Trump Verdict Triggers Marjorie Taylor Greene to Call for Banning All Federal Funds to New York

Last week America saw its first former president convicted on 34 felony counts related to his falsification of business records, and campaign and tax fraud. The unanimous guilty verdicts on all counts would have produced some measure of remorse in a normal person. But true to form, Trump erupted in the sort of denial and hostility that is the hallmark of his warped psyche.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, QAnon

The consequences of Trump’s historic felony convictions are going to unfold in a variety of expected and unexpected ways. Most notable will be in his increasingly unhinged behavior as his inability to cope with finally being held accountable for his crimes drives him farther into despair and desperation.

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Trump, however, will not be going through this torment alone. He will have the majority of his MAGA Republicans by his side. Fully indoctrinated cult disciples such as senators Tim Scott, Marco Rubio, and JD Vance have already humiliated themselves with their slobbering sycophancy. And over in the House of Representatives, GOP Speaker Mike Johnson was eager to denigrate America’s justice system in virtually the same words as his Dear Leader.

Not one to be left out of any melodramatic circus, Marjorie Taylor Greene weighed in with her tirade in defense of the GOP’s whining nominee for president. She posted a comically caustic comment on Twitter that detailed her plan for revenge on the those she deems responsible for Trump’s tribulations.

The level of lunacy in that post seems to be almost a plea for help. Beginning with Greene’s demand of “No funding for New York!” Greene is advocating cutting off all federal funds to the entire state because she is upset with the verdict reached by a jury in Manhattan. Much of the state outside of New York City is populated by Republican voters. So this a proposal that some of her GOP colleagues in the House might not be thrilled about. Ten of the 26 seats in the state are currently held by Republicans.

Nevertheless, Greene went on to declare that “I’m calling for it!!!” But she doesn’t say exactly who she is calling. The GOP’s margin of majority in the House can be counted on one hand. And with ten New York Republicans likely to oppose it, there is no realistic possibility that her proposal would pass. And that isn’t even counting all of the other GOP members who would not support such a ridiculously vengeful idea that hurts innocent citizens.

Then Greene adds that “New York needs to drop their conviction of Pres Trump!” No, actually, it does not. And she has no jurisdiction as a member of Congress to demand it. Trump was found guilty by jury of his peers in a New York court, after a fair trial where he had competent counsel and every opportunity to defend himself. Even though he was too cowardly to testify, which may be the only smart decision he made throughout the whole trial.

Undeterred by logic, Greene shifts to asserting that “The whole thing was illegal!” What whole thing? The whole completely legal trial for indictments, that were legally issued by a grand jury comprised of citizens, and presided over under the laws of the state? Notice that she doesn’t bother to cite what’s illegal about any of that.

Finally, Greene insists again that “Republicans should not vote for a single penny to that corrupt State.” So she’s still determined to punish the 20 million people of New York state for the verdict that 12 jurors reached after examining all of the evidence. And her form of punishment is to deny the state federal funds. Maybe someone should tell her that New York gives the federal government far more money than it gets back. Perhaps the state should withhold funds from the feds. It would actually come out ahead.

Green’s animosity toward New York is not shared by the rest of the nation. In the first poll since the guilty verdicts for Trump, “49% of Independents nationwide and 15% of Republicans said Trump should end his campaign because of the conviction.” What’s more, 54% of voters approve of the decision to convict Trump, and a similar share believes that Trump committed a crime.

The only thing that Greene’s bizarre rant accomplishes is to affirm that she is a nut case who couldn’t care less about the law or the country. She is proof that Trump’s support is comprised of cult devotees who are only interested in exalting Dear Leader, at the expense of the welfare of every other American and the preservation of democracy. And her efforts will likely help lead to the defeat of more Republicans in November, including the convicted felon of Mar-a-Lago.


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6 thoughts on “Trump Verdict Triggers Marjorie Taylor Greene to Call for Banning All Federal Funds to New York

  1. Oh my yes, there’s that WONDERFUL Christianity I keep hearing so much about. Say, how in the world, is that Christian at all? It’s NOT and NEITHER is she. (or anyone in the entire GOP and ALL their media mouthpieces.)

    • And J.D. Vance is saying that Congress should subpoena Judge Merchan and his daughter so the GOP can ‘punish them’. They’re taking words that actually mean something and mess with it until it loses its meaning. Like impeachment. It’s beginning to sound like “You impeached our guy, now we’ll do it to yours.” It’s not for vengeance. It’s for selling out your country. The GOP impeached Bill Clinton over a purely consensual relationship. They wanted to impeach Obama for wearing a tan suit. But for ruining our intelligence network and selling intelligence and other secrets to dictators — oh, we’re not gonna do anything.

  2. All these Repugnican scumbags declare their love of the USA, but they love only its vulnerability to their grift and corruption. I’m confident that this election campaign will make their amorality and sleaziness visible even to their current supporters. The more they talk up their backing of Trumpler, the more they expose their allegiance not to the nation but to their own greed for power and money.

  3. Actually New York funds the federal government much more than the federal government funds New York. It would be sort of stupid to cut them off.

    • This seems to be what the crackpot’s in the GQP think they should do every time thing do not go their way!

      • So then the thing for New York to do would be to defund the US government. We can blame it all on MTG.

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