LOL: Trump Quotes Some Old Praise By His Former Fixer, Michael Cohen, Who He Then Calls a Liar

The soap opera that is chronicling Donald Trump’s legal quagmire continues to unfold with Trump himself providing the most perverse plot twists. His relentless determination to sabotage his own self-interests is a case study in narcissistic sociopathy, wherein the subject is convinced of his own infallibility, and even immortality.

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Donald Trump, National Enquirer

On Tuesday morning Trump returned to the New York courtroom where he is being tried for financial fraud. His presence was neither requested nor necessary. He just wanted to show up on the day that his former attorney, Michael Cohen, was scheduled to testify. Trump attempted to set up this face off previously, but Cohen had it postponed due to illness. Trump made an appearance anyway so that he could complain – again – about what a poor, pathetic, victim he is.

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The Cohen testimony was rescheduled and he arrived at court ready to square off with Trump and his attorneys. However, in advance of that testimony, Trump posted a comment on his pitifully failing social media scam, Truth Social, that featured the following twelve year old quote from the Huffington Post of Michael Cohen sucking up to his then-boss:

“Trump lawyer Michael Cohen told The Huffington Post that Trump is worth ‘a lot … substantially more than what’s recorded in Forbes.’ ‘They don’t take into account the value of the Trump brand, of the mark, one of the most valuable marks that’s ever been created,’ Cohen said. ‘He has very little debt, triple-A assets.’ (HuffPost, April 2011)”

At the time Cohen was a devoted lawyer representing Trump and described himself as “fiercely loyal to him and committed to protecting him at all costs.” A quote that Trump also posted. Cohen later recanted those complimentary remarks, admitting that he lied on Trump’s behalf and at his direction.

Trump’s reference to those flattering statements show that he is relying on Cohen’s loyalty and honesty to defend himself against the charges of financial fraud that the court has already ruled are valid. But before court on Tuesday Trump called Cohen “a liar trying to get a better deal for himself.”

That brief statement holds a surprising quantity of bullcrap. First of all, Cohen was already tried and has served his sentence, so there’s nothing pending to make a deal on. Also, calling Cohen a liar violates the gag order prohibiting Trump from attacking witnesses in the case.

But more to the point, Trump is now maligning Cohen as a dishonest witness who must not be believed. That’s right, the same guy who Trump just embraced for his honesty and adulation is simultaneously a scoundrel who can’t tell the truth. Trump is, in effect, discrediting his own character witness. Who else but a “stable genius” like Trump would execute such a boldly schizoid strategy?

For his part, Cohen told reporters before he entered the courtroom that “This is not about Donald Trump vs. Michael Cohen, or Michael Cohen vs. Donald Trump. This is about accountability, plain and simple. and we leave it up to Judge Engoron to make all the determinations on that.” Whatever one thinks of Cohen, he clearly has a more rational approach to how behave in such legal proceedings.

Trump, on the other hand, continues to demonstrate that he is an attorney’s worst nightmare. In addition to Cohen’s relationship with Trump leading to a conviction and prison sentence, three of Trump’s former lawyers (Jenna Ellis, Sidney Powell, and Kenneth Chesebro) have pleaded guilty in the election interference case in Georgia. You really have to wonder how Trump gets anyone to represent him at this point when all they get is indicted, imprisoned, or stiffed – or all of the above.


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