One More Thing About The Philadelphia Debate

Lest anyone get the wrong idea, the problem with the debate in Philadelphia was not that it was more harsh on one candidate than the other, and it was not whether the questions were too tough. The problem was that the questions were too stupid. The problem was that the moderators behaved like tabloid gomers who just wanted to stir the kettle. The problem was that George Stephanopoulos could ask, without gagging, how much Rev. Wright loves America. Was Obama supposed to hold his hands apart in the air and say, “He loves it this much?”

It has already been reported that Geo-Stef was channeling Sean Hannity for his question selection. Now we also learn that Charlie Gibson mangled journalistic ethics by utilizing a plant:

“I want to do one more question, which goes to the basic issue of electability. And it is a question raised by a voter in Latrobe, Pennsylvania, a woman by the name of Nash McCabe.”

First of all, it was not a question raised by a voter. It was a question raised by Gibson’s choice to air this voter’s video. What’s worse is that it was not even a random Pennsylvania voter at all. Ms. McCabe was sought after for inclusion in the debate.

Secondly, why is a question about “electability” included in a candidates debate anyway? Does Gibson think that when Americans lie awake at night they are pondering a candidate’s electability rather than whether their company will have another round of lay-offs, or how they are going to pay their mortgage?

It’s the stupidity, the irrelevancy, and the deceit. That’s the problem with the debate – and with the Corporate Media as a whole.


2 thoughts on “One More Thing About The Philadelphia Debate

  1. God forbid the party that is trying their best to hang anything anyone says and blame McCain for it (including all the stuff from the Clinton campaign) have to answer for a 20+ year friend who has outspoken views outside the mainstream (Wright), a friend & colleague who is a former terrorist who on 9/11/01 was quoted as saying he wishes he would have planted more and larger bombs, and now his web guy is found to be tied to labor riots in France and writing for communist outlets. Republicans don’t have to make this stuff up…these are O’s colleeagues, friends, advisors, employees…answer a couple freakin questions about it and quit whining

    • You really make my point quite well. You’re still more concerned about the behavior of distant acquaintances 40 years ago than the things that truly impact our real lives today – like recession, healthcare, or war.

      It’s folks like you who are the whiners because you have no case to make for the issues that truly matter.

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