Battle of the Goliaths of Gaslighting: Trump Calls Kellyanne Conway a Liar – and Vice Versa

The steady stream of smell-all books flowing from the ranks of former Donald Trump cranks continues to flood the literary bargain bins. The latest is Here’s the Deal by White House counselor, and “alternative facts” dispenser, Kellyanne Conway.

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Kellyanne Conway, Fox News

In her new book, Conway claims that she spoke with Trump following his decisive loss to Joe Biden and that she “may have been the first person Donald Trump trusted in his inner circle who told him that he had come up short this time.” If that’s true, Conway is revealing that Trump’s “inner circle” was comprised of either shameless, sycophantic cowards, or psychotics who were just as removed from reality as their Dear Leader. Or some combination of both.

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The facts supporting Biden’s victory are overwhelming and confirmed by elections officials from all fifty states – including Republicans. No evidence of widespread voting irregularities were found after numerous recounts, audits, and more than sixty court challenges by Trump and his legal toadies.

So the fact that Trump even needed to be told that he was the loser says so much about the severity of his mental dysfunction. However, despite his having been apprised of his political belly-flop, Trump still hasn’t been convinced. And he is especially perturbed at his former PR princess for tattling on him. Trump posted his perturbance on his failing social media site PRAVDA …er… TRUTH Social:

“Kellyanne Conway never told me that she thought we lost the election. If she had, I wouldn’t have dealt with her any longer — she would have been wrong — could go back to her crazy husband. Writing books can make people say some very strange things. I wonder why? Got 12 million more votes than we did the first time, the most votes, by far, of any sitting President. The election was RIGGED. They used Covid to cheat and steal, and the evidence is massive and indisputable. See ‘2000 Mules.”

What we have here is Trump calling Conway a liar, while the revelations in her book make Trump out to be lying. And with two such formidable fountains of falsehoods, who is to be believed? Naturally, Trump’s remarks resort to infantile insults about Conway’s family. But his assertion that “Writing books can make people say some very strange things,” comes off as more of a confession considering that he just announced that he writing a new book, the title of which, “Crime of the Century,” also sounds like a confession.

It’s cute that Trump thinks that because he got more votes than he did in 2016, that it means he couldn’t have lost. Someone needs to tell him that the object is to get more votes than your opponent, not more than yourself four years earlier. And his allegedly “massive and indisputable” evidence that the election was “rigged” is based on the crocumentary “2,000” Mules,” apparently named for the numerous jackasses who are still trying to peddle the election fraud bullpucky.

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Conway’s book is just the latest to disclose some of the aberrant details of Trump’s occupation of the White House. It follows tomes by his Attorney General, Bill Barr, and his Secretary of Defense, Mark Esper, and his communications director Stephanie Grisham, to name a few. And in each and every case Trump has lambasted his former confidantes as liars. So either Trump is an epically awful judge of character, or he is the king of the cretinous con artists. Or some combination of both.

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For Those Wondering What Biden and Democrats in Congress Have Been Doing the Past 16 Months…

As the 2020 midterm election approaches, the Democratic Party is facing headwinds that threaten to leave the Party in the minority for the remainder of President Biden’s term. Biden himself is suffering inexplicably low approval ratings in most recent polls.

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Fox News, Joe Biden

Sure, there are notable difficulties that are impacting the mood of the American people. Economic issues such as inflation and gas prices weigh on the minds of voters. But those are not matters that the President – any president – has control over. In fact, inflation and gas prices are high around the world. Which is proof that Biden, who isn’t president of any of those other countries, isn’t to blame. Not that that will stop Fox News from blaming him anyway.

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Speaking of the world, the war in Ukraine casts a pall on U.S. foreign affairs. Tensions flair as refugees seek safety from the unprovoked assault by Russia. Add to this the high anxiety of the political divisions exacerbated by the knee-jerk partisanship and obstructionism of the Republican Party and the purposeful hostility manufactured by Donald Trump and his cult disciples. But again, those troubles aren’t Biden’s fault either.

So why is Biden polling so badly? And why are congressional Democrats at risk of losing seats in Congress? By all accounts the only explanation is that it’s a messaging problem. Despite the negatives addressed above, there are an abundance of positives that could be highlighted to raise the prospects for Democrats, including record economic growth growth, job creation, and progress on climate change, healthcare, and combatting COVID. Unfortunately, that message isn’t getting out very effectively. And, of course, Fox News and other right-wing media are deliberately suppressing it.

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Which brings us to MSNBC’s Mehdi Hasan. On his weekend program Hasan helpfully provided a concise compilation of reasons that the American people should be more appreciative of the work that Biden and Democrats are doing on their behalf. It went something like this (video below)

“In just 60 seconds, I listed the dozens of common-sense, hugely-popular Democratic bills that House Republicans have voted against: from baby formula money to free hearing aids to background checks to $1400 checks to many more.

“Over the past sixteen months since Joe Biden entered the White House and Democrats took control of both chambers of Congress, Republicans in the House of Representatives have opposed dozens and dozens of common sense, and often very popular, Democratic Party bills. Let me mention just some of them…”

  • Infant Formula Supplemental Appropriations Act.
  • Domestic Terrorism Prevention Act.
  • Consumer Fuel Price Gouging Prevention Act.
  • Targeting Resources to Communities in Need Act.
  • Relief for Restaurants and Other Hard Hit Small Business Act.
  • Marijuana Opportunity Reinvestment and Expungement Act.
  • The Affordable Insulin Now Act.
  • Honoring Our Promise to Address Comprehensive Toxics Act.
  • America Competes Act.
  • Build Back Better Act.
  • Women’s Health Protection Act.
  • John R. Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.
  • Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act.
  • Bipartisan Background Checks Act.
  • American Rescue Plan Act.
  • Equality Act.

“The vast majority of House Republicans in their nihilism and denialism voted against each and every one of those hugely popular bills. So maybe, just maybe House Democrats, and not me on cable, should be pointing all this out.”

Biden has recently made more of an effort to articulate the accomplishments of his administration. But there doesn’t seem to be any coordinated effort on the part of Democrats to accentuate the positive. And the media isn’t helping by focusing almost exclusively on the downside. They, of course, are not obligated to cheerlead for Democrats. But they do have an obligation to be fair. And fairness demands some recognition of the good works that Democrats have and are engaging in.

The House committee investigating the January 6th insurrection will begin holding public hearings soon. That’s an important development to expose the sedition and corruption of the GOP and Fox News, where lying about the Capitol riots continues unabated. But there must be a positive case for voting Democratic as well. And hopefully the politicians and pundits will devote more time and effort to that endeavor, for the sake of the edification of voters, and for democracy itself.

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