Ted Cruz is Humiliated in Hysterical Twitter Feud with Cheney, Kinzinger, and Swalwell

The Republican Circus has more than it’s share of clowns. With people like Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz, Marjorie Taylor Greene, and Louis Gohmert, the laughs keep flowing like an avalanche. But despite the tough competition, Cancun Ted Cruz has managed to maintain his status among the most mockable GOP Bozos.

Ted Cruz, Cancun

On Sunday Cruz was busy watching CNN where Jake Tapper was leading a discussion about wayward Republican Liz Cheney and her prospects politically in the future. The question asked by Tapper was “Is there a lane for Liz Cheney in New Hampshire in 2024?”

It was during that segment that inspiration struck Cruz and he was compelled to express his comedic genius in a tweet answering Tapper’s question. “Yes,” Cruz quipped, “It’s called the Democratic primary.”

Have you stopped laughing yet? Cruz’s heckling is supposed to be funny because Cheney has had the courage to criticize Donald Trump and hold him accountable for his criminal behavior. That’s the sort of fortitude that has escaped Cruz for the pat five years. Cruz has been a devoted Trump-fluffer even after Trump insulted his wife as ugly and accused his father of assassinating JFK. And apparently Cruz is unfamiliar with Cheney’s 96% conservative congressional voting record, according to the ultra-conservative Heritage Foundation. So, yeah, she’d be right at home in the Democratic Party.

However, that isn’t where the entertainment ends. Cruz then engaged in a Twitter war with Cheney, GOP Rep. Adam Kinzinger, and Democratic Rep. Eric Swalwell. It began with Cheney responding to Cruz’s tweet (which you can follow back from here):

Cheney: I know you’re posturing for the secessionist vote, Ted. But my party, the Republican party, saved the Union. You swore an oath to the Constitution. Act like it.
Kinzinger: Damn son, Liz brought the heat on you!
Cruz: These two need to hurry up and get their bottom-rated @msnbc show.
Kinzinger: Senator, you’ve been given a huge position to lead and tell people truth. Yet you have squandered it on lies and abused the patriotism of those who trusted you. I will have zero regrets… will you?
Swalwell: Adam, if you want @tedcruz’s support you’re going to have to attack his wife.

Indeed, Cruz did suggest the possibility of Texas seceding from the U.S. (which it cannot legally do) if Democrats continued to rack up legislative successes that actually improved the lives of the American people. As opposed to the carping by Republican sore losers who have nothing to offer but bitterness and threats of violence.

However, Swalwell takes the Gold for Shade Throwing with his sly observation on how best to get Cruz’s support. And it seems to have silenced Cruz, at least temporarily. But don’t get excited. He will surely recover and be back to form with more of his guffaw inducing witticism. Until then you can substitute the feeling you get from the humor he provides by chewing on broken glass.

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  1. How embarrassed must his children be to have to admit he’s their father?

  2. Texas is distinguished (if that’s the right word) as being the only state to have seceded from two different countries (Mexico in 1836 and the US in 1861) for the sole reason of maintaining the ownership of human beings as chattel.

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