Deranged Trump Declares that ‘I Developed the Vaccine’ in Lie-Riddled Twitter Tantrum

Donald Trump is, if nothing else, consistent. Although that isn’t a compliment considering that his consistency is related to his being a pathological liar. He distinguished himself as having told more than 30,000 lies during his single term in the White House.

Donald Trump, Insane, Straight Jacket

Since Trump lost reelection a year ago – a reality that he still isn’t able to grasp – he has continued disgorging flagrant falsehoods with unrivaled frequency and fury. Take for example this tweet in which Trump stuffed a surprising number of self-serving fallacies:

“America fell 340,000 jobs short of the very modest expectations set by economists. That’s because Joe Biden is a one trick pony, “Get the Vaccine.” But no one trusts this administration. I developed the vaccine when everyone said it wasn’t possible. Now without “Trump,” that’s their only solution. This administration is destroying America before our very eyes because there is no leadership. Besides my vaccine, this is the administration of no jobs and massive layoffs, high gas and energy prices, high crime, empty shelves, open borders, and a horrendous surrender and evacuation from Afghanistan. A lot of effort and money went into RIGGING the 2020 Presidential Election, only to destroy the Country. Was it worth it?”

If that isn’t a demonstration of someone tweaking on meth, then nothing is. Trump can’t seem to concentrate on a single subject for more than a nanosecond. There must be a medical diagnosis for this psychotic compulsion to enumerate every screwball thing that pops into his head. Never mind that he manages to get everything he’s ranting about wrong.

Trump begins with a criticism of President Biden’s record on job creation. But he immediately segues to the bizarre claim that “I developed the vaccine,” for the coronavirus. Does he also think he beat Neil Armstrong to the moon and wrote all of Shakespeare’s plays?

As for his commentary on jobs, he left out that “the unemployment rate fell sharply to 4.2% from 4.6%, even though the labor force participation rate increased for the month to 61.8%, its highest level since March 2020.” And that “Worker wages climbed for the month, rising 0.26% in November and 4.8% from a year ago.” In fact, as Biden noted on Friday, “in the first 10 full months of my administration, the economy has created 6 million jobs, a record for a new President.”

So Biden can hardly be called a “one trick pony.” And if there were only one trick, successfully reducing the harm caused by a deadly pandemic is a pretty good one. For the record, Trump left office with the worst jobs record in modern history.

The rest of Trump’s tweet was equally dishonest. Gas prices have only risen because the economy has rebounded so well. Crime is not higher relative to prior years. While there were product shortages due to global (not just American) supply chain issues, store shelves are once again full. The borders are not open. The “horrendous surrender” in Afghanistan was negotiated by Trump according to his own National Security Advisor. And Trump’s “Big Lie” about the election being “rigged” continues to be a dangerous fiction that undermines democracy.

The fact that Trump bothers to post tweets like this is further evidence of his emotional instability and his obsessive aspiration to return to a position of authoritarian power. He must not be allowed to succeed. American democracy and freedom depends on defeating Trump and Trumpism.

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QAnon Rep Marjorie Taylor Greene Gets Nasty Phone Calls, Blames Nancy Pelosi and the Press

Ever since Donald Trump descended his golden escalator to announce his political coming out, the unfettered expressions of hate and hostility in America grew exponentially. Trump was – and is – a malice machine that generates pure and personal loathing for what were once merely policy differences, even when delivered with passion.

Marjorie Taylor Greene, QAnon

The result has been all too frequent outbursts of venomous rancor aimed at the people’s representatives. There is something terribly wrong when public servants have their lives threatened simply for doing their jobs and serving their constituents. The death threats aimed at Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar exemplify this ominous trend. And this pattern of menacing misbehavior reached a pinnacle when Trump’s rabid supporters stormed Congress on January 6th, threatening to kill the Speaker of the House and hang the vice president.

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The unholy wars waged by Republican StormTrumpers has taken another disturbing turn. Recently Rep. Omar played a recording of a death threat she received. In response Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (GA-QAnon) has released her own version of alleged threats against her. In a video that she posted on Twitter, Greene rightfully said that “It is completely wrong for any member of Congress to receive death threats.” But then, as if to make a contest of it, she identified herself as “the most attacked freshman member of Congress probably in United States history.”

Greene’s tirade blamed the threatening calls on the media that she said defamed her. “They have smeared my character,” she complained, “called me names, and labeled me horrible things, none of which I am.” And before playing a few recordings of the phone calls she claimed she received, Greene again pointed her accusatory finger at the media for “teach[ing] people to hate us, members of Congress.” She closed by adding other culprits to those she deemed responsible for the threats against her:

“This is all the fault of the media and the January 6th Commission. Nancy Pelosi, the Democrats, Adam Kinzinger, Liz Cheney, all playing a part trying to paint Republicans and president Trump as if we caused any violence on Capitol Hill on January 6th. None of us did that. […] this is what happens when the media constantly creates members of Congress as villains and monsters, which we are not. This has to stop. The press has the freedom of press, but it does not have the freedom to lie. And it does not have the right to teach people to hate like this.”

The first thing that needs to be acknowledged is that Greene is a notorious liar and these alleged threats could be – let’s say trumped up. But even if they are legit, Greene is casting blame in a manner that is irresponsible and downright bizarre. She doesn’t provide a single example of any remarks by the media that could credibly incite death threats. The same is true of her baseless accusations against Pelosi and the bipartisan House Select Committee investigating the January 6th insurrection. The truth is that Greene is just mad that the press reports what she actually does and says. Which is true for Trump and the rest of the GOP as well.

On the other hand, Greene herself has engaged in the sort of gruesome rhetoric that can produce death threats. She recently said that Pelosi’s advocacy of face masks in Congress was “exactly the type of abuse” as Nazis sending Jews to gas chambers during the holocaust. Greene has even invited attacks on her GOP confederates who had the audacity to vote for Biden’s infrastructure bill. She maligned them as “traitors” five times in this Twitter thread.

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It’s not coincidental that Greene just happens to have some recordings to air so soon after Rep. Omar aired hers. But Greene’s added commentary only exacerbates the problem that she purports to be addressing. She is instigating further violence against the media, Pelosi, and Republicans that she deems insufficiently loyal to the Cult of Trump. It is a transparent attempt to deflect from the very real abuses suffered by both Democrats and Republicans who have run afoul of Trump and the QAnon flank of the GOP. And Greene knows this because she is among the top offenders.

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How Fox News Deceives and Controls Their Flock:
Fox Nation vs. Reality: The Fox News Cult of Ignorance.
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