James O’Keefe Crew Commits Voter Fraud

James O'KeefeThe man responsible for producing intentionally deceitful videos and engaging in unlawful political stunts has once again crafted a sham that may land him in jail.

James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas posted its latest video that purports to have uncovered a voting scandal that will shock the nation. He sent his pretend reporters to New Hampshire to masquerade as recently deceased voters. They identified themselves as the dead citizens and took ballots from poll workers in an effort to prove that this sort of voter fraud was possible.

The problem with this caper is that it is illegal to procure ballots “that are known by the person to be materially false, fictitious, or fraudulent.” The Project Veritas gang committed this crime numerous times and then posted video evidence of their crime spree on YouTube.

However, the entire escapade was a waste of time that proves nothing. The fact that it is possible for someone to falsely identify themselves at a polling place is not evidence that voter fraud of that sort is occurring. In fact, it appears that the only known perpetrators of this crime are O’Keefe’s associates. So they contrived this whole scheme to prove that they could do something that nobody else is doing, and in the process they violated federal law.

O’Keefe himself did not accompany his accomplices to New Hampshire because he is still on probation for pretending to be a telephone repairman in order to gain access to a U.S. senator’s office. He must now reside with his parents in New Jersey and cannot leave the state without permission from the court.

O’Keefe is an incorrigible criminal who rejects any attempt to rehabilitate himself. In addition to his falsification of ACORN videos, and his misrepresentation at Sen. Landrieu’s office, O’Keefe has lied to Census Bureau personnel, attempted to lure a CNN reporter into a sexual tryst, deceitfully edited covert videos of a meeting with NPR executives, and posed as Russian drug dealers attempting unsuccessfully to get Medicaid benefits. And in none of these affairs did he ever prove anything other than what a scoundrel and liar hie is.

Time will tell if any of the perpetrators of this latest scam will be prosecuted. O’Keefe could be liable as the ring leader. He may also be in violation of his probation which requires that he not be involved in any illegal activities. But one thing is certain: No one seems to care what he does any more. His toxic reputation has exiled him to the farthest reaches of the wing-nut web. This video was picked up by the Daily Caller, the Internet home of Tucker Carlson who has been thrown off of more networks than any other pundit. O’Keefe is a journalistic leper whose presence stirs repulsion. Let’s hope the authorities do their job and put him away for a while.


6 thoughts on “James O’Keefe Crew Commits Voter Fraud

  1. its like breaking an entering to prove how easy it is to break an entering

  2. What a bunch of ridiculous aholes this bunch is. Talk about the gang who couldn’t shoot straight!

  3. He’s starting to remind me of the guys on its always sunny in philadelphia. I can just see him being Dennis.

    • Ha! That’s the best comparison I’ve heard of him yet.

  4. I don’t advocate violence, even against assholes…okay, maybe this one time.

  5. O’Keefe is a worthless punk who should at last spend time in jail for breaking the law. What an a**hole – a beacon of the right indeed….

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