Shadow GOP House Speaker, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Outlines the Malodorous MAGA Agenda

You have to hand it to the Republican members of the House of Representatives. At a time of global crisis they have chosen to jettison their own leader, now ex-Speaker Kevin McCarthy, and they are utterly incapable of electing his successor or performing any of the other duties of the Congress that they allegedly control.

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Marjorie Taylor Greene, QAnon

Prior to McCarthy’s unprecedented and humiliating banishment from his post, he presided over a caucus of extremist MAGA reps who sought to cast the nation (and the world) into an economic collapse by allowing the U.S. government to default on its national debt. That was quickly followed up with another stab at financial disaster with their failure to pass the necessary appropriations bills to prevent a government shutdown. Which may have been their plan all along.

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As the GOP’s internal battle for a new Speaker rages, their unofficial “Shadow” Speaker, Marjorie Taylor Greene, has emerged from the muddy swamp bridge under which she resides to present her list of priorities for the MAGA mob in Congress. And it’s just as bountifully bonkers as you might have imagined…

As a public service, here is a MAGA-to-English translation for each of Marge’s “red lines”

  • “Stop funding a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine.”
    Permit Putin to continue massacring innocent Ukrainians in his quest to reunite the old Soviet Union.
  • “No money for COVID anything.”
    Allow more American to get sick and die from a virus that is treatable and for which there is a safe and effective vaccine.
  • “Stop the weaponized government.”
    Cease to hold Donald Trump accountable for the 91 felonies (so far) that he has been charged with.
  • “Stop transgender surgeries on kids.”
    Prohibit families from making free choices concerning their personal lives and their own mental and physical health.
  • “Secure our border.”
    Waste time, energy, and money pretending that the border isn’t already secure, while simultaneously disparaging refugees and fomenting racism.
  • “Put America First!”
    Sputter mindless slogans that trigger hateful xenophobes and that were first coined by American Nazis.

And there you have it. Greene has helpfully elucidated the repugnant policies that the Republican Party will pursue as long as they hold any power. Notice that none of it provides any tangible benefits to American people. To the contrary, they completely neglect the priorities that the American people are actually interested in, such as creating jobs with livable wages, mitigating climate change and preserving the environment, providing aid for the poor, expanding and improving education and healthcare, passing common sense gun reforms, strengthening foreign relations and national security, and advancing civil and voting rights.

Green’s agenda is diametrically opposed to that of the majority of Americans. Not that she cares. She shares the totalitarian aspirations of her hero, Donald Trump. Ironically, Greene recently went on a rant wherein she thought she was maligning the objectives of Democrats, but which turned out to be a pretty solid pro-Democratic ad, which President Biden took full advantage of…

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This, nevertheless, is where Greene and most of her party are today. And she is actually proud of it. But then again, this is the same woman who has carved out a profile for herself in modern politics as a QAnon conspiracy theorist and a kooky crackpot who once sought to have Jimmy Kimmel arrested for telling a joke. And it speaks volumes that none of that has hindered her becoming the public face of the GOP.


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