So F**king What? ObamaCare Makes Smokers Pay More?

And the problem here is what?

Fox Nation

The Fox Nationalists are very concerned about the allegation that “ObamaCare Makes Smokers Pay $5,100 More A Year.” It’s a display of empty outrage because insurance companies have required smokers to pay higher premiums for years. And why shouldn’t they? Smokers are willfully engaging in behavior that will result in severe and expensive health problems that may cause their premiums to rise.

So F**king What?

If smokers don’t pay more for coverage, their hospital bills will be dispersed to everybody in the plan. That would raise premiums for people who have healthier lifestyles and keep health care costs down. Is that fair? Whatever happened to the conservative principle of personal responsibility? Now that ObamaCare is being rolled out, conservatives think that smokers should not be charged for the expenses they ring up. All of sudden Fox is for socialist medicine?

If America is going to continue to be the only industrialized nation to lack national health care, then the free market insurance programs (which is what ObamaCare is) have a right to establish conditional premiums based on health models and actuarials. If smokers are able to pay, then they must do so. They always have the option to quit smoking which would remove them from the high risk group as well as improve their health and make them less annoying to others.


18 thoughts on “So F**king What? ObamaCare Makes Smokers Pay More?

  1. Fat people should pay more, too.

    • Fat isn’t always something you can just stop doing without medical intervention, and not so even then. Smoking, although addictive, is treatable in the short term.

      • And taxable, which is even better.

  2. So does every private life and health insurance company. Why does Fox Nation hate free market capitalism?

    • Exactly.

      How does ‘Obamacare’ make this situation different, exactly?

    • I’m not sure why Fox Nation is complaining about this, but given past commentary I’m sure it’s because it’s a new government program that they hate and any reason to bad mouth it is good enough. In my opinion, they need to move on, it’s done and there are new government intrusions to fight.

  3. The less educated you are the more likely you are to smoke and in general have a less healthy lifestyle(diet, drinking etc.). Since Fox’s audience is primarily the less educated and in general the less intelligent among us, it is not surprising they would object to the fairness of this policy, requiring those who smoke pay more. It makes sense to a rational mind but, come on, we are talking about Fox News’ dimwit audience.

    • @Randy: If Obamacare had been McCaincare, you would be arguing that this increase is unfair and regresive because it targets those least able to pay for it. But since it’s Obamacare, brought to you by Obama, only idiots would be against it.

      The Rev. Al Sharpton might consider your comments racist since a disproportionately high number of people of color smoke. Accusing them of being less intelligent and dimwitted FOX viewers could be more than the good Reverend can handle!

      • “But since it’s Obamacare, brought to you by Obama, only idiots would be against it.”

        Nice summary of this blog and those who follow it on the left. Mark could not have said it clearer.

  4. If they are going to do this with smoking then for the sake of consistency they also need to do it with all of the human activities that lead to poor health such as drinking alchohol, drug use, poor diet, obesity, high stress and sedentary lifestyle. I suppose that smoking is being singled out here because their lobby has been weakened from what it was in the 60s and 70s.

    • Please – no new ideas for stealing from the people of this country are needed, I’m sure they’ll find new ways to separate us from our $$ when this program ends up costing way more than planned as they all do – hold on to your wallet.

  5. Good. I hope insurance companies jack-up prices on those Gun Nutters for having dozens of firearms and tens of thousands of rounds in their homes, too.

    • @Grung_e_Gene: If you are referring to premiums for health insurance, I doubt insurance companies will increase premiums on law abiding gun owners.

      They might want to consider raising life insurance premiums on gun toting criminals whose beneficiaries may be collecting on policies sooner rather than later due to the criminal’s premature demise.

  6. I LOVE that Obamacare will tax smokers. My brother-in-law has been calling us idiots for our skepticism of Obamacare because we’ve read what a disaster it’s going to be. He smokes like a chimney. I expect, on top of this revelation, we’ll all have to have blood tests to prove we’re smokers or not. Another Obama-care infringement on our freedom.

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