegates. Donald Trump and President Joe Biden prevailed in the respective races and will likely go on to become the nominees in November.

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That, as is often the case, is not the whole story. The media is already offering simplistic, horserace analyses that misrepresent the most significant conclusions. They are pretending that the victories for each candidate are essentially the same and tell us nothing about how these contests reflect on the general election outcome. There is much to learn from these results, but don’t rely on media outlets like Fox News to reveal that.

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Among the most notable differences between Trump’s and Biden’s victories is the disparity in the margins of victory. In the fifteen states that held Super Tuesday primaries, Biden won all but two of his races with more than 80% of Democrats voting. And in three of those he won by more than 90%. That’s an average of 84.7% across all fifteen states.

Trump, on the other hand, was significantly less successful. While he did win most of his races (he lost to Nikki Haley in Vermont), he won all but three of those races with less than 80% of the vote. And in six of those he won by less than 70%, for an average of 71.5%.

So Biden’s margin of victory bested Trump’s by about 14 points across all of the Super Tuesday states. Trump lost more than a quarter of his party’s voters. That stands in stark contrast to the bragging that Trump does about how beloved he is by his cult followers. Not only did he underperform the pre-primary polling, he underperformed his own rather ridiculous predictions, wherein he claimed to have 96% – or even 100% – support from the Republican Party.

No one should wonder why Trump’s intra-party support is so low. While he has an iron grip on his MAGA cult disciples, he has fiercely excluded and insulted everyone else who fails to be sufficiently worshipful. For instance, Trump declared that anyone who supported Nikki Haley is barred from MAGA. Also, through his daughter-in-lawlessness, Lara Trump – who he is putting in charge of the Republican National Committee – he told those who supported other GOP candidates to leave the party.

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Perhaps most bizarre, Trump recently told the ultra-rightist MAGA website, “Real America’s Voice,” that he has all the votes he needs right now, and doesn’t need any more. Judging by the results of Super Tuesday’s primaries, that is flat out delusional. It’s the sort of Trumpian lie that will surely come back to bite him in the arse. And Democrats should not be shy about reminding him – and all voters – that Trump believes he doesn’t need them.


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