Tucker Carlson Canceled!

I finally made it happen! In the post just prior to this one, I asked “Seriously, when is this low-life, ratings loser going to be canceled?” I got my answer.

You can all start thanking me now. I have been making the case for canceling Tucker Carlson’s show for two years. He has consistently had the worst performing program on MSNBC’s schedule. He was a drain on resources as well as the performance of his network colleagues. But it’s all over now.

News Corpse readers know that I have been working tirelessly to get this twit axed. I produced slick presentations, with eye popping graphics describing why this show was bringing down the whole network:

Tucker Carlson: The Biggest Loser

There was also my signature pitch for Tucker’s banishment from TV. This analysis proved unequivocally that there was no business case for carrying this load of broadcast waste.

Tucker Carlson: A Ratings Black Hole

It was a long slog, but now I can say with confidence that it was all worth it.

Look out Glenn Beck – You’re next!

Glenn Beck’s Ratings: Headline Snooze

Glenn Beck poses the same problem at CNN’s Headline news as Tucker did at MSNBC. He is a reliable under-performer and an albatross around the necks of the shows adjacent to him.

The only reason to give Beck a stay of execution would be fealty to the brand of caveman conservatism that he espouses. If CNN doesn’t cancel this stinker they will have settled, once and for all, the speculation as to whether they are a compromised media lapdog with an agenda aimed at placating the powerful and debasing journalism.


12 thoughts on “Tucker Carlson Canceled!

    • The ONLY show you enjoyed? That’s pretty sad.

  1. I also enjoyed Tucker, but I rarely watched the show. I thought he was very independent-minded and open to criticism.

    Anyways, I’m done visiting this site. I can get the ratings elsewhere. Having glee over the demise of a pretty decent guy is pretty dreadful.

    Liberals have recently been showing themselves to be as close-minded and arrogant as republicans, except with a different set of misguided ideals.


    • Well Dave, if you had watched the show more often you would know that Tucker is anything but independent or open-minded. He is an unrepentant, ideological conservative who is also frequently dismissive and insulting to anyone with whom he disagrees.

      Losing Tucker will not dent the conservative stranglehold in cable news. There are many like him. Yet there is still only one Olbermann. When that imbalance is corrected, I will be less gleeful when one of the rightists fall.

      Sorry to see you go. You will miss some useful revelations about right-wing media that are generally ignored in other sectors of the press. My mission is to inform and to incite to action in order to promote truly independent and diverse media. That’s not arrogance, it’s commitment.

  2. I found him to be refreshing in an era of Left of Liberal Media sycophant commentators towing the liberal line. I’m an open-minded Independent and think that someone as talented as Tucker Carlson is maybe too good for the mindless mass of his fellow ‘journalists’ (like say, Chris Matthews) that’s popular these days. I just happened upon this site, but seems to me from the hatred that spews forth from it, it’s got some kind of hidden agenda which I’d rather not waste my time in reading.

    • “hidden agenda” ??? Am I not being clear enough?

      So many of the comments here are totally missing the point. I don’t happen to like Tucker, but the reason he should have been canceled has nothing to do with that. It is because was a perennial loser and didn’t earn its place on the schedule. Since when do you conservatives object to letting the market decide?

  3. I’m ticked that Tucker got cancelled. Contrary to what liberals think, he was not a Republican/conservative. He was a Libertarian, and usually the only TV talking head representing our views. And – unlike both the liberal AND conservative pundits – was unfailingly respectful to guests with different opinions. He actually let them finish their sentences!

    When they moved him from evening to afternoon in late 2006 I knew his days were numbered. Why are all the good talking heads on TV while I’m still at work, or not until midnight or later? I’m in Montana (we don’t all live on the east coast).

    • I agree completely, they are so far left it’s ridiculous and they show these stupid prison documentaries instead of repeating Carlson’s show at a later time.

  4. Learning that MSNBC axed Tucker’s show ruined my day. Regardless of the ratings, his show entertained me the most when it came to political commentary. The fact that Hardball and Countdown do better in the ratings is not surprising given the average IQ of the average American couch potato. It seems that MSNBC is tilting left; moving Scarborough to an impotent morning slot perhaps served as the first blow. Apparently Hardball and Countdown are the “brand” of the network. I wonder if Buchanan will be sent packing next.

    I take issue with the claim that Tucker is “an unrepentant, ideological conservative who is also frequently dismissive and insulting to anyone with whom he disagrees.” Tucker, more often than not, extended respect to his ideological opponents and they always had a seat on his show. Tucker had his hard-hitting moments, but even a leftist must concede that Tucker was far more cordial to liberal guests than any other conservatives TV pundit. As for him being an ideological conservative, Tucker’s views are more of the libertarian stripe, although it can be argued that he is somewhat paleoconservative. But he is not a mindless neoconservative, marching in lockstep with the FReeper masses and Fox News. On the contrary, Tucker breaks with the conservative mainstream on such vital issues for ‘conservatives’ as the Iraq war, the War on Drugs, and gay marriage. Tucker was also very friendly to the Ron Paul movement (he probably supported RP himself) when neo-cons and Fox News loathed the candidate.

    Quite frankly, I am astonished that liberals reserved so much invective for someone who was pretty balanced and even on their side on certain issues. I suppose I shouldn’t be shocked, though, as this is America. Both sides of the political spectrum possess their share of partisan looney toons, and unfortunately the internet provides them with a soapbox. Sadly, in such a climate an honest, independent thinker like Tucker can only make enemies. The ideological blowhards on the right and left both have reason to hate him because, according to their logic, if you are not with them on all of their talking points you are against them.

    • You are, of course, entitled to your opinion, but if you were ever a liberal listening to his program you would have felt insulted daily.

      For the record, Scarborough lobbied hard for the morning slot and has since spoken openly about how much happier he is since he got it.

      I can’t understand why conservatives (and even libertarians) are so offended that progressives would like to have more than just one program (Olbermann) representing their views on cable news networks. Is that too much to ask for?

  5. It is so obvious MSNBC has moved FAR LEFT it was only a matter of time that Tucker Carlson got axed. It didn’t help matters that he was on so early in the day and instead of repeating his show later MSNBC show Prison Videos during primetime. They call themselves a news network when they constantly show these asinine prison videos.

    They also took off Joe Scarborough from his primetime slot & put him on early in the morning, they obviously have an agenda.

    • I love the complaint that MSNBC is “far left” based on one show (Olbermann). They still have Matthews, 3 hours of Scarborough and Pat Buchanan on every 20 minutes.

      And for your info, Tucker’s repeat was pulled because nobody was watching it (the same reason he was canceled). And Scarborough begged for the old Imus slot. He was not forced into it.

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