GOP is Drooling Over January 6th Video that Tucker Carlson Already Tried and Failed to Distort

Nearly three years after the violent insurrection at the Capitol that Donald Trump incited, Republicans and right-wing media are still trying to defend it as nothing more than a stroll through the park with a few thousand rampaging pals who were miffed that Congress was about to carry out their constitutional duty to certify that Joe Biden had won the election.

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There really is no rational debate as to whether Trump’s cult followers stormed the Capitol, seeking to obstruct the process, vandalizing public property, and terrorizing members of Congress and their staff. The American people watched it live on television as it happened, and the documentary, testimonial, and video evidence is overwhelming.

However, the irrational debate rages on in MAGA Land with the announcement that 44,000 hours of video will be made available to the public by the new Republican Speaker of the House. Mike Johnson. Rest assured that the rabidly partisan “MAGA Mike” has ulterior motives underlying this, as he does for everything.

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The quantity of video is hard to comprehend. One person watching 24 hours a day would take five years to see all of it. Nevertheless, releasing them could be seen as an act of transparency by the government, if done properly. But don’t expect that to be the case with the Republicans in charge of the project. There will likely be inappropriate security breaches, unexplained missing footage, and Johnson has already said that faces will be blurred in order to help the lawbreakers get away with their crimes.

In the meantime, Republicans are downright giddy over the prospect of being able to distort and distribute their versions of events by selectively editing what they disseminate. Many of them rushed to express their excitement online, including…

  • Donald Trump: “Congratulations to Speaker of the House, Mike Johnson for having the Courage and Fortitude to release all of the J6 Tapes, which will explicitly reveal what really happened on January 6th!”
  • Rep. Clay Higgins “Prepare to be shocked. This release will reveal the insidious truth that the left and the corrupt officials at FBI/DOJ do NOT want Americans to see. No less than 5-10 key Democrats will announce they’re retiring from Congress. Don’t doubt me.”
  • Sen. Mike Lee: “How many of these guys are feds? (As if you’d ever tell us).”
  • Rep. Troy Nehls: “This is what they’ve been hiding from you, the American people. Do you need any more proof that January 6 was NOT an insurrection?”
  • Rep. Lauren Boebert: “Speaker Johnson has released all the January 6 tapes. Promises made. Promises kept.”
  • Rep. Mary Miller: “Thank you, Speaker Johnson. The American people have a right to see this footage after the lies they were told by Pelosi’s January 6 Witch Hunt Committee.”
  • Rep. Andy Biggs: “Full access to January 6 tapes below. Americans can now see the truth for themselves without the bias from the J6 Committee, mainstream media, and radical Left.”

Apparently lost in this feasting frenzy is the fact that the former GOP House Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, already released these videos exclusively to the pro-insurrection, Putin loving poseur, Tucker Carlson, while he was still employed by Fox News.

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True to form, Carlson produced a flagrantly biased program that portrayed the hostile MAGA horde as peaceful tourists visiting the nation’s capitol. He deceitfully described the StormTrumpers as “orderly and meek.” His ludicrous narrative was widely mocked and dismissed as the propagandistic trash that it was. And in the end, he aired only a few carefully edited, and particularly boring, minutes of the 40,000+ hours of video over two nights that revealed nothing of significance.

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Expect more of the same when Republicans and their MAGA mouthpieces in the media begin rolling out their “analyses” of the January 6th videos. They will feature chopped clips of languid moments in empty hallways and then conclude that nothing happened. It’s like playing video of JFK smiling and waving at the cheering crowds in Dallas prior to the shooting, and using that as evidence that he was never assassinated. That’s the level of “logic” employed by the MAGA-publicans.


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