HAH! Fox News Turns Mike Johnson’s Conspiracy Theories Into a Great Campaign Ad – For Democrats

Now that the Republican Party has finally managed to install Rep. Mike Johnson as their “Speaker” in the House of “Representatives,” their Ministry of Propaganda – aka Fox News – is going all out to polish his public image and to create a digestible form of the poison that the GOP has been feeding America for years.

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In an attempt to pretend that the chaos of the past three weeks was just a bad dream, Fox News is setting aside any reporting on how dysfunctional the Republican Party is. Never mind that it took them 22 days to select a replacement for their previous Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, who it took them a record 15 votes to confirm. And forget that the new Speaker has zero experience in congressional leadership, has never chaired a committee, and is wholly beholden to the GOP’s Dear Leader, Donald Trump.

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On Thursday morning’s episode of Fox News Outnumbered, co-host Emily Compagno sought to malign Democrats for being mean to their new Speaker. She, along with the rest of her GOP confederates, seem to think that Democrats have an obligation to accept the Republican Speaker and to save the GOP from itself. You know, because the GOP was always so kind and considerate to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

However, for some reason Compagno thought it would advance her argument to itemize all of the crazy conspiracy theories to which Johnson has subscribed. So she proceeded to enumerate them for her fellow Foxies in the studio and at home…

“I want to draw everyone’s attention, however, to the way that the mainstream media and the left-wing media have been framing who Johnson is. I quote directly from Politico, the Washington Post, and NBC News, who call him a conspiracy theorist who…”

  • “Fought to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.”
  • “He supports abortion bans without limitation.”
  • “He’s opposed to LGBTQ rights.”
  • “And believes the FBI discriminates against conservatives.”
  • “He’s said that at least 100 known terrorists have crossed into the U.S. from Mexico.”
  • “And he voted against a re-auth[orization] of the ‘Violence Against Women Act.'”

Notably, Compagno doesn’t deny that any of those descriptions of Johnson are false. Perhaps that’s because they are all well documented, and even more significant, are planks of the GOP platform that they are actually proud of. Compagno went on to quote from the New York Magazine, saying that…

“‘Johnson has bridged the gap by combining total commitment to Trump’s authoritarian ambition, with a soothing low-key persona.’ So do not look for any type of support coming from the left, unfortunately.”

Once again, Compagno presents the description of Johnson as a soft-edged Trump flunky without rebuttal. So we can assume that she agrees with it. But her complaint of a lack of “support coming from the left” is profoundly bizarre. Does she think that the anti-democratic hate-mongering and lies in the positions that Johnson and the GOP hold are worthy of support from decent, patriotic Democrats? Does she expect the left to be celebrating the crackpottery of the MAGA right?

Democrats are decidedly unhappy with the current state of affairs in the House. They have been pushing for bipartisan solutions to the GOP’s Speaker fiasco for three weeks so that the people’s business can be attended to. However, Democrats probably are celebrating in one respect. Republicans appear to be doing everything they can to insure Democratic victories in November of 2024. The GOP’s embrace of Johnson and his abhorrent, fringe politics is likely to alienate centrist and unaffiliated voters.

To that end, Democrats could use the segment above from Fox News almost unedited in ads next fall. It’s reminiscent of the speech given by Marjorie Taylor Greene a few weeks ago wherein she whined that Democrats were doing a variety of wonderful things that most Americans support. At this rate, the Democratic Party could wind up saving a bundle by not having to produce their own ads.

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