EU Bans Russian Propaganda TV Networks, While Fox News Still Peddles Putin’s Lies in the US

From the outset of Russia’s brutal and unprovoked invasion of Ukraine, Russia has been frantically struggling to disseminate flagrant falsehoods regarding the war in an effort to justify their genocidal aggression against a peaceful neighbor. Vladimir Putin has variously claimed that Ukraine doesn’t really exist as a sovereign nation or that he’s rescuing its people from its Nazi leaders. All of which are heinous lies.

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The propaganda crusade embarked upon by Russia has a global footprint, with media outlets that are controlled by the Kremlin promulgating blatantly fictional distortions of reality. But that campaign of deceit has just hit a road block in the European Union as it takes a big step toward shutting down the flow Russian disinformation. According to Politico

“European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen Wednesday proposed banning three additional Russian state-owned broadcasters from Europe, in a move designed to crack down on Russian disinformation after Moscow’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Von der Leyen gave details on a sixth package of sanctions against Russia, during an address to the European Parliament plenary in Strasbourg. ‘We are banning three big Russian state-owned broadcasters from our airwaves. They will not be allowed to distribute their content anymore in the EU, in whatever shape or form, be it on cable, via satellite, on the internet or via smartphone apps,’ von der Leyen said.

“‘We have identified these TV channels as mouthpieces, that amplify [Russian President Vladimir] Putin’s lies and propaganda aggressively. We should not give them a stage anymore to spread these lies,’ she added. […] At the beginning of March, Kremlin-backed RT and Sputnik were banned in the EU.”

This is a wholly appropriate action to stem the dishonesty emanating from Russia as it executes its deadly scorched earth offensive against Ukraine. And it should be seen as an example of how other nations should deal with Russia’s media hype networks that are polluting the public discourse.

Among the nations that should take inspiration from the EU is the United States, where Putin’s propaganda pulpits continue to preach. And there is not a more shameless mouthpiece for Putin’s lies than Fox News. Along with relentless criticisms of President Biden, the network airs daily defenses of Russia and exaltations of Putin from the likes of Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and especially, Fox News Senior Putin Apologist, Tucker Carlson.

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As far back as November 2021, Carlson was taking Russia’s side over the U.S. and fawning over Putin saying…

“Why do I care about what’s going on in the conflict between Ukraine and Russia? And why shouldn’t I root for Russia, because I am.”

More recently, Carlson insisted that the U.S. wasn’t really interested in helping Ukraine at all. He said that the Biden administration was only doing it to “punish Russia” for “stealing Hillary Clinton’s coronation.” You have to hand it to Carlson for managing to mash up the war in Ukraine with Fox’s obsession with Clinton.

That, however, doesn’t even begin to tell the whole story of Fox’s treasonous betrayals. Carlson has also been advocating appeasement with Russia as it continues to murder innocent Ukrainians. “If you wanted to save Ukraine,” Carlson advised, “you would push for a settlement now.” And he parroted the Russian whine that “the war in Ukraine is designed to cause regime change in Moscow.” What’s more, Carlson regularly serves up Russian fake news, such as his Kremlin-approved assertion that pictures of Ukrainian massacres are a “false flag” operation. And for his trouble, clips from Carlson’s program are replayed almost nightly on Russian-state TV.

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So while the EU is taking responsible actions to stem the spread of Russian disinformation, Fox News is embracing and magnifying it. They are deliberately poisoning the weak minds of their gullible viewers with treasonous talking points taken directly from Putin’s playbook. They are furthering the interests of America’s enemies. And it all comes wrapped in a barrage of garisbh red, white, and blue graphics, and pseudo-patriotic music.

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