PSAKI BOMB: A Doocy Dud on the Booming Biden Economy Gets Demolished

Another day, another humiliating smackdown for Fox News White House cor-despondent, Peter Doocy. If one didn’t know better, it would almost seem like Doocy was a plant in the White House briefing room, providing slow pitches for press secretary Jen Psaki to hit out of the park. Which she does with grace and saintly patience. […]

DumbFox: Press Secretary Psaki Torpedoes Doocy of Fox News – Again!

The best evidence that Fox News is not a credible news enterprise is the fact that they don’t have any actual journalists on staff or news bureaus. They never break stories, just disgorge biased commentaries about stories from other sources. Their programs are hosted by entertainers and opinion mongers. One of the worst examples of […]

Joe Manchin Calls Out Fox News Host for Lying About Biden Raising Taxes on the Middle Class

Sen. Joe Manchin has become the Democrat that Democrats love to hate. He has obstructed legislation that his party and his President have worked on for months. Legislation that would benefit most of the American people, as well as the Party’s political prospects for the upcoming midterm elections. Click here to Tweet this article While […]

Fox News Hypocritically Hypes Hostile Hecklers Who Attacked Jill Biden While She Was Dining

Two and a half weeks ago the biggest story on Fox News was that Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh had been “accosted” by protesters while he was dining at Morten’s Restaurant in Washington, D.C. Never mind that Kavanaugh never saw or heard the protesters, this exercise of the Constitution’s First Amendment rights was viewed by […]

Laura Ingraham Whines About Ex-Biden Aides on TV to Her Fox News Panel of Ex-Trump Toadies

The ease with which the squawking heads at Fox News discharge blatantly hypocritical commentaries can sometimes be riveting to behold. They appear to have no comprehension whatsoever of just how extraordinarily they contradict themselves, often in the space of single sentence. Click here to Tweet this article On Friday’s episode of “The Ingraham Mangle,” Laura […]

The Condensed White House Correspondent’s Dinner Remarks About Fox News and Crybaby Trump

This year the White House Correspondent’s Dinner (WHCD) returned after a two year absence due to the COVID pandemic. What’s more it was the first time in six years that the President of the United States attended the formerly annual event. That’s because Donald Trump is too big a crybaby to sit through a program […]

Jen Psaki Shreds Texas Gov. Abbott’s Publicity Stunts that are Hurting Texas and America

The Republican Party of Donald Trump has become so enthralled with Dear Leader that they have abandoned any pretense to actually governing or developing policies that benefit the American people. Their entire political platform now consists solely of fawning adorations of Trump and vicious defamatory attacks on Democrats. Click here to Tweet this article Among […]

Trump’s Twitter Proxy Implies Biden is Mentally Unsound for Referring to Notes, But Guess What?

The question of President Biden’s fitness to serve has been a core feature of the Fox News campaign of smears and character assassination from before Biden was even inaugurated. Never mind that a significant majority of the American people concluded by their votes that Biden was not only fit, but more mentally sound than Donald […]

Biden Brilliantly Debunks the Lies By Trump and Fox News About Energy Production in America

The old maxim that the “the first casualty of war is truth” has been wretchedly demonstrated by anti-American right-wingers since the beginning of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Donald Trump has proved that he is both a liar and an idiot on this (or any) subject. And Fox News continues to politicize the slaughter of innocents […]

WATCH: Fox News’ Anti-American Hopes Get Crushed By Massive Job Growth in January Under Biden

From its inception, the mission of Fox News has been to advance the ultra-rightist agenda of the Republican Party and to malign Democrats and progressive politics at every opportunity. They have pursued that mission by deliberately distorting facts and promulgating lies. And more recently they amended it to include slobbering support for Donald Trump and […]