Fox News Hack Peter Doocy Out Doocys Himself With a Week of Pitifully Puerile Questions

The abundance of significantly newsworthy events this week has challenged the media to properly cover them all. They have had to make time for a historic ousting of the Republican House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, the ongoing battle to fund the government and avoid a devastating shutdown, the trial of Donald Trump for financial fraud, the GOP’s collapsing Biden impeachment inquiry hearings, and much more.

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Fox News, Peter Doocy

Naturally, the ego-tastic Trump has endeavored to make himself the center of attention regardless of what the topic of any news story might be. Not because he has anything useful to contribute, but in the service of his three obsessions: 1) His fears related to his numerous criminal cases. 2) His compulsion to fleece his flock for more funds. and 3) His desperate efforts to return to the White House so that he can exploit it to do more about #1 and #2.

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Meanwhile, Fox News White House correspondent, Peter Doocy, is striving to maintain his role as the leading “Stupid S.O.B.” (as President Biden so fittingly described him) in the White House briefing room. Rather than asking questions about any of the above matters that are actual news stories, Doocy has been demonstrating just how asinine a wannabe “reporter” can be if he puts his deficient mind to it. What follows are some of the questions that Doocy considered to be of critical importance to the American people this week.

October 2: “So did President Biden ever try to get out of a meeting by pulling a fire alarm?”
You have to wonder what Doocy thought the answer to this question might be, or how it would serve the public to hear it.

October 3: “If President Biden’s policies are helping bring crime down, would he be comfortable with somebody borrowing his Corvette and parking it on the street overnight in southeast D.C.?”
Right! Because where Biden parks his car, and how the local D.C. police department protects the citizens of the community is just what America wants to know more about.

October 4: “Is any part of the West Wing just loving the fact that Republicans don’t appear to be able to govern the one part of the government that they actually control.”
Apparently Doocy thinks that the administration sits around chuckling at the notion that the Republican-led House is too dysfunctional to pass any legislation that might help the nation, including the White House’s legislation.

October 4: “There are some new pictures of Commander Biden biting a staffer again. How many times has that dog bitten the Bidens?” […] “Isn’t the president worried about getting sued?”
Once again, Doocy is doggedly digging into the heart of matters that will determine the fate of America.

October 4: “Has anybody in the West Wing heard anybody talking about the possibility of Speaker Trump?”
Because Doocy (and the nation) needs to know if people in the White House are as obsessed with idiotic fantasies that will never happen as he and Fox News are.

Yes, as you can see in the videos, those are all real questions. That’s what the official White House correspondent at Fox News is asking daily in the White House briefing room. And the week is only half over. The answers supplied by Press Secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, demonstrate both her intelligence and patience. A less tolerant press secretary would have booted Doocy from the room, and from the White House press corps, a long time ago.


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