Fox News Advocates Insulting Latinos While FoxNewsLatino Panders

There have been numerous incidents where Fox News posted articles that were overtly derogatory toward Latinos, presenting them as criminal, drug-abusing, freeloaders. At the same time their web site aimed at this market would publish an article on the same subject that was fair and accurate. The clear intent on the part of Fox is to pander to Latinos on the site where they segregate them, and insult them to the rest of the Fox audience of bigots and nativists. It’s a practice handed down from the highest echelons of Fox News. Yesterday Fox gave us another example of it:

Fox News

The Fox News Latino web site topped their article with a descriptive and straightforward headline regarding the decision by the Associated Press to refrain from using the term “illegal immigrant.”. The headline on Fox News, however, highlights a manufactured controversy that diverts from the actual news. The AP explained the new policy saying…

“The Stylebook no longer sanctions the term ‘illegal immigrant’ or the use of ‘illegal’ to describe a person. Instead, it tells users that ‘illegal’ should describe only an action, such as living in or immigrating to a country illegally.”

Rather than simply reporting that perfectly reasonable clarification, Fox set out to find objections to the policy and subsequently reported that…

“The Associated Press is being accused of trying to influence the immigration debate following a decision to stop using the term “illegal immigrant” in its coverage — despite the fact it is still being used by U.S. government officials. […] [S]ome are wondering why the AP decided to nix the phrase when high-ranking government officials don’t seem to have a problem with it.”

It is unclear how changing the guidelines so that instead of saying “illegal immigrant” authors say something like “entered the country illegally,” will influence the immigration debate. But that isn’t the point. Because Fox is wedded to their bigotry (and that of their audience), they are insistent that terms regarded by the subjects as epithets be used unreservedly.

What’s more, Fox employs the old “some say” dodge to infer that the press ought to embrace the phrase because someone in government used it. So apparently Fox wants the press to parrot whatever people in the government say. That’s a peculiar stance considering they spend so much time faulting the press for parroting whatever people in the government say.

So in this one incident Fox has affirmed their racial prejudices and demonstrated their trademark hypocrisy. Nice work, Fox.


5 thoughts on “Fox News Advocates Insulting Latinos While FoxNewsLatino Panders

  1. As a Latino, I am confused by your assumptive headline that FOX News advocates insulting Latinos. I missed evidence of FOX’s advocacy to insult me in your article. I did find it insulting that you would assume that the FOX Latino audience is somehow incapable of accessing or reading the mainstream FOX site. Neither FOX nor anyone else “segregates Latinos”, as you put it. I suppose you didn’t mean to characterize all us Latinos that way, huh?

    For the record, I’m a little tired of people like you talking about people like me, as if I’m in the room but don’t quite understand what’s going on. Note to Mark: I get it; Latinos get it.

    I also would love to see evidence that “Fox News posted articles that were overtly derogatory toward Latinos, presenting them as criminal, drug-abusing, freeloaders.” You should be careful to avoid generalizing about an article that mentions criminal or drug-abusing illegal aliens as referring to ALL Latinos.

    If you can show me such articles, I will be duly outraged. Otherwise, I’ll chalk it up to you patronizing me while you pander to your stereotype-happy audience.

    Having said that, I believe FOX is wrong to slant its stories for its different audiences the way it does. Obviously, it does so because it doesn’t want to alienate that audience. I think it’s cowardly not to address the issue with the Latino audience the same as they would with its non-Latino site. We Latinos can handle it. We Latinos are also aware of what FOX is doing and they should realize they do so at their peril.

    • Firstly, I guess you missed the link that, get this-links to evidence of past insults and racially charged derogatory stereotypes designed to foment hatred in their audience so they go out and vote republican. Secondly, and most puzzling, is the fact that you don’t understand the segregating thing? Different content and undertone in the same stories? Are you hung up on the word segregating? I can understand that, it’s not quite segregation but it’s not far from it. It’s pandering based on race and therefore probable political leanings, again, they do this based on race. Mark’s choice of wording could’ve been better but the point is evident and is solid based on the evidence presented in all articles like this one. And you’re right, Latinos can access both sites, which is confusing that they would alter content in the same stories at all. That’s……kind of the whole point of this series, Latinos aren’t morons and can access both stories… what are you talking about?……wait a tick…..your whole comment is contradictory…..all of it. John p, the irony troll!!! Or the lack of irony…full of irony? I don’t know, but I do know your entire comment either misses the whole point of this series or showcases that you just don’t get it! Man, trolling is so effective….

      • Thanks for saving me the trouble to say all that.

        One thing, “segregate” means “to separate or set apart.” It can apply to persons or things. So I used it appropriately. Fox segregates their Latino themed content on a site that is set apart from their main site and is aimed specifically at a particular nationality. And the content they publish on each of these sites differs substantially in tone.

    • John, you may want to take Desdinova’s advice and click the links to see the evidence I supplied before you assert that I don’t have any.

      And your disingenuous claims of being offended are laughable. In my articles I explicitly note that it is Fox who thinks Latinos are idiots and I say that Latinos will see through Fox’s lame attempts to deceive them. I’m not the one assuming they are incapable – it’s Fox.

      Finally, I think it’s funny that you spent 90% of your comment implying that I’m completely wrong about this, then you close by saying that you agree with me.

  2. @Desdinova and Mark: Apparently, “the links” in the article that I apparently missed make Mark’s comments crystal clear, and mine completely misguided. I did review the items in the link before making my initial comments.

    Nowhere did I find evidence of FOX advocating to insult Latinos. There is reference to articles that were treated differently, but that’s hardly “advocating to insult”. And “overtly derogatory”? Come on…calling someone an illegal alien is not the same as calling them “wetbacks” or like using the “N” word. ‘Illegal alien’ is a term that has been widely used and has recently become a “bad word” after incessant left wing insistence that it is so. And by the way, I also missed where FOX was “presenting them as criminal, drug-abusing, freeloaders”.

    FOX Latino is an English language site. Bilingual Latinos can see the difference in the treatment of immigration issues between the “FOX Latino” and the “FOX Old White Bigots” sites. And as I stated, FOX does so at its peril.

    I’m not quibbling with criticism of FOX per se; it’s that you just can’t help but embellish the obvious with your own brand of deception and hyperbole. Then you go beyond all that and are just inaccurate in your portrayal. Your headline and remarks attempt to evoke outrage from your faithful followers, when in fact you are just as guilty as FOX in your tactics.

    Mark, your segregation comment implies that we Latinos are herded over to the “Latino” site by the wily FOX and are oblivious to the insults hurled at us in favor of the xenophobic old white men that watch “UnLatino” FOX. Like I said before, we Latinos have actually figured that out. And we Latinos will be the judge of what is insulting when we read or hear it, whether it comes from FOX or from you.

    As for trolling, Desdinova, I am far from that. Mark is a big boy and can handle a little criticism once in a while. Mark and I have a fundamental difference in the way we see things, and we often comment accordingly. However, I also agree with some of the things Mark writes about and I let him know. Likewise, Mark has agreed with me occasionally on some things. If he thinks I am being a contrarian just to try to upset him, he can always block me from commenting. Thus far, this hasn’t happened. (Either he isn’t compelled to do so or he can’t find the magic button to shut me up!!! Kidding, of course.)

    I think it is healthy for people who disagree with each other to present their points of view. It may sway some, it may not others. But it is always good to see the other guy’s perspective since none of us have the market cornered on being right all the time.

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

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