WATCH: Trump’s ‘Doctor’ Ronny Jackson Tells Fox News What Kinds of Drugs Trump Could Be Taking

Donald Trump and his sycophants in Congress and the MAGA media are working feverishly to explain why Trump is going to lose the upcoming debate with President Biden. They are apparently aware – and terrified – at the prospect of Trump engaging with the President for 90 minutes without a TelePrompTer.

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Considering the performances Trump has been delivering at his recent cult rallies, the fears of his handlers and supporters are fully justified. His rambling raves have included musings about being killed by electrocution or sharks, telling his devotees that he has more than enough votes and doesn’t need theirs, claiming to have more “wounds” than any president ever (e.g. Kennedy and Lincoln), and repeatedly praising “the late, great, Hannibal Lector.” That’s not exactly a promising prelude to the big debate on Thursday.

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Joining the Trumpsters who are pre-conceding that Biden is likely to prevail in the debate, is his former White House “doctor” Ronny Jackson, who is now an ultra-MAGA congressman from Texas. Jackson rushed over to Fox News for some emergency rehabilitation of Trump’s sagging public profile. And in an interview with Fox’s Senior Trump-Fluffer, Maria Bartiromo, he offered the following diagnosis of a candidate “jacked up” on drugs that sounds very much like Trump…

“Those drugs are out there. They treat the cognition part of it. They try to make it where he can think straighter and he’s not lost and confused as much. And then there’s drugs that actually treats alertness like Adderall and other amphetamine type drugs. Maybe Provigil and things like that. And then there’s a host of drugs that try to take the agitated edge off most of these cognitive disorders.

“So I feel like they’re probably giving him a little bit of all of this. They just have to get a little bit of distract. They all have different times of onset. They have different durations. They interact with each other. So it’s a challenge. But they have no choice with what they’re working with. They don’t have much to work with.”

Absent any identification of the subject to whom Jackson was referring, it could easily be assumed that he was talking about Trump. Every word of that rant describes Trump’s psychoses: his cognitive decline, his waning alertness (he kept falling asleep at his own criminal trial), and his constant state of hostile agitation. And without the deceitful editing of “cheap fake” videos, Biden exhibits none of those problems.

Jackson may not be the best surrogate for Trump on these matters. After all, he was known as “The Candyman” for the way he freely dispensed prescription drugs while working in the White House. He was also alleged to have prescribed drugs for himself. And he was demoted by the Navy from Rear Admiral to Captain for similar misconduct.

What’s more, Jackson is the “doctor” who allegedly administered the infamous cognitive test that Trump keeps bragging that he “aced.” You know, the one where he was asked to identify an elephant and count backwards. And despite being Trump’s doctor in the White House for four years, Trump couldn’t even remember his name, calling him Ronny “Johnson” twice at a recent rally.

In the same interview with Bartiromo, Jackson said that has sent five letters asking that President Biden submit to a cognitive test. According to Jackson they were all ignored by whoever he sent them to (he doesn’t say). And now he says he is sending another letter to the current White House physician “demanding” that Biden “submit to a drug test before and after the debate.” Or what? He has no authority to make any demands. And notice that his impotent demands don’t apply to Trump. Perhaps Jackson knows something about Trump that he doesn’t want to become public.

Not to be left out, Trump himself is joining the throng of Trumpists slandering Biden. And true to form, he is doing it in the most noxious and profane way possible. But could we expect any else from Trump?


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