Trump Horribly Bungles His ‘Horrible City’ Swipe at Milwaukee with Help from a Fox News Flunky

It is universally agreed that Donald Trump has always run an unconventional campaign for the White House. He never engages in any of the customary meet and greets with prospective voters, or base building efforts to attract new supporters.

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Trump prefers instead to hold cult rallies where he keeps his distance from the unclean masses that worship their Dear Leader, or consorts with the upper-crusters from whom he wrangles millions of dollars in bribes…er…donations that are spent mostly on his legal fees and billion dollar judgments. And heaven forbid he ever pass any of those funds on to his GOP confederates, from whom he demands unflinching loyalty that is never reciprocated.

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Consistent with his unconventional style, Trump has added a new tool to his campaign bag of tricks. In a private meeting with congressional Republicans, Trump expressed his visceral distaste for Milwaukee, Wisconsin, the city that will be hosting the Republican National Convention where next month, barring any unforeseen liberation from the grip of Felonious Punk, he will officially be nominated as the GOP’s candidate for president. Trump didn’t mince words, calling Milwaukee a horrible city.”

This shouldn’t surprise anyone who has observed Trump over the past few years. He frequently maligns America as a “failed nation” that is overrun by communists, criminals, and “corrupt radicals and thugs” who are determined to destroy the country and, more importantly from his perverse perspective, him. So why should Milwaukee get a reprieve?

As usual, Trump’s true feelings were recognized as repulsive and damaging by his pals in the press and political realm. They immediately set about to deny that any such insult was uttered. But true to form, Trump was too dense to realize himself that he might have been capable of making a mistake. So when Aishah Hasnie, a Fox News “reporter,” attempted to provide him an escape path, Trump flubbed it and ended up admitting that he made the grotesque comments.

Hasnie: Democrats are also hitting you on this comment that you made about Milwaukee, the host city for the RNC. And they seem to believe that you said that it was a horrible city. Can you just nip this in the bud and clarify what you meant?
Trump: It was very clear what I meant. I said, we’re very concerned with crime.

Note the Fox News Trump-fluffer’s characterization of the problem. She portrayed it as merely something that Democrats “believe that [Trump] said.” Never mind that it was exclusively Republicans who attended the meeting where Trump made the remarks. So it had to have been a Republican who leaked it to the press. Note also that the Foxie did not simply seek a comment from Trump, but she framed it as an opportunity for him to “nip this in the bud.” The Fox shill was virtually holding Trump’s hand to lead him to absolution. But Trump shook it loose and gave his own answer that served as a confession.

“I love Milwaukee, I have great friends in Milwaukee, but it’s as you know, the crime numbers are terrible. We have to be very careful. But I was referring to also the election, the ballots, the way it went down, it was very bad in Milwaukee. Very, very bad. And the people understand that and they agree with me. Everybody agrees. No, that was a fake story that came out.”

Did you catch the rosy chyron in that video clip editorializing that “TRUMP LOVES MILWAUKEE.” Yeah, right! More to the point, Trump does not deny that he made the disparaging remarks about Milwaukee. He just tries to pretend that he was talking about something else. But even in that attempt, he struggles with his own feeble excuse. He rambles first about the comment having something to do with crime. But then he quickly swerves to claim instead that it was related to imaginary allegations of election fraud. And as always, in Trump’s decaying cranium, “everybody agrees” with him about everything all the time.

For the record, crime in Milwaukee has been on a steep decline during President Biden’s term in office, and while both the city and the state are run by Democrats. And those facts were actually reported by the Fox News affiliate in Milwaukee.

“With the first quarter review, Milwaukee police say homicides have decreased 39% – down to 23 from 38 this time in 2023. Property crime is down 11%. Auto thefts are down 10% – down to 1,295 from 1,431 this time in 2023.”

Undeterred by reality, Fox News continues to gaslight their glassy-eyed audience. For instance, Sean Hannity asked GOP House Speaker, MAGA Mike Johnson, (a completely impartial source) about the Milwaukee maligning…

Hannity: Can we just settle one thing once and for all here? President Trump, it’s been attributed to him that he took a shot at Milwaukee. did he do that?
Johnson: No. I didn’t hear it and I was sitting right next to him.

Well then. That settles it. Johnson is either acutely hard of hearing, or is outright lying. Because he is disagreeing with Trump as to whether or not he said it. Perhaps Johnson is accusing Trump of lying. Hannity never bothered to mention what Trump said to his Fox News colleague above. Considering how long Fox News has been in the deception business, it’s astonishing how bad they are it.

UPDATE: Trump is now lying (again) that he never said Milwaukee is a “horrible city,” even though he previously admitted that he said it. Now he’s saying that “They lie and they make up a story that I said something bad about Milwaukee. […] I just ask you this, who would do that? Who would say something bad about a place that you want to win?” Trump, of course, frequently says terrible things about many cities, and repeatedly disparages the whole country as a “failing” “banana republic.”


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  1. The next time Trum sets foot in Wisconsin the only cheese he’ll get is casu martzu.

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