The Top 5 Tax Myths Of The GOP Spin Machine

As this election year commences with the media focused on the Republican Clown Car Primary, the American people are are being barraged by ludicrous campaign stunts, dumbfounding debate performances, and the usual mix of dishonesty and hatred that the GOP has fine-tuned for decades.

For the most part, the caterwauling of Republicans has drowned out any rebuttal by Democrats and the press seem content to deliver just one side of the political argument. For instance, the GOP (Greedy One Percent) continue to peddle their Millionaire Relief Act proposals to reform the tax code so that the rich control even more of the nation’s wealth than they do currently.

Fortunately, the folks at the Center for Tax Justice have complied a list of the Top 5 Tax Myths to watch out for this election season. For convenience and shareability I created this handy InfoGraphic to separate fact from affliction:

Tax Fantasyland

For however long the GOP primaries are dragged out, progressives are going to have to try harder to get their voices heard above the clutter. Hopefully communicating in creative ways will help to achieve that goal.


10 thoughts on “The Top 5 Tax Myths Of The GOP Spin Machine

  1. Why you call yourself News Corpse is astonishing there is no news just left wing liberal propaganda! It should be Propaganda Corpse if you really want to tell the truth!

    • Rick, As time goes on, this will sound much more communist than anything else. I’ve read the CPUSA website and it doesn’t sound any different than this site. I hope you have a strong stomach if you choose to read here. If nothing else, it’s well written and entertaining at times.

      • Thanks for the compliment. Too bad you have no idea what communism is. And too bad you throw around ad hominem insults without addressing the substance of what I wrote.

    • Facts are propaganda now? What facts stated in this post are wrong? Like Stephen Colbert says, reality is liberally biased!

      • You’re asking a lot for rick to actually cite anything factually wrong. He doesn’t like the name of my blog because he doesn’t see any news. I guess that means that he does see corpses because he doesn’t have any problem with that word.


      • You all appear to be inexperienced in the way RW’ers post their “information”. They will in fact post (what they view as) valid information but it will be unsubstantiated or unqualified opinion with no links or references to anything. They also will refer to conspiracies and rumor as valid. Many times it’s just ’cause they say so.

        The simple gullible mind of the RW.

    • Rectal-cranial inversion is treatable

  2. Excellent post. Since you have a bad habit of posting your fact based sources, those that are brain dead have a rough time comprehending such information. Facts can do that to those not used to them.

  3. Conservatives have difficulty with facts as news because they are used to opinion as news.

    • . . . and conspiracies and rumor and just assertions.

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